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121 Bronte - Gotye

Trust me. Watch this video, understand the deep meaning, and cry.

122 The Vision of Love - Kris Allen
123 In This World - Moby

Really gets to you when you watch this. You don't know the true significance and meaning of this song until you see this highly emotional 4 minute video. I just love it and feel for it at the same time.

I love this video. It's so sad, but it's a great video. It means a lot. Watch it and think. - PositronWildhawk

124 Temporary Home - Carrie Underwood V 1 Comment
125 Small Hands - Keaton Henson

You really need to see this great song but you will cry

V 1 Comment
126 Oh Father - Madonna

The scene with the mother's lips sewn shut and the little girl looking down at the casket is one of the most troubling scenes ever, especially in a pop video. Starts off like a happy innocent song, what follows is heartache and despair. Never cracked the US top 5, but a moving song and video.

Madonna made amazing and really touching ballads in the past. I miss that-time Madonna

127 Last Kiss - Pearl Jam

How is this just NOT the saddest song ever?

128 Finer Feelings - Kylie Minogue
129 House of Pain - Faster Pussycat

Clearly no one watches this video, it is very very sad how this kid lives almost his whole life without his dad. And then after a series of " those were the days" flashbacks he finds him at work living life like his son never existed. If you don't know this song go look up the video come back and VOTE!

Clearly no one watches this video. It is really sad seeing this kid live almost all his life without his dad. And things only get more intense after a series of "those we're the days" flashbacks, when the son finds his dad living like his son never existed. So look up this video come back, and vote!

It is so sad watching this kid living his depressed life without his dad and seeing all the good times they had before he walked out on the family. It was especially sad at the end when he finds him at work like his son never mattered.

130 Coming Down - Five Finger Death Punch
131 Use Somebody - Scala & Kolacny Brothers
132 Rise Above This - Seether
133 Someday - Nickelback

Oh, come on! It's not THAT sad, now.

134 Days Go By - The Offspring
135 How to Love - Lil' Wayne
136 Cleanin' Out My Closet - Eminem
137 Space Bound - Eminem

The dude after dating the girl, realizes he has been cheated on and shoots himself.

This is my favorite music video of all time - joeorsatti

138 It's All Coming Back To Me Now - Celine Dion
139 Sirens - Cher Lloyd
140 When We Die - Bowling for Soup
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