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441 Barefoot Gen

This should seriously be in the top 20 it was so depressing I swear I cried like 10 times - ameiicchi

442 The Search for Santa Paws
443 Pink Floyd the Wall

Sad all the way through. Amazing movie.

444 Need for Speed
445 The Great Gatsby
446 Awakenings

Made me cry when I first saw it, gets me every time. Great soundtrack. I think this is more sad than Robin Williams in Patch Adams.

447 The Crow
448 Girl, Interrupted
449 The Rescuers

This movie is very good and sad. Bernard and Penny loosing faith in themselves and Bianca's anger about Medusa. Thank fully they save the life of Penny.

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450 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
451 Brave
452 Rugrats In Paris: The Movie

Chuckle has no mom and they make a sad song

453 Au Hasard Balthazar

Amazing, powerful movie, sadly terribly over-looked and too little known.

The saddest bit of all, is that the really sad movies on this list don't start after about 400. Sugarbaby, La Strada, Frances, Paris Texas, Woyzeck all above it and especially this one (734!? ); I'm not even sure if there were any Chaplin movies (i.e. Limelight, The Circus, etc.) mentioned at all. I know, from reading other lists that there are many stupid people seem to be voting for all kinds of subjects, but that people are too dumb to understand the word 'sad', reached a new height for me. Who would put all Star Wars or Harry Potter movies on here? - Incomprehensible! (I assume, those people need to look this word up; English is not even my first language.). Titanic number 1 says it all. No wonder, Trump is president. - punksnotdead

If more people would know this film, it would be in the Top 20, at least.

454 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I just love this movie it should be at least in top 20 lovely movie

What, this movie should be in the top 10

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455 Aimée & Jaguar

One of the best and saddest movies.

456 Intersteller
457 The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies

This movie is so awesome but its also very sad only movie to ever make me cry my eyes out

458 A Millionaire's First Love
459 Zuckerbaby (Sugarbaby)

I love the fact, that this film got mentioned. Thought, I was the only one to remember it. Wished, more people would check it out.

460 The Best of Me

The best of me is one of the best love stories I have ever seen I don't cry in movie but let me tell you I poured in this one it was that good I loved it so please do your self a favor and watch it. You wont be sorry..

Very very sad movie I cried like a baby

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