The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


This beautiful, sunning movie had me crying in the first ten minutes. There are many different aspects to this movie that makes you laugh, cry, scream, and yell in anger. I have never been so moved by a movie. It is a "story of innocence in a world of ignorance. " In my opinion, this movie deserves to be number one on this list (with The Green Mile coming in second). I think everyone should watch this movie at least once in their life.

I don't care how historically inaccurate this film is. The Aunt's funeral already had me tearing up! I was bawling for 20 minutes straight, and I mean WALING with sorrow. And keep in mind, I'm not the type of person to cry too much due to sad movies. Titanic, Old Yeller, Bambi, ALL the classic examples of sad films, no water works, but THIS movie... There's really no reason to go back to this movie after you know the twist, but if there's any reason to watch it, it's to give yourself a good kick in the emotional crotch.

Made me cry too much honestly and that scene at the end when they thought the were being protected from the rain and they're going to have a shower, amazing my favourite movie if you didn't cry you're heartless... A story about true friendship who never left each other and if you haven't noticed since the father was a bad person and killed lots of people his son died just the same way. :(

The emotion-packed, heart-wrenching ending left me in panicked tears - I was hoping the inevitable wouldn't end up happening. This film makes you feel and sweeps you into the world - what a film should do. A haunting journey into a young boy's mind in understanding what is happening around him. I would definitely recommend it. Just watch it with someone who you can wipe each others tears away with afterwards.

So sad when they both think they are having a shower and then go into the gas chamber. especially when the mum, dad and sister find out at the end. I can't stop thinking about it it's so depressing! Watch it on YouTube the last bit and you will see how sad it is.

I'm surprised this isn't even in the top 5! This movie really did make me cry! Especially the end! This actually my favorite movie. It portrays more than just history, but friendship and struggle and actually seeing the suffering through someone else's eyes. I don't see anything wrong with that. This movie deserves more recognition!

I live in a Muslim country and we watched this in class with about 12 Muslims there who hate Jews.

At the end. Complete silence.

Being an 18 year old man calls for constantly maintaining a tough exterior, glad I watched this at night alone, because the movie is so incredibly powerful and moving. Truly one of the saddest, powerful movies I've seen!

This is one of the only story that everyone I have talk to has said they cried in. This movie once you have watched it it almost seems to upsetting to watch again, but the plot is to great! Every time I have watched it I have cried and I don't cry to many movies at all. It is so emotional.

This movie is very realistic, and it teaches a lot about the Holocaust and allows people to understand the horrific events on an emotional level. Amazing movie... I couldn't help crying.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas has to be an all time classic. It's story is profoundly beautiful. The ending is the saddest part as it isn't the traditional 'happy ending'. I'd recommend grabbing the tissue box before watching this film.

It was amazing. It really made me feel so sad and depressed at the end when they showed the door where the locked all the Jews to die. It's a wonderful movie.

This film is ten times sadder than the titanic if you don't cry at the end of this film you literally have no heart and no feelings

Both children die horrible deaths in the end Holding each-others hands. (But I watch sad stuff to make myself more badass, and I didn't cry once...Yay for me! )

One of the saddest movies of all time. Could easily top this list. I think the only reason it doesn't is because of its lack of popularity compared to the bigger AAA titles... but it totally outranks them in emotional impact.

So beautiful. I usually despise movies based on books I like, but this movie was able to convey the emotion I felt when I read the book, and I found myself crying just as hard.

This is a story based on REAL events! This movie is incredibly sad and I cried for hours after this. VOTE FOR THIS!

I watched Titanin and that was NO WHERE as close as sad as this one.

Sure Leonardo DiCaprio is cute, but THIS MOVIE IS AMAZING AND SAD

I am watching this film in class and it is so sad! I want to cry! I almost don't want to see the end because if I do I'll probably burst into tears! Anyone with a heart will find this film very emotional.

We were reading the book in English so the teacher decided to let us watch the movie. I had to sit outside of my next class because I was embarrassed over how much I was crying. I NEVER cry but this movie god damn it is sad.

This movie literally pulls your hear right out and beats it into a teary puddle of gooey sadness. This is the only movie that has made me cry EVER, and I have watched all the top tens here

Their friendship was so strong and they truly cared for each other in such a way that could make anybody cry. I cried so hard when I watched this movie. This should be higher.

This is one of the most saddest movies ever! This made me cry more than the Titanic! If you're looking for something to make you cry, I strongly suggest this movie! The ending will really get you!

I cried like a baby during this movie... I've never done that during any other movie. It's a great story in general honestly and I personally thing everyone should see it.

The ending is really sad and powerful. Seeing all those Jews knowing that they're going to die and can't get out is just really depressing :(

We watched this in school and nearly the whole class was in tears at the end. Truly heartbreaking film. Even the most unemotional boy in the class cried.