Schindler's List


Never cried (really cried) before while watching a movie until this one. I was in Berlin when I saw it first and (luckily I was watching it alone because people told me it was sad so I wanted to brace myself in case it really was... ) I honestly couldn't stop... The last 20 minutes of the movie are by far the saddest minutes of any movie rated higher than this (and I have seen every other movie higher on the list). Titanic isn't even close. Schindler's List is in a category of it's own.

If you've never seen it, brace yourself.

For one of the most inappropriate and darkest movies ever made - it is mandatory viewing for anyone and everyone at the age of 15 and beyond. So beautifully made and powerful that it brings some of the most brave and iron people to tears. It's ending scene where Oskar breaks down outside his factory with all the jews he saves because he could have saved ten - two - or even just one more. How a man famed in money and power with a soft spot could turn into the greatest war hero. Cinema has made me cry twice in my life. This is one.

This film wrecked me. A film has never made me cry aside from perhaps a single tear, but Schindler's List is the sole exception. I didn't cry during the film, I actually felt strangely emotionally distant throughout it. It wasn't until the film ended that the emotional weight of what I'd just seen hit me like a sledgehammer.
I sobbed - not just cried, SOBBED - for a full 15 minutes and wasn't able to stop. I couldn't believe it. I'd never had such an extreme reaction to any medium of storytelling ever, and I haven't since.
Even now, just hearing the film's main score is enough for me to feel a heavy lump in my throat. - aferg99

This movie is so sad. I couldn't even finish it.

I think it's the saddest movie I know. How one person tried to do what no one else at that time did was astonishing. He sacrificed his life and fortune to aid the indigent Jews. And now that he is gone the survivors who live only thanks to him revere him and his efforts. Liam Neeson starring as Schindler was the first person to care about Jewish people and the bad treatment which they underwent.

It's sad that Titanic is above this. I watched Green Mile and didn't so much as shed a tear, but with this movie I bawled my eyes out. Completely soul shattering. People who think that Titanic is the saddest movie of all time need to see this. There is a particular scene where a boy looks up from his hiding place (if you've seen the film you know what I'm talking about) that makes you want to vomit from the sheer horror of it.

How on earth is this movie below the Notebook? Or The Pursuit of Happyness? My apologies, but this and Graves of the Fireflies should tie for the number one spot. This movie is one of the few movies guaranteed to make me break down and sob like a child. Titanic? It was just soppy. This is true tragedy.

How the hell is a titanic a story of 2 made up people dying after about 20 minutes of being in some cold water, sadder then millions of people being tortured slaughtered and abused for nearly a decade, which is also a true story. Saddest movie ever.

This movie cannot be reviewed. It has to be felt, to be connected, to be experienced. This film is one of the very, very, very few films, of all the multitudes that I watched, with which I had a genuine connection, so much so that I could not help but cry like a baby at the end.

This movie is amazingly powerful. It talked about the Holocaust and how the Nazis (lead by Adolf Hitler) were cruel. At the end of the movie, the survivors of the Holocaust saved by Oskar Schindler, the people who were in Schindler's list went to visit his grave. It's is certainly touching.

It's truly disgusting that Schindler's list a true story based on one of the saddest and most horrific events in history is below up and although titanic is another very sad event in history nothing matches up to the sheer brutality of the holocaust.

This one wins by far, not only sad... But a true story. And yea the titanic sank, but they turned it into a crappy love story that wasn't even true. Why Titanic got the top spot in a total mystery to me, it's a terrible piece of garbage film.

I was so interested in the holocaust war and this movie opened my eyes even further! I was horrified at some scenes but definitely one of the best movies! You definitely need a box of tissues :')

This movie was so sad, I cried through the entire movie. Recommend this to everyone. It's a beautiful masterpiece... Even though it's the hardest movie ever to watch.

Everyone should watch this movie and realize that this was real and can happen again. We have to learn from history. There are people on this earth that would love to make it happen again. Evil exists at least as much in todays world.

This needs to be higher. There is real footage of the Holocaust, and it is so sad to think somebody was so intolerant that he created all of these problems, and it is such a depressing movie.

This movie is so sad, that I didn't even feel like crying, I was just so stunned at the depression, that I didn't know what to do with myself and just sat there as it all unleashed. Never watching again... amazing movie. - Captain_Slendy

I still cannot get over the decision a mother was forced to make between saving only 1 of her 2 children. How can you do that? How can you live with it? This is the saddest film imaginable.

What? Titanic is higher than this beautiful piece of filmography? Schindler's list is a heart wrenching brutal tale of FACTS. Titanic is just romance rewritten in history

Fantastic film, and unbelievably sad. Liam Neeson's performance is amazing, and the use of color in the film is fantastic. Except maybe the Green Mile, I've never cried more than watching this film.

How the hell did titanic ever get higher than this one? I mean, titanic is an undying love story, but schindler's list is so sad! Only meant for people with a strong heart

I don't think I'll be crying in any other film, how much ever sad it is, because I'll always be comparing the sadness level with this movie's. This should be on the top.

3 really, I almost had a nervous breakdown because this thing was so sad, even worse this movie has scenes that are so sad and disturbing you will never forget it.

I agree this movie is so moving and sad and just disturbing, that I couldn't finish it. Fiennes terrified me. I don't think I can ever get those images out of my head.

A very good representation of all the suffering that everybody had to live through in the Holocaust. Makes me wonder how people can do such horrible things.