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301 The Outsiders

My whole entire class cried (even my teacher like we needed to take a 5 minute break to calm down) from reading the book... Just imagine the movie

I don't see how this movie is so low. This was the first movie to ever make me cry and it definitely deserves a higher spot on this list.

This movie makes me cry every time! It's my favorite movie even though it makes me cry! *SPOILERS* when Johnny says " stay gold Ponyboy " I cry and than right after that Dally commits suicide! This movie should be in the top ten!

Johnny's death is really sad - Phillip873

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302 Train to Busan

How is this movie not in the Top 20? at least. This movie will have you in tears, the characters are so unique and relatable. The more you watch the more you become attached to them and really care about their well-being. We have the fund manager father who only cares about himself, the daughter who cares about others, the couple, that in my opinion, are probably the most relatable figures in the movie and that one a** who really pisses you off ( people who have watched it know what I'm talking about). Especially the end, Seok-Woo's selfless act is a sure fire way to pull your heartstrings. - JayCoe

303 La La Land

I watched this movie and I was crying SO much! It's so sad! Only if she married the main guy! Her life would have been so good! Little women is also very sad. When I first watched La La Land it was happy then sad then happy. The end was the saddest.

It makes you feel really sad and really happy all at the same time

304 Anne of Green Gables
305 Brother Bear V 1 Comment
306 La Bamba

This is a true story about richie valens who is killed in a plane crash with to other famous rockers. It is truly a sad movie I cried so much! February 3rd 1959 the day the music died!

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307 The Road

Saddest film ever... Worth to watch and cry at the end. A story of a dad and his son struggling to find shelter and food in an empty city after a nuclear bomb... Very touching

Just sad and depressing the whole way through... It never lets up, and leaves you in tears.

It's so sad seeing the boy's father die and the boy crying over him.

308 Of Mice and Men

When I finished this movie I cried so hard the bed shook

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309 Legends of the Fall

Seriously, I couldn't stop crying the last half of the movie... Best movie ever

It was a very sad movie

So extremely sad. Bawled my eyes out😭

310 Fruitvale Station

It's that video at the beginning that makes it so sad, that gunshot is so loud, you can feel the tears welling up just knowing that that was a real father, a real son, and a real boyfriend to people, and he's now gone.

311 Guardians of the Galaxy

Very sad movie. First 10 minutes were enough to make the whole theatre cry!

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312 Black Beauty V 1 Comment
313 Soul Surfer

Bethany's story is very sad. Her life was almost perfect, then comes a huge impact on her life after that shark attack. Then, she begins to question if that was God's plan for her. Her struggles with having only one arm made me weep. She was not able to do the things she was doing before. But in the end, she never lets her weaknesses affect her life. She still did the things she did before

This is a very sad movie. It should be in the top 50 at least. - micahisthebest

Should be a bit higher. - micahisthebest

IT IS SO SAD! - riri_lol

314 Finding Dory

I cried three times: When Hank inked himself (due to my fear of wetting myself in public), when Marlin told Dory she was helpful, and when Dory found her parents. - mimitchi33

This is one of my favorite movies! I literally was on the edge of my seat most of the time and if I wasn't doing that I was crying

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315 Riddick
316 Song of the Sea
317 Maleficent
318 Cars 3
319 The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep V 2 Comments
320 The Other Side of the Mountain
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