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81 The Hunger Games

I cried because when I looked up the hunger games mockingjay part 2 ending scene. It was not sad because of death it was sad because it was so happy. It was so happy when Katniss and Peeta were married it didn't show a wedding scene but it showed Peeta in a grass land blowing dandelions with a two year old girl then that girl jumping on him while Katniss held a baby boy in her arms on a hill nearby sitting by a blanket I realized they were married and had kids

The night I watched this, I woke up in the middle of the night and heard canon noises. There's a major military base that's part of our town and it scared me

That would be the number one because a small girl rue died because of a arrow

I don't think people realize how horrific this movie is

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82 Happiness
83 The Girl Next Door

This movie is sadder than I thought possible. It's so sad that an early friendship that was going to become such a close one was ended in such a brutal way. The depth of this movie is also a strong point that makes it even sadder. (SPOILER ALERT) It's just downright depressing to think that Davy at an older age would still remember Meg, remember how lovely she was when she still walked the Earth, but now only forever grieve on how the thing that was so dear to him was taken away, forever. There's so much nostalgia in the movie, like the picture Meg drew, and how (older) Davy still visits the lake where he first met Meg, and still sees her in the reflection. I highly recommend that anyone who can handle a bit of violence watches it. You'll probably cry every time you do.

This is a true story about a girl who lives with her evil step mum who torches her till death evan at young love the girls boyfriend will stay with her he nearly rescued her but she sadly died in his arms this movie is TRUE

Oh yes this movie is so sad! I had everyone at work watch it, and they all cried. Goos movie

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84 A Monster Calls
85 Precious

This story is unbelievably sad. It's had to watch this story and to be able to see what she is feeling and trying to understand how such a terrible thing could ever happen to any girl. So touching from beginning to end!

Come on. This should be top 10.
It isn't as depressing, but very touching.

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86 Johnny Got His Gun

SO DEPRESSING and also shows the terrible affects of war.

Great war movie - Ramtin_MH

I've seen too many tearjerking movies to count, but only this one made me cry

Idc what is on this website no movie is more sad then a movie that is based on a true story of a soldier who got hit by some rocket or bomb.

Lost his Arms/legs.

Lost sight and hearing.

Lost the Ability to talk.

So No legs,no arms,blind,deaf,and cannot talk while laying in a hospital bed for the rest of your life.

Then left those signs I don't know what it's called but he banged his head on the bed and it meant "kill me" and he did it over and over again.

So they just had to kill him.

Those movies below that people think is more sad.

Their wrong.

Votes are not based on the saddest movie.

They haven't seen this movie.

And nothing is worst then what happened in this movie

87 The Champ

My first time ever seeing this movie I never saw the ending I was that bad, I was whaling not a pretty sound, a man said it only a picture, I had to leave the picture house before I was thrown out. the next time I saw it, it was a video I had to keep switching it off I was shaking the wee boys keep saying the champ, champ I nearly crying now thinking about it. I older now I don't cry so much.

The only reason this movie is not #1 is that it was made quite a while ago and not many people have seen it. It's a tight competition for the saddest movie ever, but I don;t believe there is a human alive that will not shed a tear here.

I find it insane that no one has yet added this to the list. Watch it and weep.

Why is this not higher, it's heart wrenching. I first watched this as a little girl some 30 ish years ago and I have never forgotten it.

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88 Flight 93: The Movie
89 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Sad? Are you serious?

Their fake death scene crushes my soul

How did this get ahead of the bucket list? - Turkeyasylum

Spongebobs sincere performance always get me

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90 Miss Evers' Boys
91 Me Before You

I cannot believe toy story and titanic is in the top 10 those movies were unrealistic. This movie made me think I thought I was in the position to say no you cannot kill yourself because you are in love but after a view days I realised its not my decision to make.

First movie that made me cry and not just tear up.

Loved this movie so much. I don't usually cry in movies but holy moly! The ending made me cry a lot and I couldn't stop thinking about the characters for days after watching it. Definitely recommend.

Its right up there with Titanic. Showed how love can go deeper than appearance... I mean, who'd fall for a cripple these days? It was really meaningful, deep and powerful

This movie was so sad and every time I here 'Unsteady' or 'Not today' (songs from the movie) I break down into tears. <3 Will

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92 Big Daddy

I do not cry usually in movies but Big Daddy made me cry twice.

I'm so glad this was on the list it's so sad I think it should of turned he was the dad

Is this like... The first time an Adam Sandler movie was actually "SAD"

93 Changeling

This movie absolutely is one of the most amazing movies ever watched. It will make you cry, open your eyes, and even make you say "hell yeah." The emotions between the characters you can connect to and as a viewer your are taken through the entire story. All in all an amazing movie.

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94 Stepmom

I'm an infantry soldier been to combat. This is absolutely the saddest movie I've ever seen I'm a huge mommas boy. My mom has cancer now so I can't even watch it. This has to be number one. Vote people vote

Both me and my mum cried like absolute babies I drowned in tears I couldn't control myself. However its still a very good film, I recommend it!

Having been through coping with a relative who has cancer, this movie made me cry.

I always cry on this one!

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95 The Sixth Sense

It leaves a gut in your stomach...

The poor boy wasn't ever at peace! Left my stomach twisted up in knots! Great film.

Whatever question you asked Grandma, she says "yes". What did you ask her?

"Do I make her proud". - MontyPython

How is this not in the top 20 at Least?!

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96 The Lovely Bones

I cried so much at certain points, like *SPOILER* when her dad had and her were both holding vibrant lively flowers, when the dad almost died, when her dad was breaking the ships in bottles, and... every other part in the movie. BUT I loved it when she drove her brother to the hospital. Over all great movie.

So Sad ESpecially the end when she re-calls all the victims of the murderer

Saw this film yesterday and bawled my head off. It's so sad, especially when she meets all the other victims of the murder in heaven including the poor six year old girl. I love this movie.

Sometimes I get teary-eyed before I even put the movie in the DVD player. It's incredibly heart-wrenching and moving and it always makes me value how lucky I am. It also makes me bawl my eyes out.

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97 Alien 3

This should at least be on the first page.

98 Shadowlands

Oh my God yes. Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger were incredible.

Tears flow freely as I watched this heartrending movie. The final
moments are heart tugging and rich with empathy and human
emotion. This movie is a gem.

99 The Duchess

That is also very depressing and that will make you cry a lot

100 Brokedown Palace

The Bible says there is no greater love than to lay down your life for a friend which is exactly how this film ended. So touching.

Sad and frustrating. Corruption, injustice, lack of humanity and much more are experienced in this - mood333

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