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61 Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Titanic... Really. Although this is a documentary, Dear Zachary is the saddest movie I have ever seen. The depth of despair you will experience is something that no other movie has been able to do for me. Requiem for a Dream is another one that grips you tight and wont let go but it has nothing on Dear Zachary. Watch at your own risk

I have never seen such a movie with so much suffering in it, a must see for anyone that has a heart. I do agree that you should be warned going in to this, that this movie is without a doubt the saddest movie I have ever seen.

I challenge anyone to watch this movie. If you combine all the movies on this list it will still fall short of the sadness caused by Dear Zachary. It is life alteringly depressing. View at your own risk - zacenroe86

62 The Joy Luck Club

There wasn't a dry eye in the theater!

63 Independence Day

This should be at least in the top 50 just for the scene when the presidents wife dies

64 Steel Magnolias

If I ever need a good cry, I watch this movie. The end of the movie when the mother is screaming and crying really gets me every time. It's just so terrible knowing she has to deal with her daughter passing away. I would have handled it the same way she did.

That this is so low on the list shows how many of these people haven't watched it. The only movie sadder than this one is Terms of Endearment and apparently none of you have watched it either.

So right--makes me cry every time, along with terms of endearment as well

Very emotional. Great acting.

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65 The Way We Were

The last scene of this film with the music also plays in my head anytime I remember the 70s in my country. Remembering happier times.

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66 Mystic River

Why on earth were you surprised that Sean Penn was great? He usually is, and it was a perfect role for him. Also unbelievable performances by Tim Robbins, Marcia Gay Harden, Kevin Bacon was solid as always, and Lawrence Fishbourne. And beautifully directed by Clint.

Sean Penn was surprisingly great in this movie. Have not seen it for years but the plot still stays in my mind and haunts me. Such a sad story about surviving horrific abuse.

Surviving? Tim Robbins' Dave, the abused character, suffered and then was killed in large part due to the misunderstanding of his suffering and pain - Billyv

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67 When the Wind Blows

This movie really hits you in the heart. I can't watch this without crying and I've watched it dozens of times. I found it moving how much this couple loved each other and were there for each other when everything went bad. There a sense of hopelessness in the film, but when you think our their love for one another, and it shows they been together for decades, you find yourself in tears. Such a beautiful, moving, film.

68 Ladder 49

I always cry during this movie. I can't even help it. It's sad.

I lost it when the played that song in the end, great movie just really sad

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69 The Fox and the Hound

To tell you the truth. This movie was really said to me. In elementary we were watching this movie and it made me really sad. The part that made me sad was when the lady dropped off the poor fox in the forest. This movie was one of my favorites, really sad for me. In class most of the people were tearing up. I could never forget these kind of movies. It's like my childhood and still is.

I just watched this and to be honest: my make up is all over my face and I can't even talk or breath. First time that I watched it since I was 5 or so and didn't remember much of it. I haven't cried this much in a year, oh god. All these kind of animal stories make me emotional like a pregnant woman.

Oh my GOSH! This movie! I absolutely love 'the Fox and the Hound', but that one part where Tod is left in the forest and there's the sad music and and Tod is doesn't know what's coming and and and (me: start crying) IT SO SAD!

I've seen the second one I hated it so I will definitely hate this one (p.s it's not sad it's dumb)

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70 The Pianist

It took me such a long time to find this! It should be way lower! If you haven't watched this yet I'm not going to spoil it for you but it is one of the best movies ever made. But I'm gonna warn you you may fall into a deep depressed state for a few days after you watch it.

Truly the most sad movie that shows Hitler and his empire's horrifying acts.

The last nazi officer was locked into prison. Though he wasn't that bad. - zxm

69! Nah, should be in top 30 at least. - zxm

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71 Shoah
72 Cornbread, Earl & Me
73 Atonement

Beautiful, sensual and desperately melancholic. It is incredibly rare to find a film like Atonement made by people who, at the exact same moment in time, are at the height of their power and crafts. A sheer pleasure to watch and a masterpiece of storytelling.

I was crying over this movie before it even came to a shocking end. It's a truly tear-worthy film that portrays the tragedies of war, regret, and love perfectly and poignantly.

74 Life of Pi

This honestly deserves to be slightly higher up on the list. Not only was it sad, but it was extremely touching and I would recommend this movie to anyone.

When I was in first of second grade my friend had her birthday part at the movies we all saw the life of pi it was so scary I went to the party room what it was less than half what through

This movie is so moving, funny sometimes, and has a beautiful message. I can't believe how good this movie was. They really put their hearts into making this.

This masterpiece is sad, but it is Fully compensated for by its astounding beauty and matchless direction. It is one of the best
Film s I have seen and I have been movie-going for ov

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75 The Hunger Games

I cried because when I looked up the hunger games mockingjay part 2 ending scene. It was not sad because of death it was sad because it was so happy. It was so happy when Katniss and Peeta were married it didn't show a wedding scene but it showed Peeta in a grass land blowing dandelions with a two year old girl then that girl jumping on him while Katniss held a baby boy in her arms on a hill nearby sitting by a blanket I realized they were married and had kids

The night I watched this, I woke up in the middle of the night and heard canon noises. There's a major military base that's part of our town and it scared me

That would be the number one because a small girl rue died because of a arrow

I don't think people realize how horrific this movie is

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76 Crash

This world had to much racism, we are all the same, we are all Children of God, people don't get through your head, other wise people will get hurt or die!

This movie is one of it that makes you realize that the world is facing of DISCRIMINATION! Good one.. - mesh13

This movie is one of the most touching films I have ever viewed. It contains a powerful message that left me thinking.

I cryed a lot while watching this

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77 Armageddon

Such a sad film. I have seen this over a million times and I still end up with tears falling down my face. Not only is it sad but the whole story line is amazing. One of the best films I've seen and will never get to old.

No words. Absolutely. Would give any dad goosebumps. Amazing work by the entire crew.

And not to forget Aerosmith's own touch :")

People go in to space and some die I cry every time

Yeah, when Bruce Willis took Ben Affecks place, & when Liv Tyler is told to go home, but screams back "my family is up there" are like wrecking balls to the heart...

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78 The Last Song

I cried for most of the last half; Ronnie's life goes from one extreme to the other in such a short time. I'm also close to her age so I find it really easy to relate to how she feels throughout. This is definitely the saddest Nicholas Sparks', sorry Notebook fans!

One of the best movies I've ever seen in my life! Even I don't like Miley Cyrus, she can act! This is totally my story! I know how she felt in the story.. I saw it for the first time when it came out. I was 13 years old but I couldn't imagine that the same thing would happen to me.. Seriously, this movie should be in the TOP 10!

Amazing movie very inspiring, I realised how I am treating my parents and this movie made value them even more.. I cried so much.

It is not as sad as The Notebook, but it is close!

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79 The Land Before Time

The death of Littlefoot's mother is a real tear jerker. In Bambi, when the mother get's shot, that's very depressing. But then shortly, it suddenly turns all happy, like it never happened. In this movie, the sadness is taken very seriously all the way through. For a movie about dinosaurs this one's surprisingly very sad, but very entertaining.

Saddest movie in the world I cried throughout half of it!

I watched all the movies over and over again

80 Cast Away

This movie is sad but mostly it shows what a talented actor Tom Hanks is. He has to carry the film for about an hour with no other characters except a soccer ball and no dialogue. This film and Forrest Gump truly show that Mr. Hanks is an actor for the ages.

What is so sad about cast away. I mean tom's character makes it back home and the fact that some people think it's sad because of Wilson is ridiculous. IT'S A BLOODY BALL FOR GOD'S SAKE. It didn't die it floated away

I really ached for Tom Hank's character when Wilson floated away. It was so sad, I started crying.

Number 79. We can do better.

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