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361 The Snow Goose

Most touching movie ever - can't help crying through almost the entire movie

362 We Are Marshall V 1 Comment
363 School of Life

Best movie I have seen in all while not very well known though very touching

Saddest movie I've seen not very well known it pulls at your heartstrings tu have to see it you will cry

364 Legends of the Fall

Seriously, I couldn't stop crying the last half of the movie... Best movie ever

V 1 Comment
365 Sling Blade

Billy Bob Thornton is amazing in this - Kungpin

V 1 Comment
366 Out of Africa
367 Courageous

No matter what happens in life like a death there is still time to be happy

Grown man and I cried like a baby. A must see for any father

368 Benji: The Hunted

This has got to be the saddest movie of all time! No lie, I was crying 10 minutes in. By the end, there were tears streaming down my eyes, and I was bawling uncontrollably. This is the saddest movie I've ever seen, or at least animal movie.

I cried several times in this movie. And what makes it worse, it's hard to find (I've only been able to find it on iTunes).

369 Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom

A tremendously depressing movie

370 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

How is this not even in the top 5?!? Seriously, how can anyone not be sadden or touched by this film? The ending had to be one of the most emotional scenes I've seen in a film!

I won't post a spoiler but this film needs to be in top 20! I tear up every time I watch it and that's a lot since 2003!

It truly is a tearjerking movie. One of the brightest and most touching films in motion picture history. I'm not even lying. Go watch it for yourself. You really need to see this movie before you die.

371 Departures
372 Now is Good

Such a sad film about a girl who has cancer

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373 Jock the Hero Dog

The only movie ever to actually make me shed a tear. The scene with the mom was SO SAD!

374 The Iron Giant

"You are who you choose to be"

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375 Prayers for Bobby

This true to life story is really sad. You will not regret watching this movie. You will also learn things and must have an open heart.

Very very sad I'm like crying right now

376 42
377 Der Siebente Kontinent V 1 Comment
378 Go Toward the Light

This film is true story about a family of four. Mother, father and two young sons. One of the sons gets diagnosed with aids. Very sad film.

379 The Year My Voice Broke
380 The Reader
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