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481 Ant-Man Ant-Man is the name of several fictional superheroes appearing in books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby, Ant-Man's first appearance was in Tales to Astonish #27. V 1 Comment
482 Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai V 1 Comment
483 Pet Sematary Two
484 The Bear V 1 Comment
485 Mighty Joe Young
486 Oldboy
487 The Phantom of the Opera

The first time I watched it and Christine kissed the Phantom I completedly cried my eyes out. Although I totally agree when the Phantom says "Christine, I love you. " I was just soaked in my tears and I had dreams about it so saddening me for the next three weeks.

The great story about the man who really existed. I'm crying every time I watch it! - Alejandro-Bantik

This movie is so sad it just makes me cry every time I watch it. Maybe because I wish someone would love me as much as the phantom did Christine. It is such a beautiful movie.

This one is a bit too far down the list. Sometimes you gotta vote for the underdog and deserves notice.

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488 Pearl Harbor

Its an amazing film when I watched the end I just cried my eyes out and I'm not a cryie person so it must be sad my mum said the first time she watched it she cried too. I haven't seen a film so sad before.

I choose Pearl Harbor Why? Because besides that fact, that I cry a river every time I watch a movie - doesn't matter if it's a comedy or a drama, I especially cry a sea, when I watch Pearl Harbor. It is and will stay on my list of top 5 sad movies, and then it's Remember me and so on and on.. - tinabirk

Such an awesome film have watched it so many times and I still cry at so many parts of this movie! Josh Hartnett is so sexy

In my opinion, this movie should be #1. It is literally the saddest movie I have ever seen in my entire life. I ugly cry every time I watch it.

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489 Donnie Darko

Not only the saddest but it is the best movie of all time. There is one movie that might compare in sadness and that is the pianist but I don't see it on this list.

I've never cried at a movie but here I came closer than when I saw Titanic (which I think is slightly overrated)

So so sad. Saving the world and sacrificing everything to save the world is one thing, but doing it knowing that the one you love won't remember your very existence is something else entirely.

The bunny man

V 4 Comments
490 The Ultimate Gift
491 Tristan and Isolde

How love can ruin everything, the tears I cried in this movie

492 Ice Age

It was sad how we find out why manny is such a jackass because in flashback his wife and son were killed by hunters.

Bring this higher up the list, it was so sad when we saw Manny reflecting by at his past in the cave, Diego almost died, and when they had to give back the baby.

This made me nearly cry when manny had to giveback the baby

493 Who Will Love My Children?

Anm-Margret stars as a mother diagnosed with breast cancer. She has to find homes for her 12 children as their alcoholic father is not capable of raising them. This movie is far sadder than anything on this list, a much watch film! Released in 1983

494 A River Runs Through It
495 What Dreams May Come

I simply cannot believe this doesn't even rate on the top 50 let alone on the list at all. This movie has to be one of Robin Williams' finest dramatic role of his career. I never cry, period. But I did during the scene of the father's eulogy of his son which has to be up there as one the saddest scenes of all time.

This is very much a tear maker - obviously under estimated as well as I can not find it on any other list! Robin Williams plays a fantastic part - again - and if your in love or just come out of it then this should make your eyes water for different reasons.

Possibly one of the saddest films made. Full of heartache throughout as the main character tries to literally go through hell to get a loved one back. The whole film from the beginning seems completely hopeless for the main character.

When he got hit by the taxi I got hit by tears - PlasmaticDuke05

496 Secondhand Lions

Saddest, sweetest, funniest movie I have ever seen. A must see for anyone with a soul.

A boy without a mother that is good to him finds a home ^^ love! The lion in the movie was old. She gave up her life to save the boy. I cry overtime I see the title, much less the movie.

497 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Sad because it exists..

Why is this even here? Seriously come on. Why - BlackDeathCode

Ha ha ha ha ha! What a sad little boy with a sad little life. I really honestly feel sorry for Justin Bieber.

In a way it is - Himalayansalt

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498 Jet Li's Fearless

This movie made me cry out on many parts. Especially the end. Poor young master... And this movie is a biography.

499 Let Me In
500 The Neverending Story
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