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1 John Coffey's execution - The Green Mile

The Green Mile Was by far the most Powerful Movie I've Ever seen. - Beatlesboy9

2 Mufasa's death - The Lion King

I can never watch this - too sad

His brother killed him. Why would he do that? (Look at the movie for the answer. Trust me)

Scar killed Simba's father.

It is so sad I cried. :(

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3 Opening scene - Up
4 Bambi's mother's death - Bambi
5 Death of Billy Flynn - The Champ
6 Harry says goodbye - Armageddon
7 Zofia makes her choice - Sophie's Choice
8 Snow White's funeral - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

She came back to life though

9 Shirley's death - Madea's Big Happy Family
10 Marley's death - Marley and Me

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11 Jack Dawson's death - Titanic

This was just about the only scene that broke me down. I am usually tough. - sprotz

12 Bruno and Shmuel getting gassed - The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

This part is very sad. It makes people cry.

Just *sniff* so sad ;(

13 Edward goes back - Edward Scissorhands
14 Leslie's death - Bridge to Terabithia
15 Rue's death - The Hunger Games

It was this death that sparked the revolution against The Capitol

Can't wait for mockingjay - Badgerflame

The best movie out is ranked 15!
It deserves to be ranked 1!

I am like the BIGGEST fan of the hunger games. I love rue so much that I could die for her. SHE'S AMAZING! When I watched her die I started to cry so badly that after that I was OSESSED WITH THE HUNGER GAMES!
"happy hunger games, and may the odds be ever in her favour.
# I feel sorry for Thresh (boy in rue's district) too and there families.

16 Ellis death/run - Platoon
17 Brooks commits suicide - The Shawshank Redemption
18 The ending - Million Dollar Baby
19 The Lullaby - Rugrats Movie
20 The ending - Toy Story 3

It's always hard to say goodbye

21 "You don't want me here anymore?" - Big Daddy
22 When Harry dies in front of Peter and Mary Jane holding their hands - Spiderman-3

I cry every single time when I watch this scene. :'(

23 Gwen Stacy dies in the arms of Peter (Spiderman) - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

This is a very sad scene. Spiderman tries everything he could to save her.. But in the end, she dies. And, then Peter stands day after day staring at her grave. Just too sad!

Sadder than your mom twerking. enough said.

24 See You Again/One Last Ride - Furious 7

This was sad knowing that Paul Walker died in real life. It was nice that his character retired rather than died. As the credits put it, For Paul

R.I.P Paul Walker

25 Chris Taylor (looking back) final speech - Platoon

You got to admit the music makes it sad.
Agree with me?

26 Ricky's death - Boyz n the Hood
27 Danny's death - American History X
28 Family comes first - Click
29 Oliver the unwanted kitten - Oliver and Company
30 Memorial service with home movies - Philadelphia
31 Hachi dreaming about his owner - Hachi: A Dog's Tale
32 Order 66 - Star Wars Episode III

Anakin killed so many Jedi :'(

33 Stepsisters tearing apart Cinderella's dress - Cinderella
34 Bill Sikes murdering Nancy - Oliver!

I saw this movie in sixth grade english. I thought the movie was really good and well done, probably one of my favorites. But I have seen countless action movies where many people die, so I didn't understand why all of the girls in my class starting screaming when bill sikes beat nancy to death. It wasn't sad, just brutal.

Part of London Bridge is called Nancy's Steps. This is where Nancy was murdered.

All Nancy wabnted was to reunite Oliver to his rightful family

35 Letter from America - Sunshine on Leith
36 For Paul (Ending Scene) - Furious 7
37 Iron Man's death - Avengers: Endgame
38 Esmail gets shot - House of Sand and Fog
39 Agent J Sees His Father Dying - Men In Black 3
40 The Time Machine - The Pursuit of Happyness
41 The ending - The Mist
42 Baby Mine - Dumbo

It's gotta be in the top ten. It's bound to make anyone cry.

43 Gohan Dies - DBZ: The History of Trunks
44 Widow Tweed abandoning Tod - The Fox and the Hound
45 Charlotte's death - Charlotte's Web
46 The wolves killing Maa - Babe
47 Townspeople tormenting Quasimodo - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
48 Your Mother and Mine - Peter Pan
49 Cats being abandoned - The AristoCats
50 Not in Nottingham - Robin Hood
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1. John Coffey's execution - The Green Mile
2. Opening scene - Up
3. Death of Billy Flynn - The Champ
1. Mufasa's death - The Lion King
2. Opening scene - Up
3. Bambi's mother's death - Bambi


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