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101 Night and Fog
102 Silenced (2011)
103 Cinderella (1950)
104 Dancer In the Dark

Honestly, where do you start? Bjork, in an astonishing performance, plays a destitute Czech immigrant who works like a dog to pay for an operation that will prevent her son succumbing to the same degenerative disease that is gradually sending her blind. Her only refuge from this is to pretend it is all a lavish Hollywood musical. Which kind of falls down when she's falsely accused of theft, murder and Communist sympathies.

When a blind woman in love with Hollywood musicals is going blind, she saves money up for an operation for er son, who suffers the same blinding disease. A cruel neighbor in need of money takes advantage of the blind woman and plunges her into severe legal trouble.

Three young, healthy, optimistic, even sarcastic men watching Dancer in the Dark, crying their eyes out first time they see this movie. Second time. Even third time. That's something.

How is this movie so low in this list

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105 P.S. I Love You

This is the saddest, but also most beautiful movie ever made. I always cry trough the whole movie but still I see it over and over again in some masochistic way.

This is one of the extreme few of movies that made me tear up. The feelings of loss in this movie are more than words can explain. Gerard Butler played a wonderful role as well as Hilary Swank. It was marvelous and congratulations.

This far, this movie is the only one that made me cry for like.. A lot. Literally. I tried watching some other recommended movies but I didn't cry as bad as this one. This movies doesn't have a perfect ending for me, but it completely heart-touching one..

Saddest movie ever!

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106 Water For Elephants

Beautiful story! You know a films going to be great when it starts off with an elderly person narrating their story! If you liked titanic and the notebook, you'll love this.

Great movie. Not the saddest movie I've seen, but definitely one of the best!

I watch this movie one year ago just amazing

107 Platoon

Most realistic war film! It's so genuine on how Oliver Stone could capture how cold-hearted Americans were to the Vietnamese. - BoltMarksman

The fact that it really happens in Vietnam is just heartbreaking and it makes you think how pointless it was

I cried. The ending speech and the soundtrack didn't help

The greatest movie ever I will never forget elais throwing his hands in the air

108 Boys Don't Cry

Watched this with my girlfriend last night... When they shot Brandon I don't think I've ever cried so hard... A beautiful tragic love story...

Based on a tragic true story. If this doesn't tug your heartstrings I'd check your pulse.

The only movie to have ever actually made me cry

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109 Ramona and Beezus

One of the most underrated movies ever made

God, my sister and I didn't have the best relationshp at the time. When we saw this movie, we hugged and burst into tears.

110 Lilya 4-Ever
111 The Dark Knight Rises V 1 Comment
112 Godzilla vs Destoroyah

I cried watching this movie. Godzilla is my all time favorite character. And his death made me cry.

Just the most emotional, heart-breaking trauma that is invoked by this film should make this number 1!

The scene when Godzilla dies is really sad and his son also died too

His son is not dead. He just come back to life and become the next Godzilla. - asantalo

This movie sucks and everyone is dumber for having watched it.

113 Lady and the Tramp

The scene at the dog pond gets me every time! As well as the part when she chews out Tramp for not being there at the pond and tells him she doesn't care if they do pick him up. The sequel was sad too.

114 The Terminal V 1 Comment
115 Boyz 'N the Hood

I am easy to tear up during films but this is the first movie that I actually had tears streaming down my face and I had to grab a tissue. This is a great movie but you should watch it alone, you will cry... A lot.

I watched this one time. Too realistic for me. Sad life some people live. Much sadness for Morris Chestnut's character.

I had to run out the room.  If you're gonna watch this, watch it on your own because you will cry. The actors are really good, you get involved. This is one of the best films I have ever seen. The fact that it's true really gets to you.


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116 The Last Samurai

So sad... Especially when he gets beaten up in the rain, cried buckets

The part in the end where the Chinese master dies when he sticks the sword in himself made my cry so bad and I felt depressed for a couple more hours.

So sad especially the soundtrack

Such a touching film. From the scene in the rain to the final battle where Katsumoto dies. The one scene that really got me though was the final scene where Algren goes to see the emperor and gives him Katsumoto's sword. I had to tr so hard not to cry

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117 Big Fish

Okay so there are lots of sad scenes in lots of movies but I'm typically able to move myself from the story and take it as it is: a story. That being said I have cried at 4 movies in my entire life. When I was a little kid, it was The Wizard of Oz & The Never Ending Story. Then Marley & Me later on. Just recently, oh my god I could not stop crying at the end. The last sequence was unbelievably sad because you knew it was coming. I kept saying in my head "please don't die. Please don't die" and then he did and I started crying even more. Jesus Christ. What makes it hard is the film is so fun and whimsy that you're not really ready for the end. Lord help me.

The son thinks the father is lying about his escapades. but they turned out to be true. His father and mother had such a deep love for each other!

I haven't cried for almost 7 years but this movie made me cry so much. It's so sad when he loses his father and finds out that all the people he's been telling stories about are real. Tim Burton is a genius.

Yes, I cried at the end but it was one of the most beautiful movie in the world.

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118 Somewhere In Time

The ending earned my respect for its vote because it built up so much momentum towards the ending and then it became shattered once he saw the penny. Such a classic movie deserves to be on the top ten. It is such a gorgeous movie to watch because of the cinematography and the music. Oh God, the music has some of the most beautiful themes of all time. All of the love and passion for one person builds into an obsession that becomes Christopher Reeve's downfall, which makes it one of the most sad movies of all time; obsessing over one person to get your desires of your life, and then to see them disappear to realize it was never truly meant to be because time is in your way. Tell me how that does not deserve at least a top ten placement.

Wonder. Obsession. Love. Lives wasted and fulfilled. This is a deep, intricate, spectacular and just beautiful film. Keep those pennies out of your waistcoat!

This is my all time favorite movie and my all time favorite love story. It's a classic and is based on Mackinac Island (I am from Michigan) so it adds a personal touch for me. Overall the story is amazing! If you have never seen it... I suggest you do.

119 The Bucket List

I can't describe it, it's one of the greatest, saddest and beautiful movie ever. If this isn't sad, than I don't know nothing about life, love and death, but I think I do. It's not just a movie about 2 guys who died at the end. It's a story about life, story about how we should live, love, believe in who we are and never ever EVER give up. I cried every time I watching this movie, what can I say, it's the best.

How could everyone on this list miss out the bucket list. The emotional story follows two men who are on the edge of dying, together whom make a list of things to do before they die. Incredible film!

Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. You don't really need to say anything more, do you?

120 Big Daddy

I do not cry usually in movies but Big Daddy made me cry twice.

I'm so glad this was on the list it's so sad I think it should of turned he was the dad

Is this like... The first time an Adam Sandler movie was actually "SAD"

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