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201 Rent

Tell me I'm not the only one who blubbers my heart out every time I watch this? I've killed so many trees in tissues because of this movie haha

I cried during the funeral scene, and the scene where Mimi almost dies.

That song seasons of love is such a sad song

202 Miss You Already

I am 13 and I watched this movie and I am not a type of person that cries to a movie but "miss you already" is one of the best and saddest movie I have ever watched and I cried for most of that movie and I am a boy and boys don't cry that easily I watched it with my freinds and they found it boring but I didn't

Sad as hell - mood333

203 Romeo & Juliet

I nearly cried seeing this in school when studying this play, and the scene with the two killing themselves always makes tears well in my eyes and makes me cry. - SailorSedna

The movie makes you wanna tell the love of your life that you love them and don't let them go - cheyeanne

Both of the titular characters kill themselves because a supporting character screwed up the plan. - kcianciulli

The ending was sad. - kcianciulli

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204 United 93

Heroes. Every one of them. God rest your souls.

205 The Wings of the Dove
206 Leon: The Professional V 1 Comment
207 The Sound of Music
208 The English Patient

A great film, a bit boring in some scenes but its sad when he carries Katherine out from the cave dead, and when he gets nurse Hana to inject him will all the morphine, sad - gruppenfuhrer

The scene where he is forced to leave his wife in a cave to go get help is gut-wrenching.

Best movie ever!

209 To Kill a Mockingbird
210 Meet Joe Black

Really sad towards the end.

211 If I Stay

Sadder then titanic, sadder then fault in our stars and even sadder then the notebook. Some in top 10 are not even in sad category. New movie released in 2014, so highly recommend this one if you are a sad story lover.

I saw a preview of this during heaven is for real. I nearly cried

This is the first movie that made my cry...
The worst parts are he ones about her family... It makes me cry every times..
And I haven't cry while watching Titanic

This film is the saddest film ever hands down no lie it is sadder than any movie I have watched by far ever sadder than marley and mike, bridge to terabethia,and the fault in our starts, I cried my eyes out in the first half an our of it and the film is 2 hours long I highly recamend this film as it is amazeing

212 The Snowman
213 Dragonball: Evolution
214 In Her Shoes V 1 Comment
215 8 Seconds

8 seconds just leaves a sick pit in my stomach and turns on the water works. It is based on a true story and I have witnessed the actual footage of the last minute of that poor cowboys life. I grew up on a ranch and rodeo was a way of life and livelihood for a cowboy. But it can cost you your life just trying to put food on the table. I can barely watch the end.

216 Men Behind The Sun
217 Tomorrow We Are Going to the Movies
218 Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
219 Star Trek (2009)
220 Once
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