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81 The Champ The Champ

My first time ever seeing this movie I never saw the ending I was that bad, I was whaling not a pretty sound, a man said it only a picture, I had to leave the picture house before I was thrown out. the next time I saw it, it was a video I had to keep switching it off I was shaking the wee boys keep saying the champ, champ I nearly crying now thinking about it. I older now I don't cry so much.

I find it insane that no one has yet added this to the list. Watch it and weep.

It's so sad even scientists say that the Champ's death is the saddest scene ever. Definitely tear-worthy. I've never cried so much.

Definitely the saddest ending to any film I have ever seen.

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82 Precious Precious

This story is unbelievably sad. It's had to watch this story and to be able to see what she is feeling and trying to understand how such a terrible thing could ever happen to any girl. So touching from beginning to end!

Come on. This should be top 10.
It isn't as depressing, but very touching.

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83 Johnny Got His Gun Johnny Got His Gun

SO DEPRESSING and also shows the terrible affects of war.

I've seen too many tearjerking movies to count, but only this one made me cry

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84 Flight 93: The Movie Flight 93: The Movie
85 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Sad? Are you serious?

How did this get ahead of the bucket list? - Turkeyasylum

Their fake death scene crushes my soul

Spongebobs sincere performance always get me

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86 Miss Evers' Boys Miss Evers' Boys
87 Changeling Changeling

This movie absolutely is one of the most amazing movies ever watched. It will make you cry, open your eyes, and even make you say "hell yeah." The emotions between the characters you can connect to and as a viewer your are taken through the entire story. All in all an amazing movie.

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88 The Lovely Bones The Lovely Bones

I cried so much at certain points, like *SPOILER* when her dad had and her were both holding vibrant lively flowers, when the dad almost died, when her dad was breaking the ships in bottles, and... every other part in the movie. BUT I loved it when she drove her brother to the hospital. Over all great movie.

Saw this film yesterday and bawled my head off. It's so sad, especially when she meets all the other victims of the murder in heaven including the poor six year old girl. I love this movie.

So Sad ESpecially the end when she re-calls all the victims of the murderer

Sometimes I get teary-eyed before I even put the movie in the DVD player. It's incredibly heart-wrenching and moving and it always makes me value how lucky I am. It also makes me bawl my eyes out.

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89 The Dark Knight The Dark Knight

This movie, when starts radiates a premonition... And then when Bruce meets Rachel for the last time "Bruce, don't make me your one hope for a normal life." Rachel's death won't hurt someone as much as her letter does. On the other hand Bruce is "She was gonna wait for me."... His life is shattered without he even knowing it. And ultimately as Alfred burns the letter " Sometimes the truth isn't good enough, sometimes people deserve more, sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded. "...

Many people will disagree with me on this, but I think The Dark Knight has a truly tragic ending. Rachel, Bruce's friend in childhood and lover dies because the Joker with zero empathy kills her in an explosion. Harvey Dent (Rachel's fiancee), a truly tragic villain becomes outrageous with desire of revenge, and winds up killing many people and inevitably, getting killed himself by Batman.

When Alfred reads Rachel's letter about choosing Harvey dent over Bruce I shed a tear it was sad to see Bruce fight so hard to get the girl he loved from his childhood and listen to her die without knowing she would friend zone him. Also the ending was emotional too "sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded" gets me every single time

R.I.P Heath Ledger He died After making this movie

90 Batman Begins Batman Begins

Ultimate movie ever. I saw it 30 time. Best movie that make you deep cry.

Most saddest moment of the dark knight trilogy is the ending scene of dark knight rises

91 Dancer In the Dark Dancer In the Dark

Honestly, where do you start? Bjork, in an astonishing performance, plays a destitute Czech immigrant who works like a dog to pay for an operation that will prevent her son succumbing to the same degenerative disease that is gradually sending her blind. Her only refuge from this is to pretend it is all a lavish Hollywood musical. Which kind of falls down when she's falsely accused of theft, murder and Communist sympathies.

When a blind woman in love with Hollywood musicals is going blind, she saves money up for an operation for er son, who suffers the same blinding disease. A cruel neighbor in need of money takes advantage of the blind woman and plunges her into severe legal trouble.

Three young, healthy, optimistic, even sarcastic men watching Dancer in the Dark, crying their eyes out first time they see this movie. Second time. Even third time. That's something.

How is this movie so low in this list

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92 The Duchess The Duchess

That is also very depressing and that will make you cry a lot

93 Shadowlands Shadowlands

Oh my God yes. Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger were incredible.

94 Night and Fog Night and Fog
95 Chasing Amy Chasing Amy
96 March of the Penguins March of the Penguins

I will never feel as sentimental toward a bunch of little birds as much as I did with MotP.

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97 P.S. I Love You P.S. I Love You

This is the saddest, but also most beautiful movie ever made. I always cry trough the whole movie but still I see it over and over again in some masochistic way.

This is one of the extreme few of movies that made me tear up. The feelings of loss in this movie are more than words can explain. Gerard Butler played a wonderful role as well as Hilary Swank. It was marvelous and congratulations.

This far, this movie is the only one that made me cry for like.. A lot. Literally. I tried watching some other recommended movies but I didn't cry as bad as this one. This movies doesn't have a perfect ending for me, but it completely heart-touching one..

It was such a sad movie, I did cry very very hard and I fell in love with Gerard Butler while watching it.

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98 Me Before You Me Before You

Loved this movie so much. I don't usually cry in movies but holy moly! The ending made me cry a lot and I couldn't stop thinking about the characters for days after watching it. Definitely recommend.

In the beginning I thought it wouldn't be that bad because it was all happy and cute but by the end I was crying my eyes out and my mascara was EVERYWHERE! definitely the saddest

This movie was so sad and every time I here 'Unsteady' or 'Not today' (songs from the movie) I break down into tears. <3 Will

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99 Finding Neverland Finding Neverland

I was bawling like a little baby at the end the fist time I even cried at a kite flying scene also

Johnny Depp was great as Captain Jack, but I thought he did his best acting in this movie.

I have cried very much in the end of the movie.

100 Water For Elephants Water For Elephants

Beautiful story! You know a films going to be great when it starts off with an elderly person narrating their story! If you liked titanic and the notebook, you'll love this.

Great movie. Not the saddest movie I've seen, but definitely one of the best!

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