Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens


For such a long time, sad movies were kind of mildly sad, even the Disney animated movies such as Inside Out, while sad, didn't quite compare to some other movies like Titanic, and even Star Wars Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith weren't as sad as that movie, after all, approx 1500 people died in the Titanic, the movie touched us in so many heartwarming and tragic ways, even those who could handle sad movies couldn't handle Titanic, it perfectly captured the tragedy.
Now with This, Never in such a long time, has anyone made such a sad movie in ages, it's unbeliveably sad even for a Star Wars movie.
The saddest scenes involved in this movie, like the other comment said, are, 1st, the scene where the super Death Star destroyed a planetary system, a few of those planets had lives, one of them had WAY more people than Earth, If one of those planets was Earth, then we would all meet our DOOM! The Republic got screwed and wiped away by the Order.
2nd sad scene involved (spoiler) ...more

This movie still isn't high enough, so many people died in this movie, particularly one scene which involved planets getting destroyed, plus, there's the most upsetting scene in Star Wars and that's the death of one of our favorite characters, Han Solo, by his son Kylo Ren.

Many of you guys saw this movie, so it's ok to spoil it now, and it's more sad than any other Star Wars movie ever made, even Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope aren't anywhere near as sad as this.

This movie needs to get way higher guys.

Please get this to Titanic!

This movie is not the kind of movie that you won't cry during, a lot of Star Wars movies have sad scenes, but this one surpasses all others in sadness, and violence, don't forget, billions of people were killed in this movie by the First Order, Also, our favorite character is dead because of his son, I know you had the right to spoil it, because we've all seen this movie.

This movie is so dark, and sad, yet extremely violent, there have been countless killings, particularly ion a republic planet, and there was the death of our most favorite hero (besides Luke), Kylo Ren made a bad choice, and ruined our life so much that we can't even breathe anymore, such a sad masterpiece that we can't get over, this needs to go way higher.

No other Star Wars movie has the level of sadness that this movie had, and yet it's still so low on the list.

Saddest moments are: The death of the republic (more people were killed in a fraction of a millisecond than Earth), and the death of Han Solo by Kylo Ren's actions.

This movie made so many people cry till they got dehydrated to the point of near death.
Even Revenge Of The Sith, with Anakin's fate, was NOTHING compared to THIS movie.

This movie needs to be WAY higher, Okay.

Star Wars always had some sad scenes, Qui Gon Jinn's death, Order 66, Padme's death, Anakin's fate, Obi Wan's death, Alderaan's destruction, Han Solo freezing in carbonite, Yoda's death and Darth Vader/Anakin's death were all sad moments in Star Wars.

But Episode VII - The Force Awakens has had MUCH sadder moments, such as the Republic being destroyed, and don't forget, Han Solo's death by Kylo Ren, you guys will NEVER EVER forget that moment.
Such a sad scene.

Star Wars VII has become the saddest Star Wars movie, and perhaps the saddest movie of all time, it might not only beat Green Mile, but also Titanic, yet that movie was ranked in so long as the saddest movie ever made.

I hope you guys read this and tell me how you think.

Most terrifying and saddest Star Wars movie, and pretty much any movie, ever made.

Hosnian Prime got destroyed by the Starkiller and all those people died with it, and let's not forget the one scene with Han Solo, such cruelty.

Disney and JJ have made such a sad movie that actually worked, and the sadness level was a pure success, JJ did the right thing with the sadness.

Deaths were abound in the destruction, yet Requiem of a dream, The Green Mile, and maybe even Titanic should be below this movie.

It's a true winner of sadness for a movie, so this should be higher.

This is the only movie I have cried watching! Should be in the top 10. - micahisthebest

When Han Solo died I thought Finn and Rey we're going to pass out

This movie gives me so much nostalgia, I almost cried because of that

Han Solo died. That is enough reason to cry

This was the first movie I ever cried in.

The Force Awakens was so sad and awful that it made us die in the worst way possible, yet it was so epic at the same time, countless people died and Han Solo died too, Kylo Ren did that and made us cry in the biggest way possible.
This movie needs to be way higher.

Someone told me at school that they were crying because Han Solo was there favorite character and was killed by Kylo Ren his kid

Have you guys seen any sad movie? hardly these days, while Pixar made Inside Out an incredibly sad movie, Lucasfilm made a WAY sadder movie, this time, a Star Wars movie that has sadness beating every record of previous Star Wars movies in terms of sadness, So many people burn up and Han Solo is killed, what Kylo Ren did was so horrific, that it should be marked on the calendar every year forever, it's a tragedy that should be celebrated annually, R.I.P. Han Solo, you had a great life.
This movie should go to the top you guys, Please.

This is the Star Wars movie that will make you cry the most in your life, I saw it too, and I wanted to kill myself.

Two things that made me that way
1. The First Order destroyed Hosnian Prime with their Starkiller Base weapon, therefore destroying billions of people, even more than Alderaan and Earth.
2. Kylo Ren killed Han Solo off a bridge, he was our most favorite character besides Luke.

R.I.P. Han, and thank you JJ for making this movie so serious, you mean so much for making a movie that made us cry like babies to the point of suicide, yet people even cried to the point of having a temper tantrum like Kylo Ren had.