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41 Bambi

Did anyone forget that sad scene cause I sure didn't.

It still get on mu nerves when he's looking for mom in the dark snow and a whispering kind song in the background.

Both scarring and scaring generations of children since 1942. Bambi stands alone and unrivalled forever.

I was at a slumber party with my friends when we watched this and my friend and I hid the fact that we were crying

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42 The Bridge To Terabithia

I showed this to my best friend two years ago. I've never seen her cry as much as she did when she saw this movie. And we cried together for hours. Josh Hutcherson is really talented!

I loved this movie so much I cried for the rest of the movie after his parents told him she was dead! BEST SAD MOVIE OF ALL TIME!

This movie shows you that how the kid imagination and his friends is almost his life so we must respect him and the things he loves

I hate this movie with a burning passion. - FinlandSkywalker

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43 Gone with the Wind

I cried so hard when their daughter Bonnie died

Overhyped neo-confederate propaganda.

To truly understand the sadness of Gone with the Wind,you must watch the entire film,and look closely at Scarlett O'Hara's character. When you start off,you might be thinking that Scarlett is an awful,selfish,and basically a stereotypical "dumb blonde". But as the film progresses,you see Scarlett's independent nature,and what it takes to stop her. Scarlett tried so hard to lead a good life with Rhett Butler,but so many obstacles were put in front of her. Twice,her babies die,and not to mention she lost her father,mother,and husband(twice! ).(Plus crush) The true sad thing that adds to Scarlett's pain is her unriveting determination,as at the end of the film she stats "After all,tomorrow is another day! " in the hopes of winning Rhett Butler back. But the epitome of the tragicness of Gone with the Wind,is when,as Melanie and one of the slaves are chatting and we truly see the effect of his daughter's death on Rhett. As if Rhett going insane isn't enough,we see the saddest thing this ...more

44 Gran Torino

This movie was so great! Some plot twists in here though stick in your head for days on end... Truly sad but rewarding to watch movie.

Great lessons about overcoming xenophobia. You never really know a person until you know what they go through. In Atticus Finch's words, "Til you stand in their skin and walk around in it a little".

Good movie I recommend you guys. You will learn a lot

This, because Titanic wasn't sad.

45 No Country for Old Men
46 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Jim Carey's performance in this was amazing. Completely different to his usual cheerful character. One word: Amazing

Kind of confused as to how this is not already on the list.
The sheer helplessness you can feel if you imagine having all your memories erased of one particular person is simply astounding. Watch. This. Movie. It's amazing.

Oh god if this movie didn't make you feel anything then you are not a human being


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47 Dumbo

Oh I love my mother, she's my everything. When I saw the scene where Dumbo was visiting his mother that was captured away from him I started crying. It's really sad to see a child being kept away from the biggest part of his life, his mother. And the song at that scene was vert emotional, it touched my feelings. This may be an animated/cartoon movie, but the story is very sad, it shows how much love a mother can have for her child and why we need them. A great sad movie! It's been years since I've been watching it and I still adore it for the lovely message this movie deliveres. Just heart-touching :(

Are you kidding? The scene when Dumbo goes to visit his mother and the song "Baby of Mine" plays makes me weep. Every moment of that scene is completely heartbreaking.

No movie has ever made me cry more than Dumbo (believe me, I've never cried during a movie). I ALMOST cried when Dumbo went to see his mother when she was being kept in Solitary Confinement

I love mommy very much

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48 Man On Fire

The part where Pita runs across the bridge to her mother, screaming and crying makes me cry every time. This movie should be top 30!

You're right. Creasy did remind me of Jesus Christ. Powerful testimony to live by.

This film always gets to me. The end would always make tears come out of my eyes. - Mumbizz01

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49 Brokeback Mountain

Sorry, but WHY THE HELL SHREK IS CONSIDERED SADDER THAN BROKEBACK? People, come on. You cannot not cry watching this. Shame on you, this should be in top 20 at last :c

My favorite movie ever and so sad, I feel for all 4 main characters. I just recently watched it for the second time and couldn't concentrate on work the next day. Now, a week later I have watched all other Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal movies, amazing actors. And Ledgers death makes watching the movie even sadder for me.

I cried like a baby at this film, subject to ignorance about it being 'gay cowboy' people need to watch this movie because its not just sentimental sadness but it leaves you hollow for days afterward but is so worth the watch, great story about life to me.

So sad

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50 Remember Me

I love this movie! It is so heartbreaking what happened on 9 11 and how remember me shows the story and life of an innocent person who tragically was a victim and was at the rong place at the rong time. Robert Pattinson plays an excellent role and is an excellent actor. I'm sure if anyone but robert would have played character, it would have not been as good and heartbreaking as it is.

I was NOT excepting what happened! It's such a heartfelt movie. It has family drama, a love story and it's truly one of the best movies I think I've ever watched. I cried so much! I honestly think this should be ranked WAY higher. Also I think Robert Pattinson plays an amazing role. It's completely different than what he's usually playing and I love that.

This movie made me cry so much that I wanted to watch it over and over again until I had a headache of crying! Most amazing film I have ever seen in my life?!

I can't believe that he dies in the WTC! After watching it multiple times it still gets me.

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51 Edward Scissorhands

Magical. Maybe not the most conventional film you'll ever see, but the sadness and loneliness of Edward is something we can all relate to.

I usually do not get very emotion when watching movies. I actually laughed at the end of "The Boy In The Striped Pajamas," just because it seemed so ridiculous, and the film never really did a good job of making me care about any of the characters. Of course the outcome was terrible, but I was never drawn in to the movie, so I was removed from any emotion. This movie, Edward Scissorhands, made me incredibly sad the whole way through. Though this may be due to the fact that I was already partial to Edward, being played by Johnny Depp. So to make Edward sad made me sad.

Unhappy ending = sad movie... but a great one

There's something about this film that leaves me feeling unbearably empty once I've finished watching it. The soundtrack, chemistry between the actors, and the plot itself are so artistically beautiful. One of my absolute favorite films. - blvnkness

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52 The Deer Hunter

Saddest ending ever! As Roger Ebert said, it is emotionally shattering! This movie had the greatest impact on me than any other movie I've ever seen. It just stay with me forever.

You people are made of stone if you don't think this movie is sad

53 Jack

Great movie! It would have been sadder if Jack died, but then I wouldn't like the movie. It's sad in its own way.

No No just No, How is this sadder than PATCH ADAMS!

54 American Beauty

When Carolyn just latches onto Lester's clothes and collapses into a pile of tears really just got me, like, scream sobbing. It's THAT SAD. - MontyPython

Is it bad that when I saw this I started singing American beauty/American psycho?

55 Ghost

My god... Get the tear buckets ready! This film's ending was the saddest thing I've seen.

I thought this film was great. I really did think mum was exadurating about how sad it was until I watched it! Should be number one for definite, I've never actually cried that much about a film before! Great film, a must watch old classic... ,

I cried and cried and cried at this film. It just shows you that life is so unfair. Molly and Sam are so perfect and good why.. Ah

It was so upsetting when Sam was covered in blood dying in Molly's arms

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56 I'm Not Ashamed

Yeah - Spiritualsavedboy

The true sad part of this film is when the film made her a martyr. I have done research, and she was just shot. she was not given a choice, despite what the film tells you. That is what is sad. That a tradegy was used to push an agenda. Do your research. - Frouze

It is extremely arrogant to think you know more than the people who were there that day. The boy who was sitting next to her on the lawn that day confirmed that she was killed for her faith. What's sad is all the people like you who cover up the truth. And you know what? It only further vindicates her story. Why do people want the martyr story covered up so badly? Because they hate the truth. You are the ones with the agenda. - eventer51314

57 The Lion King

The little lion was under his dad's paw saying, "wake up dad! "... So sad! I cried a bucket of tears.

I'm 24 and this is the only one film, at which I can cry. The songs are perfect for that - especialy "Circle of Life" and "To die for". For me the best animated and the saddest movie ever!

I just saw it today and really,
Why was I the only one who cried at the theater?
More tears are need!

I cried when simba said dad wake up

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58 Sophie's Choice

Meryl Streep is absolutely phenomenal in this movie! You can just feel her pain as she is forced to chose which of her children is to live and which is to be sent to the gas chambers. I nearly cried...

Should be #1. Meryl Streep is tragic in this story about a mother who must choose which of her two children will live and is forever damaged by the guilt.

Definitely should be before "Marley and Me." Meryl Streep delivers one of the saddest performances ever, and I think that choosing which child should live during the HOLOCAUST is MUCH sadder than a DOG.

How isn't this in the top ten of saddest movies? The whole story is a tragedy.

59 American History X

Should be required viewing. This movie shows how quickly despair and uncertainty can be manipulated into hate. The juxtaposition of the main character realizing that the only reason he survived jail was due to the friendship and the relinquishing of the hatred he was taught is heartbreaking. Then in the next breath loses his brother because he was following in his path. This movie is painful, educational, and as much as you want to hate these young men you are heart broken when all that he had learned is for not. I cry every time because it is a reflection of what xenophobia is in our country,and how quickly fear can turn to violence.

Great movie and sad ending but it makes you realize a lot towards racism and the consequences of hatred. Still, he was changing his ways because of his brother and his life experiences in prison. Too bad he ended up splattered all over a bathroom wall.

I think that this film was extremely powerful as it shows you what hatred and racism brings to our world and someone losing his younger brother because of his actions is just so sad and definitely brought tears to my eyes.

How movies like this lost to a manipulative love story on a sinking ship full of archetypes, I'll never know

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60 Click

The part where he found out when his dad died and rewinded back to the last time he saw him... I DROWNED IN MY OWN TEARS

The raining part is AMAZING... the background music just made me cry.. damn you adam sandler with your awesome acting! ;D - SmoothCriminal

Wow this movie is great. Just thinking about it makes me sad and I'm a guy. It also makes you reflect on how you act and makes you try to be a nicer person. Well done Adam Sandler.

Especially When IT Rained.

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