This movie was amazing. The plot alone, not even including the detailed sets and historical accuracy (which were amazing too), was so heart wrenching and beautiful. It showed how two people went against all odds to find each other, despite their class differences, and find a way to love each other even when it was forbidden. They went through so much together in such a short time, and just when you think Jack and Rose have survived all their obstacles, BA BAM. You were wrong. He dies. Especially when they started playing that song in the end... My Heart Will Go On... And how Rose ended up doing exactly as Jack made her promise to do and live her life peacefully and live to her hundreds.. My God. What a beautiful tragedy.

This movie was my favorite by the second it was over... and that was when I was twelve years old. It is truly amazing how much Rose and Jack love each other, and how he dies for Rose to be on the raft. The saddest part for me was when (at the end) the officer asked for her name and she said arose Dawson. It's so sad that she tried everything for them BOTH to live, but in the end Jack still dies. ( I'm crying just writing this.) This movie is a real heartstopper and set in a real disaster place which makes it all the more sad. Although few people are going to read this post, this is my message for you: If you are going to or have seen the movie, don't be sad from what happens. Think about all the hope and courage behind the sadness, all the love is never gone. Jack told her to never give up because he didn't know if he would make it. So, all you people that read this, no matter how hard something is do not kill yourself, do not take drugs, and certainly don't give up. Because good is ...more

I have never seen any movie like this. So sad and romantic. - yeshal

I know this is one of the saddest movies ever. But what makes it sadder than The Green Mile is that it is the Titanic. Not just the ship sinking & over 700 people dies, no that was super sad too. But Jack and Rose's love... Its not that they just met and it isn't true love. But it IS! He died for her, he went in jail not because it was he's fault not at all it was for her and only her she lived he died for her! Not for him for Her. And does green mile have that... No I don't think so. listen to me! Best couple in a movie and saddest movie. And if you don't believe me... Well watch this for 4 hours and then tell me that you did not cry or shed a tear. Yes. , then come back and say jack dawson and rose dewitt or should I say Jack and rose dawson are together forever.

Leonard DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were fun to watch but they were far from normal characters...Leo's philosophical obsession with Kate is unrealistic and Kate's cold hearted nature toward her mother and their situation is unrealistic...still the film is fun but it is Kate's boyfriend and the unsinkable Molly Brown who give this movie zest and a tinge of reality...they are two people who seem like you might of met on that ship...I always thought Rose seemed a bit like a lesbian and no one back then would have been surprised to see a wealthy Astor with a young woman...however, every woman back then would of acknowledge the appeal of the situation...a beautiful film, a fantastic sinking ship and a really unlikely, even phony, character in Jack and Rose...the idea that Jack doesn't want to live and fight harder to live and accepts his fate to die and Rose's fate to live is pathetic...no one gets that whipped after a single bounce and you can't respect him because he doesn't care about ...more

I absolutely adore this movie. Its brilliant. I think I've seen it more that 10 times. Rose and Jack are the best pair made in history. I always always cry whenever I watch it. The first time I watched it I cried for about 2 hours, after the whole 3 hour movie. I was literally depressed for days for how moving and beautiful this story was. It's the perfect movie if you need to cry but the tears wont come. This always was and always will be my favourite movie of all times.

Titanic is by far the best movie I've ever seen in my whole entire life. It's literally my favorite. It truly shows what real love is and how far you will go for the person you love. This movie is an incredible romance, both of the actors did an amazing job in making this movie the masterpiece it is. I've watched this over 100 times and that's not even an exaggeration, you really never get tired of it. Each and every time I've watched it I've cried, and I'm not even that type of person. There's a reason this movie is the first one that comes up when you Google "saddest movie ever" or "movies that make you cry". If you're looking for a romance, a thriller, and a tragedy all in one, and something that'll stick with you your whole life, I think you'll really really like Titanic.

It's not just the love story that made it tragic. It's the entire thing. The mother, putting her two children to sleep; the old couple, who simply just lay beside each other; a woman, dead, baby in her arms; the musicians playing... all these as they gave up their chance for survival, because it is slim to none. It's so, so sad. And, of course, Rose and Jack. When Rose saw the boat and turned to Jack, only to find him dead. I cannot forget when she finally realized that she had no choice but to let go of Jack's body in the water. God, I cried for one whole hour. Note: I don't cry easily. Such a tragic movie. To those who haven't watched it, you're missing out your life. 12/10 stars.

It is the most saddest film ever you get in it so much with Rose and Jack with they love for each other but they can't be together because of the classes which makes you get in to it and you want them to be together and then when Jack dies and Rose say 'I wont let go' that always makes me cry then when it goes to the scene when rose is asleep you see all the photos of the things that her and Jake will do when they off the Titanic which always make me cry then when she dies at the end and her sprite goes make to the Titanic and you see all the people that died and the you see Jack and she and him have a kiss that is the most sweetest moment of the film

I'm a 14 year old boy. I like to play the violent games and watch movies with much blood and action, I've never had a girlfriend, but this video makes me cry like a little baby. I have never felt love to a girl myself, but this movie got me thinking and maked me cry for 2,5 hour and I'm still crying. SEE THE MOVIE BEFORE you DIE, THIS SHIP WAS MEANT TO BE INVINCIBLE BUT A LITTLE SCRATCH CAN CHANGE A WHOLE LIFE. SEE IT BEFORE you DIE, IT COULD HAPPEN TOMMORROW, PLEASE SEE IT. I LOVE IT 10 OUT OF 5 STARS

This movie has changed my life forever. The first time I watched it was when I was 14. My mum told me about it and how my dad and her saw it at the cinemas when they were just 18. I watched it and bawled like a baby from the moment rose jumped out of the life boat until about 1 hour after the movie finished. It is so powerful. When the men play the violins, the children and their mother reading them a bed time story and the old couple in bed, that is the saddest scene besides when jack dies. It's just so good. I rate it 100/10 stars. Such a beautiful and tragic movie

I cried when they showed all the frozen people in the water, also when the mother was reading her children asleep. It was so sad. I think that this is one of the top movies that made me flow rivers out of my eyes. Super good acting, great story line and great ending with Rose and her talking about all the great times she had with Jake and how she was sad. I thought it was funny when all the people were gathered around her and was so into her story.

I watched that movie for the first time when I was 11 years old... my parents told me to go to bed cause it was late.. ok I did what they said and I didn't watch the whole movie... I stopped where the boats came to rescue the survivors. the next day I watched the movie till the end... but I realized I shouldn't have done it... I cried and cried and when my mother saw me got worried.. since then it's my favorite movie. and the song is the best... congratulations to Mr. cameron...

You have to truly understand this movie and it's depths for it to hit you. Every scene connects to something else, whether in the beginning, middle, or end of the movie. For example, the scene were arose jumps on a lifeboat because Jack wanted her to be safe, but she jumps back onto the ship due to the fact that she can't live in s world for s second without him. They meet at the clock like they always do, as in the ending scene too. That is one of many connections in the movie. Rose on the horse, living life the way Jack inspired her too. Jack saving her and freeing her for the rest of her life any eternity. Jack even dying for her. And Rose living each moment to "make it count" for him. Just like Jack said, they would see eachother again, when she dudes an old lady warm in her bed. God bless this movie, and all those who can identify, comprehend, and understand it's true meaning. We all dream to love the way they do. Truly love. She waited 84 years just to see him again, and they ...more

This movie is epic. Titanic is the best love story ever. It proved that love is sacrifice. It also proved that it doesn't need a long time to fall in love eternally. Jack is the kind of man who will save the one he loves--truly loves--even if he knows he will die. He just wants the safety of Rose. He truly, truly loves her. And Leonardo DiCaprio captured my empathy. He's a great actor, and so is Kate Winslet. She's so great! This is a truly perfect yet tragic film for me.

Saw last night. I love it! But it was so sad. It was the most beautiful love story I have ever seen. It was such a good movie though. I was so into it. Like "No Jack don't die! " laugh out loud. But what makes the whole movie even sadder is to know that this actually happened. The Titanic sank. A ton of people died. And I am so mad now, to think people wouldn't go back so save others. Out of 1, 500 people who were not in the small boats but in the ice cold water, six lived. Six!

The only movie that makes me cry every time I watch it. Every. Single. Time. I ugly cry from the evening of the fateful night to the end and then usually for about an hour after that. I think this is perhaps one of the saddest movies because apart from being a heart wrenching love story, a large portion of the film is a true story. The love story makes it more personal, allowing us to understand the loss felt on that night by so many from a different perspective.

I watched the movie when I was 14 years old and I don't want to watch it again... Why? Because for me this is a kind of movie that stains in mind... Still remaining... How could I drown my self into tears upon knowing the tragic in the story... I remember, I gathered leonardo's other movies after watching titanic just to proved to my young mind that this handsome very gentleman was still alive...

After crying my eyes out while children laid on their beds to die with their mother, while Jack froze to death, and while Rose hid from Cal's boat, realizing that it would be better to die then go back to him, I was depressed for days. I was honestly so sad, and I was furious at myself for being so sad. It isn't just about Jack, it's also about the real people, children, and the lower class, who actually died. How Rose must have felt. It truly is one of the best, and one of the saddest movies to ever reach us.

Awesome! I had nightmares about it forever but it was still awesome! If I were you I would skip to the end where the titanic sinks. They have no respect for a good looking boat! 1500 people died! And you call toy story 3 a sad movie! People who cry in the movies below are stupid! Though I do not know how they found the titanic of all the ages of searching.

Me and my friend watched this together and we were both sat in the dark crying our eyes out and holding hands. This film brings a warm sadness that never fails to me shed a tear. Well quite a lot of tears actually

When someone ask me which movie is saddest I always say Titanic! It's real, so much people died and most of them didn't even have the chance to save their life! One love story without happy end (like The Notebook, A walk to remember or something) can't beat Titanic! - TitanicDiaries

Yeah, I cry a lot at films, but nothing makes me weep like Titanic. This is a inspirational film that never fails to make me cry. It's the music that sets me off, when the band play together for the very last time. There's not a lot else to say except watch this film

I promised myself that I wouldn't cry at this movie but its impossible. I burst into tears and I couldn't stop. I love the phrase "you jump I jump" or "never let go". Whenever I think of that I start crying. I Love this movie it makes me cry ever time but it makes me wake up to reality and it gives you a good idea of how it was like when the titanic sank.

I love titanic! It may even be my best movie I ever watch so far... I cried watching it and thought why a person like jack would die? I mean he is so gorgeous and nice and handsome and a lot more, important thing: he is the main character in titanic, main characters can't die. this is so unfair. if I had a choice, I want jack and rose to be together.