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241 The Last of the Mohicans V 2 Comments
242 Gallipoli
243 Avatar

Is awfully sad as Jake Scully goes to Pandora and then ruins the lifes of the Na'vi, by the horrible Falco who use Jake and then Falco's army wrecked the Na'vi's homeland and their home tree and nearly the whole lot of Avatar's almost die.

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244 Homeless to Harvard - The Liz Murray Story
245 Odd Girl Out
246 Due Date
247 Godzilla King of the Monsters
248 Rodan
249 Bordertown

Very sad what is going on in Juarez. Please watch this movie.

250 Simon Birch

Had to watch this in 9th grade was really fun and sad we all thought it was based on this short story called The scarlet ibis but after that I look online and realize it actually based on John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany but I heard the book Simon is named Owen and the destiny is completely different. Critics called this movie overly mushy tries way to hard to pull at the heart strings come on those critics are heartless!

What a tear jerker, I was glad there was nobody else around when I watched this I wasn't just tearful I was sobbing; truly a moving movie, that's helps people to understand that despite how you can be received from others for not being what one would class as normal is truly beautiful! Thanks for introducing me to this movie

Such an amazing movie, if only more people knew about it, it would be on so many people's favorite movies list. One of my favorites ever, I'm pretty sure I cry every time I watch it.

This is a cute and sad movie ignore what other people say. Watch it if you hadn't.

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251 Logan

Greatest Marvel movie of all time but not just that, it's also one of the greatest movies of all time and its very sad.

This isn't my favorite comic book movie. It is my favorite movie period - Batmaniscole

Amazing movie so emotional best comic movie ever...!

Such a masterpiece

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252 The Fountain

This movie is like concentrated sadness of 90 minutes and it shows perfectly someones emotions when you're about to lose someone that you love and the absolute sadness when you're actually losing him/her. It shows how a man does everything possible to reunite with his loved one even giving his life, because "death is the road to awe".

Sums up the feeling of losing someone so perfectly. Accompanied with an incredible soundtrack that captures every mood perfectly, this film is truly art as opposed to entertainment. An emotionally fulfilling experience.

More than sad portrays the essence fear of dying, or losing important people of our lives. In the end, being in peace with the inevitable.

I Love this movie! But it's so sad. the man wants to cure cancer and when he finnaly got the cure, his wife dies of cancer :( he was too late and was more focused on his work than the last days with his wife. it's so sad but totally a must have seen movie!

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253 One True Thing

Meryl Streep gives one of her best performances as a mother stricken with cancer and her dealing with her family in her final days. This is based on a true story. Just heartbreaking.

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254 Vanilla Sky

This movie grew sadder and sadder until the ending where it was so unbearably sad it almost hurt.

I absolutely love this film. It makes me want to make movies like this. If you haven't. Seen it you should.

If you've ever experienced love with someone you barely knew, you'd love this movie too.

255 Rosewood

I had shut this movie out of my mind. It was too... too much to take

256 Selena

Such an underrated film. An amazing adaptation of the life of the most beautiful, and inspirational singer ever to have walked upon this earth. It was because of this film, my love for Selena intensified a whole lot more, and I feel blessed for that. The music scenes are so alike Selena's actual performances, especially when they ranged from new, to old songs that Selena sung. Best movie about the best celebrity ever. Rest in Paradise Selena. April 16, 1971 - March 31, 1995. My inspiration and so much more.

This movie was Beautiful all the way through, but when the enfing comes that's when the tears come, that scene just tears me up inside. One of the best movies I've seen...

One of the only movies that made me cry :( - idolangelx13

Such a powerful film about a young musician who went though all the obsticles she could to get what she always dreamed of. It's just sad that she's not around with us anymore. That evil, wicked, heartless Yolanda Saldivar should have never killed selena and let's hope she burns in hell along with other the sadistic psychotic fans in the world.

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257 Furious 7

That end tribute scene at the end to Paul Walker is probably the saddest scene in any film I've ever watched, plus he actually died in reality which made it 20 times sadder; wiz khalifas colaboration with Charlie Puth for the 'see you again' song plus vin diesels speech and the flashback montages were all year jerking, grown men were balling their eyes out next to me in the cinema because of this scene, and it's nit often that critics review an action flick as 'genuinely moving'. What line has ever been sadder than "whether your a quarter mile away or half away across the world, you'll always be with me and you'll always be my brother". Then the road separates and Brian drives off into the sunset, sounds cliche but once you come out that cinema you done! Should definitely be in the top 30 in a couple of months.R.I. P Paul Walker.

Saddest ending ever

The Paul walker scene is so sad...
R.I.P Paul...

Saddest ending in history 😥

258 Manchester by the Sea

It is a rare accomplishment to create a film that lodges itself in a certain part of your brain--maybe not the front but somewhere in the back--where it will remain forever. THis film will never leave you. It takes a story ripe for cheesy been there done that melodrama but by populating the script with real characters behaving as real characters do, it elevates the material to something that is nothing short of a masterpiece. Most films dealing with this material are of characters overcoming their grief but that is not how the real world works. Grief as strong as Lee's is with you forever. Lee does not live how to live without it but how to live in spite of it, to find something in his nephew to renew purpose and to keep him chugging along the road and in the final moments of the film, when we realize this it is a moment of subtle beauty. This is a devastating film but buried in it is a kernel of hope that reawakens you to all the beautiful parts of your life and as the world yo uexit ...more

This movie has a moment that I'll never forget. I audibly gasped when it happened. Devastating.

It actually sucked. No screw THIS overrated trash. Meh I should've wrote more but that's all I can say. 1/10. - AlphaQ

259 The Bridges of Madison County

When you just want to yell "Open the door! OPEN THE DOOR! " A friend of mine recommended this movie to me and I balled my eyes out. It's lovely and truly changed my life because I couldn't live with that kind of regret of always wondering what if. Beautiful!

Meryl Streep at her best - some of the most beautiful scenes she has ever done. The film is simple, but heart breaking. I was still crying half an hour after the film had ended!

I find it atrocious that this film is not ranked as number 1, let alone the fact that it is far above a 100. It epitomises heart-wrenching cinema.

It is certainly sadder than SpongeBob SquarePants.

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260 The Mist

The most disturbing ending too any movie. Ever. Made we want to cry, and I'm a guy

The most depressing ending. Horrible.

The ending is so upsetting, I literally SCREAMED! The main character kills his family seconds before they would have been saved. Horrible!

How on earth is disaster movie more sad than this

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