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421 Out of Africa
422 Courageous

No matter what happens in life like a death there is still time to be happy

Grown man and I cried like a baby. A must see for any father

423 Benji: The Hunted

This has got to be the saddest movie of all time! No lie, I was crying 10 minutes in. By the end, there were tears streaming down my eyes, and I was bawling uncontrollably. This is the saddest movie I've ever seen, or at least animal movie.

I cried several times in this movie. And what makes it worse, it's hard to find (I've only been able to find it on iTunes).

424 Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom

A tremendously depressing movie

425 Frankenweenie

It's such a good but sad movie, I was in tears at the end even though he came back to life. It's also sad that this movie is so underrated.

426 Departures
427 Now is Good

Such a sad film about a girl who has cancer

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428 Jock the Hero Dog

The only movie ever to actually make me shed a tear. The scene with the mom was SO SAD!

429 The Iron Giant

"You are who you choose to be"

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430 42
431 Der Siebente Kontinent V 1 Comment
432 The Year My Voice Broke
433 Radio Flyer

This movie is really sad! It's about two boys who have an abusive alcoholic father! Sad and depressing, but an excellent film

434 End of Watch

Saddest? How do you mean? - bugger

435 Rise of the Guardians

I cried really had when jack frost fell in the lake by trying to save his sister and not scaring her by saying theyd have some fun. And when he realized his family was dead I like totally freaked out and cried reall hard again.

436 Wall-E
437 The Vow
438 Reservation Road

I can't believe this movie isn't even on this list. Joaquin Phoenix did such a great job in this movie!

439 You Are the Apple of My Eye

The Best Romance Asia Movie

440 Kramer vs. Kramer

Sure, the topic of divorce is not a new one, especially in movies, but for the time this was a heavily significant movie. The reason I believe it deserves to be much higher is the little boy. He received an Oscar nomination for the role and puts on the performance of a lifetime. Devastating to see what he has to go through. - BKAllmighty

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