The Notebook


Every time I watch this movie I cry at the end. I always cry the moment Noah walks into Ally's room. I think this movie is the true meaning of love. My father told me every year after he dies on his birthday I have to watch this move. I just love this movie. I would watch this every day if I could. My brother has no feelings so he won't cry during this so I won't talk to him. I love the part when Noah fixes the house up just for Ally and she comes back to the house. I just love it! I believe in love now because of this movie. This is the way I would like to die.

As a man I can honestly say that the first time that I saw this movie I shed several tears. A few years later I watched it again and cried again. Now in 2014 I watched it with a girl-friend who had never seen that movie and he cried too. Only words I could say were: "It still hurts even after all this time.."

I cried so much when I watched this it isn't even funny. My friend called me a wuss and I said that the ending was just so beautiful. Like it was just so cute. I mean who wouldn't be crying? I seriously wish I had a romance like theirs okay. It was just So good.

I can NOT believe this movie isn't number 1. This film not only tugs heart strings, and brings you to (or over) the brink of tears, but captures what true love really is. Memories may not last forever but love does.

Just watched this and crying my eyes out :c but one of the most amazing love movies I've watched in forever! Makes you feel good and sad at the same time I loved it so much! Going on my favourite movie list with the lost boys and the warriors and them too movies are hard too beat!

This is a great and beautiful love story ever. I cry like hell every time I watch it. This movie should be number 1. I really feel something in my heart when I watch this and I can't stop crying. And I really fall in love with Noah!

I had never shed a tear for any movie and this love story has made me cry harder each time I watch it. I love the notebook not only because it makes me completely happy how love can be so strong and perfect;but also because I identify a lot with the characters. This movie inspiered me to always follow my heart and that sometimes risk is our security in life!

I have actually been so shock, my friends telling me to watch it, me being me saying "It won't make me cry" Well I had never cried so much, the director is a legend, I honestly love this movie my favorite, wish I had a boyfriend like Noah now.

Me and my mum actually sat and sobbed on the couch for ages after this film. Even after I went to my bed I kept thinking about poor Ali and Noah and I would burst into tears all over again. A very good film with a sad, heartfelt story at its core.

Beautiful story. Very touching, and made me cry and cry for hours! Love this movie so much and I can never get myself to stop crying when the both die. But it is still one of my favorite movies - so touching and beautiful! Defiantly a must watch!

I absolutely LOVE this film! Never cried so much at any film in my life! It's a story you will never forget it just takes you to a totally different place, makes you really think what is love?

Full grown man here, weeps at the end of this film every single time. Such a beautiful film that captures the audiences emotions very well. Its feels so real. 10/10 for me, should be top!

The most beautiful film ever! It is an amazing movie and it has an amazing story! It is the best! And it defiantly has to be the second best movie ever! I really hope they make movies like that, movies those days are the worst

This movie tangled with my emotions like a web. I kept thinking about it for days after I watched it. The tears would escape all of a sudden. Whoever has not seen this movie must not be human.

Only after you watch this film you will understand the meaning of true love... Yea it's kind of hard to watch it at the end, but still they lived one hell of a good life!

This is my favourite movie in the world! It's so amazing and I could watch it everyday and not get bored, I cry at it every time but its one of those ones that touch your heart and you have to watch it again and again!

I am a guy and, is this sad. I had to watch this quite a few years ago, and I was forced. It was until the end of the movie when tears started streaming down my eyes. Sooner or later, there were salty tears in my own mouth.

If you're gonna watch this film, be aware that you will burst into tears from the beginning to the end. It should really be the first because I never cried that much watching a movie.

The most beautiful movie that I've ever seen I cry every time and it really touches my heart and makes me think about how long people can actually be together and really be in love.

, this movie is so heart wrenching. I really hope sometime I can love the way Noah and Allie did. This is my favorite movie. I cried so hard at the end. A lot of people cried and recommend this movie. It's perfect.

This movie is truly the saddest movie that I've ever watched in my life. I think that the reason why it's so sad is because you can imagine how many couples have gone through a situation like this before.

I don't remember EVER crying so much for a movie. I watched it with a friend when we were both exhausted and even after the movie was over we had a half-hour long meltdown and cried our eyes out about everything that was wrong in life. It was ridiculous, I didn't even know my tear ducts could be so performant. So many feels

This movie really plays with your heart strings, I was crying through most of the movie it gets me every time but its one of my favorites. It should definitely be number one for sadness though!

I watched this movie the month my grandpapa died. He became bedridden after a stroke although he was a healthy man in the air force before that. Seeing Noah and Allie died together killed me because my grandparents weren't lucky enough to die together:(( just a movie which is very real and touching for me:))

I cried the most watching this film than any other that I've seen! Definitely was not expecting the ending! I highly recommend this movie if you are looking for a heart warmer!