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421 Silver Linings Playbook
422 The Grey Zone

Amazing movie everyone should see but it would be difficult to watch again knowing how sad it is.

423 Leaving Las Vegas

How on earth is this so far down the list? This is by far th most depressing, disturbing movie I have ever seen. If you've ever been too far into an addiction to get help, or have been in love with an addict or an alcoholic, this movie will kill you inside.

424 Johnny English Reborn
425 Home Alone

The Scene where he sees everybody at home with their families is sad.

How is Home Alone sad. I never felt sad after watching this.

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426 The Good Dinosaur

The Emotional Scenes And Animation Are the pros Of A Rather Disappointing Film

This movie was so sad. It made me cry so hard!

427 Goodbye, Mr. Chips V 1 Comment
428 The Martian

The Martian is not sad at all. But I have to say it is my all time favorite! - riri_lol

429 The Miracle Worker
430 Everest
431 Captain America: The First Avenger
432 In America
433 Sonic X: Life With Shadow
434 Whiplash

After seeing this movie, I became more interested in jazz. - zxm

435 London Has Fallen
436 Space Jam
437 World's Greatest Dad
438 The 5th Wave

Saddest part was when Cassie's phone dies. R.I.P Cassie's phone I had a crush on it.

439 Oliver!
440 Desert Flower
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