Top Ten Saddest Naruto Back Stories and Childhoods

Naruto can have both funny, and sad moments. Moments where characters talk about their traumatic pasts and how they've changed dramatically and how they wish that the pain would end... Some of the back stories can be very relatable and may have you in tears...

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21 Sakura Haruno Sakura Haruno Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Oh no! She got called names! How horrible! They made fun of her forehead! That's so much worse than having your parents killed by your brother, or having your father order your uncle to kill you! She has the worst back story of all! Worse than Gaara, Naruto, and Sasuke's back story.

Gets called a couple of names and has the popular girl stand up for her. MUCH sadder than having your clan killed, being forced to kill your clan, being shunned, having everyone you love getting killed..

Being left behind and fighting for a place in his team that is sad - sakuracha

She was bullied. That's bad and all. But a lot worse than having everyone die or being ignored by everyone. Sakura u me waifu and everything. But everyone haS bUllies (not everyone most people though)

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22 Karin Uzumaki Karin Uzumaki

Her mither

Her mother was murdered for chakra. She was next but managed to escape and joined orochimaru for protection. She is still with him so 😢

23 Kushina Uzumaki Kushina Uzumaki

Had to leave her village so she could be come the next 9 tails jinchuriki and she had no choice.Then got bullied by everyone just because she got has red hair and she says the only people to ever complement her on her hair was minato and underrated

24 Shisui Uchiha Shisui Uchiha Shisui Uchiha, Shisui of teleportation. Shisui in the Naruto series is part of the Uchiha clan which is one of the strongest clans in the series. Shisui was given the title "Shisui of teleportation". This is because he was one the only person to ever master the body flicker technique. Shiusui was one more.
25 Kurama Kurama

Yeah! It has to kurama! Kurama was the nine tailed fox. Ya know the one sealed inside naruto? He was lonley and small when the sage of six paths left him. Therefore he Bering the will of hatred throughout some of his life. Naruto's knucklehead ideas brought the fox to the good side. Yup 💯 out of 💯 kurama has the saddest background story.

26 Kokuo
27 Killer Bee Killer Bee

No family besides adopted brother. Pain of dealing with the truth he has the 8 tails in him since he was 5. Arguably, worse suffeying by village

Became a jinchuriki at a young age. All the friends stopped being with him and his best friend tried to kill him.

28 Orochimaru Orochimaru Orochimaru is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.


29 Konohamaru Sarutobi Konohamaru Sarutobi

Being the son of the fourth hokage and the nine tails jinchuriku, Konohamaru had a great reputation following him. Everyone hates him scared that the demon fox will take over his body and attack the village again. He then becomes the class clown in order to get rid of the pain and hopes to achieve his dream of being the 5th Hokage..

30 Shikamaru Shikamaru Shikamaru Nara is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.
31 Rin
32 Zaku
33 Muku
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