Top 10 Saddest and Most Shocking Moments in the Hunger Games Trilogy

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When Finnick dies

Really? Rue's death was not shocking she had to die for Katniss to win. Prim I don't like she is a weak poor brat. Finnick he wan the 65th hunger games, he survived the 75th hunger games and then he just died when I heard Finnick died I thought in Catching fire he died and katniss and Peeta win. Besides Finnick was a good person he saved Peeta from dying and took a knife in is calf for Peeta. Plus he just got married and his son needed him. What else ohh here it is Prim was 12 and someone volunteered for but Finnick was 14 still young and no one volunteered for and he won. Sorry Prim your weak. And also Prim had a sister and mother. But Finnick I don't see a mom or a dad. He had a mentor but died. He only had a wife who he and her had few times of happiness together

As much as I love and adore Prim, Finnick's death was just too much for me to handle (which is why I threw the book across the room and almost broke a priceless artifact at the museum). He shouldn't have died! Finnick had so much to live for and he deserved a happy ending. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go kill some lizards to avenge him...

In my opinion, this was the most shocking for the sole reason that: his death came out of nowhere. One second, he was climbing out of the sewers. The next, his life flashed before Katniss's eyes. Then one second later, he was brutally killed by the mutts. I mean, seriously, Collins?!

Finnick was my favorite character tied with Gale, he was skilled, a great character and was truly awesome. When he died I was so upset. Why couldn't somebody like Pollux die?

When Peeta is hijacked and attacks Katniss

I was like what the heck Peeta! And when they said he was never going to be the same again! Sobb Lost all hope of them marrying But I got my wish when he remembered! Happy days!

This has got to be my least favorite part of the whole series. Trying to kill katniss with bare hands is probably the last thing peeta would want to do. Like he would even let himself die for katniss to survive. They ruined him. The Capitol took him away and used him as a weapon against katniss. Peeta was tortured, he lost his family and he lost himself. I seriously cried when this happened, and I'm so thankful it wasn't in full detail in the book apart from "and his hands closes around my throat" and something but I forgot. Anyway, at this point I wanted to kill snow for what he did to peeta.

This was so sad because in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, he was so sweet, kind, and gentle. I feel like the capitol completely destroyed him.

I cried when he strangled her! This should at least be number two if not number one because I agree Prim dying was very sad...

When Prim dies

She was just trying to help, not everyone would do that, she did it out of the kindness of her heart. But sadly, she had to pay for it.

Prim was such a sweet, loving girl and by the sounds of things, a great lil sister. RIP Primrose Everdeen.

Prim was Katnisses motivation! it was heartbreaking to see her die after all Katniss had done to try and save her.

I was generally surprise that she was blown up

When Cinna dies
When the bomber crashes into the hospital in district 8

We had just spent a chapter knowing and liking the residents, and then they just...died. Their were mothers and CHILDREN in that hospital, oh yeah, and it’s a HOSPITAL! They are being treated, and are so innocent, and then they die. Katniss’ speech at the end was amazingly powerful, and truly captured the tragedy.

When the Peacekeepers shoot an elderly man

That started a rebellion! You don't just kill a person that makes more people angry and I was happy they defeated the capitol.

The Peacekeepers Also Committed A Hate Crime Because The Man They Shot Was Black.
Shame On The Peacekeepers

When Gale is being whipped

I kept telling my book don't die gale please, please don't die and poor gale! sob You don't know how happy I was when he lived!

When Katniss shoots Coin

Because of what Snow said to her before his execution she found out that coin had ordered the attack on capital civillians and deduced that coin was being manipulative

When the Jabberjays torment Katniss and Finnick

I just- I- Imagine that as you that

When Cinna dies
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When the rebels destroy the dam while singing "The Hanging Tree"

In my opinion, this moment was extremely moving. Seeing how Katniss rallied the rebels and how willing they were to die for the cause almost made me cry. I never cried reading the books. Not at Rue's death, not at Prim's or Cinna's, not at Finnick's, etc. But while watching the movies, I cried at all of these points and more. I felt that this scene was extremely necessary.

When Mags dies

Seeing a sweet elderly person getting hurt it make me sad

She was a lovely

When Rue dies

Katniss sang the poor child to death... She tried so hard to help Katniss. She was too young. And it was so touching, so emotional that Katniss sang her to death... Rue was just way too young... Too pretty, too small to die.

Really? I saw this and prim's death coming from a mile away, I mean she has to die in order for Katniss and peeta to win.

Don't worry she came back to life as a bird named bia

WHyyYyyYyY She wAs So sMoL

When the tracker jackets attack
When Peeta announces the girl he likes came to the Hunger Games with him

In fact I wasn’t that sad when this happened just shocked

I was like Peeta what the heck! And I was like wait Katniss has two boys now ahhhhh!

When Katniss kills the innocent capitol woman

What the heck Katniss! Wow I had to add this the woman was just minding her own business when Katniss breaks in and then the woman tries to run away but before she could take 2 steps she was shot by Katniss... WOW

When Katniss visits District 12

This make me cry, Her home was destroyed. Wrecked. I imagine going home to see where I belong bomed and destroyed, So heart breaking. At times like this I hate the capitol.

When Peeta loses a leg

When Cato cut Peeta's leg down to he bone I feel bad for him

When Katniss talks about a girl who blew up in the games

If you step off of the platform before the games, you'll blow up... Which is what happened to her and they had to scrape her body parts off of the ground!

When Peeta announces Katniss is pregnant
When Thresh dies

So kind to Katniss

When Johanna Comes Back to 13
When Mitchell Dies
When Clove dies

I cried my eyes out especially when Cato was beside her begging her to stay with him

Clove's death is the saddest thing ever poor Cato. I ship Clato so when this happened I was bawling my eyes out.

I really didn't like Clove. But Cato's reaction made it so... So sad...

I literally sobbed when Cato was begging her to stay with her. Clato forever!

Snow's death
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