Marley and Me


It seems like such a light funny movie, which it is, but it is also an very emotional story that includes love and loss. I am easy to cry in movies, but not sob. Usually silent tears streaming down my cheeks. As soon as things weren't looking good for Marley, I was gone. And the sobbing did not stop until like a half hour after the movie was done (at least). The same happened for the book (from which I read first). And much to my surprise, writing about this, I am now crying. It's just so sad :'(

I had a yellow lab named Andy once. He was hit by a car and I never got to say goodbye. I had a black lab named Luke after that and we had him put to sleep. I wasn't there but I hug him, sobbing, saying I loved him so much before my mom drove off with him trying his hardest to look out the trunk's window. Every time I see Marley die, I see both Luke and Andy dying at the same time. Need I say more; I break down, screaming in tears every time I see that one close up shot of him shutting his soft, little eyes one lat time.

At first I was happy in this movie but when Marley ran away and they announced Marley was dead I started to cry my eyes out. Marley was the cutest dog ever. I cried when I went to bed I cried in my sleep I cried in the morning and evening and any time of day because of the death of the poor dog. I'm very easy to make cry. In Ariel I was scared for the dog when the Prince was saving him not for the Prince. That shows my love for dogs. Although I also get sad when humans die.

This movie is the saddest movie I have seen. It shows the struggle of building a family and how a dog really is man's best friend. This movie gets you so attached to Marley you feel like he was your dog the whole time. It makes the ending that much sadder. Great movie

I couldn't stand to watch it. I really hate seeing animals like that. I cried my eyes out when I went to sleep that night. I am surprised I made it to the end without crying as much as I thought I would. I just don't like the twist, the sad twist, in that movie. But still, a good movie.

From the start of the movie I was pretty excited, but when the family connected I also have gotten pretty connected to the movie and laughing for the most part. Once it hit the end I straight out cried and couldn't stop for at least 10 minutes and trying to comprehend on what just happened.

I was crying so much, but I really love this movie I watched it twice and both times I was crying. I think this should be number 1!.
I think the titanic is sad but this is more sad!
I just love this movie and I can watch it 100times and cry every time
Saddest movie ever!
So if you guys wanna watch a sad movie this is the movie your looking for!

Jesus I had to watch this in school and I don't cry. I try not too. but boogers where all on my jacked sleeve and tears ran down my face. I hid my face though. I'm a 16 year old 206 male and I love animals. I had to put down my Sasha and seeing that movie reminded me so much of her. I love you sasha

Anyone who has ever gone through their lives with a pet they truly love and then lost would find this, Oviedo incredibly sad.. It's amazing how our lives outside of our pets are brought into our pets lives. They see sadness in us (especially dogs), happiness, and everything in between and they are slays there until the end. It's unbelievable

When I watched this film I thought about what it would be like if my dog died. Now she's dead watching it brings back so many memories, I burst into tears uncontrollably.

I thought this was going to be a happy movie for animal lovers, not the kind that shatters your heart into a thousand pieces. Boy was I wrong.

Marley and me and Hachi are definitely best as they bring in dogs. It's sad because of how loyal and loving dogs are in comparison to humans, that's why most of the top 10's shouldn't even be on the list. A perfect example of this being Titanic.

When I saw this in theaters the beginning made me think it was a happy movie. Well I was way off. I saw it in theaters and at the end I was almost in tears. I look at it now and I can't help but blab like a little baby

Amazing movie that connects you with this dog like he was your own. You just fall in love with Marley and then there is the inevitable loss. So sad but such a lesson in the how to live life and deal with death and taught by a dog.

A wonderful movie. Makes you think about any animal you have ever had as a pet. I was beyond crying, more like bawling. So sad was this movie that I don't think I can ever bring myself to watch it again.

The only movie that ever made me cry, and I'm not a dog person, I like cats. On the bright side, you get more more Marley in the second movie. Your whole family will enjoy this beautiful, yet touching film.

I actually just finished watching this movie. It was so sad and I was crying so hard. I actually had to put my yellow lab down a year ago due to cancer. This movie is so heartbreaking and powerful.

This movie is good, yet it's so sad. Marley forms a great connection with his owners, and, being a dog owner myself, I love seeing a good relationship between a dog and his or her owner or owners.

I have seen this film and I couldn't control my tears this was so so sad definitely recommend this film for sensitive people like me. Get the tissues ready

You just cry and cry. Marley being put down? Why was it on screen unlike My Dog Skip (I still cried at that because I have a Jackie of my own and I love him)? You just have to cry for him.

Marley&me brought me to tears only at the end, but has the beginning started it was a true comedy Jewel that persuades you to buy another puppy even if you already have Four.

I love this movie do so much it is so sad and if you don't think this movie is sad at all you don't have feelings I cried so much my pillow was so so so wet it should be number 1

In my opinion this movie is sadder than titanic. I was crying the first thing I realized the dog was gonna die. Being a dog person, I cried my heart out. :*( I loved marley.

I cried so much. This movie and Toy Story 3 are my most sad films ever. In my opinion. Plus I love dogs so I was crushed when I found out Marley dies at the end of the film.

If I was ever going to cry during a movie it would be in Marley and me. A dog dying is so much sadder than a human dying. When my old lab boy goes I'm not sure how I'll cope.