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61 Where is Love? - Oliver!

This was when Oliver was locked in the cellar of the funeral shop by the Sowerberries and Mr Bumble following a brawl with Noah Claypole.

62 Terminator says goodbye - Terminator 2: Judgment Day
63 Kyle Reese's death - The Terminator
64 Noland loses Wilson - Cast Away
65 My Mother - Alvin and the Chipmunks Movie
66 Zilla and his babies die - Godzilla (1998)

He tried to avenge his children and he failed. God, this scene is so sad. :'(

67 Godzilla's Meltdown - Godzilla vs Destroyah
68 Cooper receives messages from his kids - Interstellar
69 SpongeBob and Patrick out of water (The Spongebob movie)
70 The Death of Stoick - How to Train Your Dragon 2

Personally, Stoick's death haunted me more than Mufasa's. Definitely one of the saddest cartoon movie scenes.

71 Ella & Kit's first dance - Cinderella (2015)

The fact it's danced to La Valse D'larmour made it even more magical.

72 Wilson drifting away in the ocean - Cast Away
73 Thomas J's Funeral - My Girl

This is sad because a girl has just lost her best and only friend due to bee stings. Vada can't accept her best friend is gone, and what makes this part sad is when she rushes to his casket crying. "His face hurts, where are his glasses? "

74 Always - Harry Potter
75 Truman can't escape his world - The Truman Show
76 Joy cries over Riley's memories - Inside Out
77 Riley misses home - Inside Out
78 Bing Bong fades away - Inside Out
79 Forrest at Jenny's Grave - Forrest Gump
80 Finnick's death - The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

I bursted out crying in the cinema. I guess it really depends how you feel about people like Finnick but he was my favourite character and I definitely turned some heads in the cinema when I went to see it. This wasn't the only scene I cried at in this amazing movie finale but it was definitely the saddest. Probably the saddest of the four.

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