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221 Toy Story

The Third Movie Is A Tearjerker But The First Two Are Not Really Sad.

222 Watership Down

One of the saddest films ever made. And the song Bright Eyes - just makes me cry every time. A classic that everyone should watch.

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223 Lifted
224 Runaway Train

It's sad seeing Manny standing on top of the runaway locomotive as it is going down a dead end track. But I was glad that his warden died. He deserved it!

225 Men of Honor
226 Superman Returns

The man of steel is back and better than ever!

227 Men Behind The Sun
228 The Last of the Mohicans V 2 Comments
229 Gallipoli
230 Avatar

Is awfully sad as Jake Scully goes to Pandora and then ruins the lifes of the Na'vi, by the horrible Falco who use Jake and then Falco's army wrecked the Na'vi's homeland and their home tree and nearly the whole lot of Avatar's almost die.

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231 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

You have been and always will be my friend, live long and prosper

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232 Homeless to Harvard - The Liz Murray Story
233 Odd Girl Out
234 2012
235 Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

This movie is incredible and every every sad to watch but first you will have a explain what a 9/11 is because if you don't say any thing about they will be all consumed but this movie is more for a 14+ movie

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236 Control

The fact, Ian Curtis died so young, is very sad indeed. He would have had a lot more to offer. A true genius!

237 The Truman Show V 1 Comment
238 Due Date
239 Godzilla King of the Monsters
240 Rodan
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