The Bridge To Terabithia


Compared to any of these movies above, The Bridge To Terabithia truly succeeds in portraying the sadness and sorrow, followed by a dear friends death. So far this is the only movie that has made me cry and so far there has not been a single movie that have even brought a tear into my eye. Acting of Robb and Josh is phenomenal and they both carried this movie by themselves clearly topping their adult co-actors.

For about the first 1/2 of this movie I'm practically rolling my eyes thinking that it is such a corny kids movie, but by the last 1/3 of the film I've got tears streaming down my face and each consecutive scene just makes it harder and harder to keep from losing it. Was totally blindsided by how sad of a movie this actually turned out to be!

A friend of mine recommended this to me when I asked for the saddest movie you've ever watched. At the end of this I couldn't hold back the tears and I'm also a smartass male teen, if this can get me to cry than it can surely get anyone else with a heart to cry also.

I couldn't even sleep last week after watching this incredible yet powerful movie. I love how Jesse bonded with Leslie and how they used their imagination creatively to create a wholesome new world. And of course, Leslie's death is the most sad part. I do admit that I'd cried and this is the first movie that ever make me cry. Good job.

I was just watching this casually thinking "oh its another film about the empowerment of a childs imagination and coming of age, cliched innosence"... Or so I thought. The charachters were likeable and, thinking the film would ultimately blossom into a moral about friendships, I kept whatching, waiting for the inevitable, cheesy ending. It never came. Out of NOWHERE, the main protagonists life is turned upside down when his closest companion and ever growing soul mate dies. I felt like I had been kicked in the gut, I didn't see it coming, and even though I wanted the film to evolve into a less contrived take on its genre and message (which it did), her death was the LAST thing I wanted. Closest I came to shedding tears in a film.

This movies shows the true meaning of friendship. I'm not one to cry when it comes to films, but this is definitely a tear jerker, especially the end when Jesse (Josh Hutcherson) is reintroducing his younger sister Mae (Bailee Madison) as the Queen of Terabithia after the plot twist happens.

Only movie I've ever sobbed during. I've teared up in plenty of movies, but this one made me make those weird noises kids make when they cry.

I love this movie so much. But it's so SAD, UGHH. This movie tells the beautiful story of a friendship. After watching this movie, I cried for days, like I literary can't stop thinking about this movie. I would've really love it if the ending's not that sad, I mean it is extremely sad. I really love the chemistry between Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb in the movie, this film is a must watch. This is seriously the best disney film.

When I was a young girl, this movie made me cry like you would not believe. I loved it because of that, and watched it all the time, to the point where thinking of it brings me back to those years. For that, I think it's definitely worth some puffy cheeks and red eyes.

This was absolutely the saddest movie I have ever seen in my life. This is such a beautiful movie, it's one of the only movies to make me cry. I'm so glad I wasn't at the cinema, I would have looked so pathetic. This movie is just beautiful.

The story starts out with evolving friendship, then out of nowhere she dies... It suppose to be a children movie but it really is the saddest and best movie of all times. It doesn't really intend to be sad but it really is. Just can't explain it in words.

The death of the sweet protagonist I spent the whole movie watching and thinking "Man, I wish my daughter could grow up to be that cool, self assured and unique" was like a kick in the junk. I hated it, it was so sad!

I cried, so much. It;s just such an amazing film and it just shows sad films don't have to be about 2 adults, but just the friendship of 2 children can really warm your heart. Such a sad film, but also filled with friendship and imagination.

Such an under appreciated movie, from the media, from me as a child. This captures a true and pure friendship even their imagination is joint. One of the best movies ever, I can cry thinking too much about it. A really beautiful movie, 10/10

And this isn't higher up because? Josh's and Annasophia's acting is phenomenal! I watched this movie for the 15th time and I still cried when Leslie died!

Very sad. I went to see this in the cinema when I was 10. I started crying, and was trying to hide it, because I was too old to be sobbing in a cinema, but I just couldn't help it. My friend brought it over when I was 11, and the same happened it was so embarrising. This movie is very sad.

Not only the movie is sad, the author made the book super sad too. SPOILER ALERT: I can't believe Leslie died and is a kid! Katherine Patterson (the author of the book) is great at showing emotions. Saddest disney movie yet.

The first time I saw this movie I couldn't stop crying it was so sad very good movie if you haven't seen it you should go and watch it

Guys, no movie will ever make you cry like this movie made me cry. If you don't want to burst into tears every time you think of this movie. Then don't watch it.

It is so sad. Really that sums up the movie ending because I tell you I don't cry very much during movies but when Jesse's father told him Leslie died, I couldn't stop crying. It is definitely the saddest movie I have ever seen. SAD.

This is the saddest movie I have ever seen seriously, Leslie gets made fun of by everyone. They create this magical world. It seems like there would be a happy ending and then she drowns in the creek - Danmarino4

Oh dear Jesus I cried buckets at this! The very first time I saw this at the part when his parents told him she had died I actually had to stop watching it I was crying so hard!

I didn't know that Leslie would die. So sad. The only movie I ever watched that I cried in. I had to take my headphones off and look somewhere else at leslie's dying scene.

This movie also made me cried when the girl in the movie died and the boy left alone, I hate this type of movies badly, but they were good to watch. Love only can bring peace to this world...

This film the sad film I watched in my life... I think that if the director Leslie kept alive will be the best film... I had cried when I have been watched him