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1 Death of Itachi

He died smiling even though there wasn't a light at the end of the tunnel like most Naruto characters had which made it really upsetting for me :(

his death is so unfair... he did averything for the village and his brother and he gave some of his power to naruto and all of his powers of his eyes to sasuke before he dies.. he is so gentle-hearted and sexy.. snif snif snif... klaps..

Itachi died a hero, a hero with a heartbreaking past. He sacrificed everything for the Hidden Leaf Village and everyone judged him based on their asssumptions. Wow, it is unbelievable to me how much he cared for Sasuke and his village, how much he dedicated himself to others, how he didn't have the urge to argue against Danzo. He thought Sasuke's life was more precious than Konoha. The Hidden Leaf treated him like a sacrificial piece, like it was his fate to live that way. He adored his village and will do what it takes to preserve peace, yet they just taken advantage of his traits. No one appreciated what he did and despised him. Itachi was never loved after he killed the Uchiha clan. His story is a little similar to Severus Snape, but way more heartbreaking and surprising. Yet he died smiling and apologized. Itachi is the most selfless and kind-hearted person, I can't imagine what he gone through to protect Sasuke and the Hidden Leaf and how he didn't avenge his village for taking ...more

Greatest death in Anime let alone Naruto, cried a lot watching this scene 😭

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2 Death of Jiraiya

I literally was ready to burst into tears, like I'm so sensitive when it came to Jiraiya, Gaara, Asuma, and so much when it came to Itachi, Itachi and Jiraiya, my two favorites just die, if they died together, I would have been filling a pool of tears

it was a fight that he couldn't win from the start.. it reminds me of ichigo vs ulquiorra in bleach

they no that they can't win but they keep trying anyway to protect the ones they care about

His death was the saddest. He was one of my favorite characters and I still think about him til this day when I am reading the manga. His was the first and the last time I hope to cry in Naruto. It was like watching a close uncle or your father die. Seeing Naruto so devastated after his death was heartbreaking. The episode where Naruto sat on the bench and hand the pop sickle in his hand split in half. Just made it more of a reality that he was truly dead.

I burst into tears, and every time I see him in anything my eyes start tearing up, he was my favourite character and he had to leave so early. 😞😖😢😭

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3 Death of Neji

Of all the people why neji. He was the coolest of all and his death broke my heart really bad. I'll never forget neji and his great heart.

He's not dead I refuse to believe that he's dead! Neji's too cool for death!

The saddest death for me so far. I really loved Neji, and even though I didn't cry so much when I read it in the manga, I was in denial, but the feels hit me when I saw it in the anime and I cried my eyes out. He will be missed. I still can't believe they killed one of the original 9 off. You are finally free, Neji.

The moment where Neji died was really sad and why did they kill one of the original Shinobi :(

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4 Death of Minato and Kushina (Naruto's Parents)

When I saw it I started crying it was so sad... - Liker-Hater

This was so emotional for me. I was so happy that Naruto can talk to his mother but then the story of how they died and the sadness of the story really hit me.

I don't usually cry very hard (though I did cry in pretty much every death scene) but when it showed all the flashbacks with those two and when they died I could not stop sobbing. It was the most I had ever cried over anything of this sort.

It was so sad. My tears crawled toward my chin. :(

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5 Death of Konan

How was Konan not on the list until now? She died to protect her friend and village, which is just like what Jiraiya died. It's even sadder because everything she did was negated by some OP technique!

Konan was the most beautiful anime character I had ever seen I cried when konan died konan was the only female naruto character I loved and to see her past life to see her suffering just broke me inside when I saw the blood soaked sheet fall to her hop in plank no anime character in naruto have suffered like konan she lost everthing she had her parents and her friends and even still she smiled before being killed by obito if I was in konan place I would have killed myself and I also hate naruto the fact that he does not remember konan nobody remembers her in naruto world when konan lost yahiko nagato she felt like she lost her purpose to live having suffered so much pain she died happily to be reunited with the ones she loved her story is truly tragic

Such a wasted character. She wanted to be that bridge to support Yahiko, Nagato and Naruto's views yet she died before completely fulfilling her goal. She would've been such a better character if she survived and joined the Allied Shinobi Forces and fought alongside Naruto to finally be that bridge. Nonetheless, she was amazing and will always be missed. Her death was truly a tragic one alongside many others. - FerrousAssassin

Her death was so sad - AkatsukiNaruto

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6 Death of Asuma

I'm glad I didn't see this one I would have hated to see shikamaru cry. It breaks my heart just to hear about his grieve

I kind of always knew he would die when the episodes leading up to it featured him more than usual. The episodes got us on a personal level with him and showed us into his life so that we could be more affected by his death and so that it will mean something. I did not cry because of his death, I cried because Shikamaru is my favorite character and I could feel his pain and hurt. He's always so chill and laid back but when Asuma died he kind of lost himself and I wanted to hop into the scenes and hug him. Also with Kurinai (Spell check? ) She was heartbroken to say the least, they were one of my otp when they started showing into his life. So many people were affected emotionally and mentally like with Neji's death.

I cried so much, he was one of my favorite characters and I never expected that he would die. I haven't seen the others deaths since I just started to watch naruto again. But man, this is just so sad. All the flashbacks and shikamaru's reaction made it impossible not to cry. But the point is I love asuma, I'm such a big fan of his. It's was devastating to see him go.

This was so sad like I cried so bad

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7 Death of Haku

This arc is the reason why I still watch Naruto. Honestly, it's the second saddest scene after Shikamaru get's revenge for Asuma, but it still moved me to tears. A series about the grayness of being a ninja and the struggle between being a person and acting as a tool is really the direction I wanted Naruto to go that I don't think it's gone to today... But whenever that theme pops up I think about Haku's death.

This death was the most heartbreaking for me, Haku sacrificed his own life to save Zabusa, who had always used him as a tool, and even knowing that, Haku never stopped believing nor hesitated to leave Zabuza. And even in the very end, Zabuza manages to give in to his emotions. I think it's the saddest death in Naruto.

This is the only episode of naruto and naruto shippuden that made me cry. I have seen every episode of naruto and shippuden but this was the most emotional part. Shortly after in episode 19 one of my favourite scenes of zabuza killing all the bad guys with just a knife in his mouth showing how much he cared for haku just topped it off for me. He was so innocent and so his death was so emotional.

Its too sad

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8 Death of Kakashi

That is just impossible. The kakashi that I know will never be defeated and if he does get defeated he'll be revived and he was.

When I saw this, I came the closest I've ever come to crying in over 15 years. I haven't cried since I was 8, and seeing Kakashi die almost broke that streak. I only continued to watch the series because I wanted to see Pain die. I was so angry, even though Pain is so epically cool.

I was heartbroken. I was saying to myself "No. Kakashi sensei is still alive otherwise he wouldn't be the 6th hokage." I was so grateful at the end when Nagato used his Rinne Rebirth to revive everybody

OVer Rin?

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9 Death of Fourth Hokage

I believe it's the saddest death, the death of Minato and Kushina. It just shows love between parents and son, plus also sacrifices to protect the hidden Leaf. It's just sad for Naruto to have never met his parents right after his birth, the most saddest part is when Kushina was saying all the stuff that Naruto has to do after he grows up.

This was by far the saddest death in Naruto, when he and Kushina just jumped in front of the nine-tails to protect Naruto and their final words they left him, that was just sadness to the max.

Sad. Just sad. He protected the hidden leaf, and his son from Kurama. If Obito never existed Minato would still be alive. I don't like Obito but I guess he just wanted a prefect life.

Hiruzen's passing was awful. However, he died gracefully and with good will and meaning. He stopped Orochimaru (to an extent, I should add), and saved the Konoha for a while until the next Great Shinobi War. I cried so hard when he died, it was like losing and grandfather.

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10 Death of Obito

I didn't know Obito was alive when I watched those two episodes. I was literally stunned by Obito's actions and I still couldn't get over it. Obito was my favorite character in the series till the truth about was revealed. Man if it was not for him, all this war wouldn't have happened. But the old Obito still remains my favorite. The saddest moment in the entire Naruto series.

I know Obito is alive... But in the flashback... When I saw it... It was and still is the saddest death for... I couldn't get over it... I cried an ocean of tears... And bit back another ocean that threatened to come all day... I could still cry if made me watch that episode again... !

Obito later sacrificed himself to help the Allied Shinobi Forces. He is actually dead this time.

He died smiling knowing he can finally be at peace with the person he loves

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11 Death of Gaara

Somehow I knew he would comeback to life simply because he is awesome.

epic, Naruto never cried that much, and the flashback was the saddest thing I've ever seen. -

So sad just imagine his life up until then his dad tried to kill him 6 times his mom died and he never knew what it felt like to be loved and the whole village hated him he so sad

Gaara's a really great character and I know he comes back but seeing him like that just really wrenches the heart

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12 Death of Rin Nohara

Let's think about how sad a death can be; Rin committed suicide by Kakashi's hands, while Kakashi had swore to protect her, even it costs his life! And the saddest part is Obito was the viewer of whole events, Rin was Obito's beloved girl and Kakashi was his first and last friend! - sabd

Actually rin jumped in the way if kakashi's Chidori she wanted to die by the hands if the person she loved ( kakashi ) she had no choice because she had the 3 tails inside if her if she didn't die then the village would of been attacked by the 3 tails when awoken

Why am I voting for Rin's death to be saddest? Because the majority of characters only died because she did. Yeah, nice work, Kakashi (I know he didn't mean to kill her. I'm blaming him anyway.).

I never really payed attention to any of the girls in Naruto. None of them were all that great in my point of view. But then I came upon Nohara Rin. She was the sweetest anime character I ever knew of. I mean, look at how she always smiled and the way she talked to Obito and Kakashi. She tried to be the peace maker in the team. She was always there to encourage Obito, even when he was being an idiot. And then Kishimoto just had to kill her, and barely anyone remembers her! She didn't have to do it. She had a choice: live, and let Konoha die; or die, and let Konoha live. So she jumped in front of the chidori. She gave her life for her village. Yes, I think Neji, Konan, Itachi, and Obito's deaths were tragic, but most tragic of all is the death of Rin. When I saw her death scene, I literally cried my eyes out. I think she understood the true meaning of being a jinchūriki. She showed what the true Power of Human Sacrifice is. Rest In Peace, Nohara Rin!

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13 Death of Third Hokage

The last part when he was closing his eyes, about to die and for the last time sees Orochimaru as a kid... This scene killed me. I replayed and tortured myself over this scene.

This was the funeral which made me cry

He was the saviour of leaf his own student try to kill him but by sealing orochimaru

My mans below Hamura and Zaku and some other unimportant bitches despite being one of the more significant characters. You bastards can't tell me you didn't have your heartstrings pulled when at his funeral it showed all the people he'd been involved with.

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14 Death of Nagato

Nagato was awesome. He wasn't just a stereo typical enemy who wanted to dominate or destroy the world. All he wanted was world peace even though his plan to achieve it was different from other peoples. That's why he was so great.R.I. P Nagato.

Didn't at all get the recognition he should have not an honorable way to die.
A man that was trying to create peace just as how Naruto was trying too. He had very excellent morals and was too amazing of a character to not be with us anymore.
Also the recap over all he went through in life along with him telling all his motives when Naruto was pinned down. He was just too great of a person.

Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan are my favorite characters from Naruto. They really don't get the recognition they deserve. Nagato might have killed many people, but in the end, he sacrificed himself to bring them back.

He died as a hero fr bringing back the leaf shinobi back to life

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15 Death of Sasuke

Sure he was evil for 300+ episodes, but it was still awesome whenever I saw him in an episode, especially when he fought Itachi and Deidara. But then all of the sudden, here comes Madara and just stabs him in the heart.

He was my favorite character and madara goes and stabs him. I hate madara and whoever killed him I thank

Madara became my favorite character when he killed him.

Sasuke died? I guess it was so irrelevant that I completely forgot. - FerrousAssassin

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16 Death of Shizune

This was really sad, as I think that Shizune had a pretty rough childhood. Dan Kato says that his little sister was killed in battle, and since Shizune's last name is never mentioned, I believe that this was her mother that was killed, and I don't think her dad was around. After Dan died, she probably had no family left, so she had to go with Tsunade. I actually cried in this one, and I almost never cry.

This death wasn't sad at all. Yeah it was kinda sad because of who she was but it was completely overshadowed by others' deaths and Naruto's arrival. This death should be way lower down. - FerrousAssassin

This was so sad...I love Shizune. She must have gone through a lot as a child, as I don't think her parents were alive. After her uncle died, she had to leave Konoha with Tsunade. This one almost made me cry.

I was actually kinda happy about this one.. There's just somethin about her I can't stand

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17 Death of Kagero

Who is this anyway?

She died 2 times I of this jutsu 2 squeezing her heart

I barely knew her

I swear kagero is on yu gi oh - Aksaaran

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18 Death of Zaku

Zaku being killed by orochimaru was really sad. it is really tragic once he dies. please vote please!

I feel like he could've been more of a character, really liked his backstory

19 Death of Hamura Otsutsuki

How he died

20 Death of Aoi
21 Death of Chiyo

Though not the most "good" person, she was still a sweet old lady. She killed sacrificed her own life to save another; the ultimate act of selflessness. And she was willing to do it too. She felt as if she didn't do anything right, and now she would do her final thing, right. It was painful to watch elders pass away, let alone give their own life away.

It was remarkable a true act of selflessness. She was wiling to go on a mission at the age of I don't know what! But at least she died to save one of the best characters, Gaara.

Surprised this is not higher. She was an old woman who thought low of herself, didn't care about much, and when she fought alongside Sakura, and revived Gaara, had me balling out tears.

Selfless death at the end to redeem her wrongdoing

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22 Death of Arashi
23 Death of Sakon & Ukon

I didn't really find their death that sad, but seeing as they are one of my all-time favourite characters, I did cry a little. I just loved them so much, even if they were what they were.

Why is this on the list? This death wasn't sad whatsoever. - FerrousAssassin

Damn, you weaklings! Sakon you are pathetic and ukon you are just a jerk!

24 Death of Goku

I can't believe that you guys don't know it was Kirito from Sao who killed him with his Kamehameha wave after naruto rasenganed him in the foot, also Vegeta walks in and takes credit and Donald trump asks aang to make him a wall.
(Aang is from the last airbender)

Lol so I don't care

It says "Naruto Deaths" not "Dragon Ball Z Deaths" - Gehenna

so sad

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25 Death of Choji's Father

He got killed when pein destroyed the village with his almighty push. I am glad pein got what he deserved from Naruto. really sad. even though choji cries in front of his father and kakashi when there both dead. please vote.

Choji's father never died, when he went to tell Tsunade what Pains ability was, she said he was still alive. - DragonHarrier

Choji doesn't deserve to see that ever.

26 Shisui Uchiha Shisui Uchiha Shisui Uchiha, Shisui of teleportation. Shisui in the Naruto series is part of the Uchiha clan which is one of the strongest clans in the series. Shisui was given the title "Shisui of teleportation". This is because he was one the only person to ever master the body flicker technique. Shiusui was one more.

His death paved the way for so much, he died to stop internal conflict in the leaf to prevent another war from breaking out and he also died to someone who is supposed to be his ally and taking out his own eye to give to itachi is hard as hell to event think off

Shisui has to be my favorite Uchiha. Out of all of the Uchiha, he was most like Naruto, he thought of the village and even his clan before himself, and even when he got mangekyou sharingan, he never lost sight on protecting the village. He was Itachi's best friend, and taught him a lot of the ideals he believed, including putting the village and his brother before himself. He protected the village as much as he could before he gave his eye to Itachi and commited suicide. He unlocked Itachi's mangekyou sharingan, he went out like a true hero.

It's so sad to see your favorite character die.

He's was a good person

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27 Death of Yahiko

He had to be killed by his best friend in order to save another friend. Yahiko died to save his two friends he grew up with. So sad.

At first I thought he is the Pain that destroyed the village and killed Kakashi and all those people (skipped the filler), but when I saw the flashbacks during Pain's Assault he was my favorite of the three and I cried for days when he sacrificed himself for Nagato and Konan.

I cried so much when Yahiko died. Can't even imagine how Nagato must've felt, if he hadn't killed Yahiko, Konan would've died... Nagato and Yahiko's story is sad, and the way Yahiko had to die is even sadder.


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28 Death of Naruto

Naruto died? When did this happen!?

Well if you watch like the next episode he comes back to life. "Sakura's Tears" I think is what the episode name is called. Check YouTube.

Why is this classified? Naruto only died for a split second. Then the sage of six paths brought him back to life because he is the child of jiraiya's prophecy after all.

Naruto died for a split second and was revived by the sage of the six paths himself. Naruto is the child of the prophecy after all.

Why is this here? He died for literally not even a minute the was revived because of the sage of six paths.

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29 Death of Pein (Female Animal Path)

She was a girl

30 Death of Kakashi (Invasion of Pain)

Sad, he would of probably been the most best ninjas ever. He is actually in my top 3 list of my favourite ninjas just after uzumaki naruto. He never deserved to die. I'm just glad pain got killed!

He gave his life to save Choji so he could be able to report the attack to the Hokage. He died as a true hero. Glad he got a second chance - pageg

He dies (tragic) but then he gets revived (YES! )

He did not died! He's too strong to die because of pain who did this website its not true pain is a BITCH Kakashi is not dead he is revived haha haha!

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31 Death of Chouji (Almost Died)

When I thought choji was dead I cried my eyes out. Him talking about how he did what he needed to do then the butterfly flying away. Broken heart.

I'm very happy he didn't die

He didn't I'm so happy

32 Death of Sasori

Sasori's death was the saddest in my opinion because he never got to be loved and it was really tragic how he got killed by the puppets he called his parents. It looked so horrible when he realized that he had swords stuck out of his heart, and I cried for weeks after this.

Possibly the most heartbreaking death a villain can ask for. It reminds me of Ulquiorra Cifer's death scene.

Sasori is my all-time favourite character, and watching him die just made me lose it and start crying my eyes out. Sasori's death is the worst, because it's so sad, him dying in 'the embrace of his parents'. When I saw that, I didn't get over it for the whole series.

Sad all around. The way he died, his grandma passing soon after. Not to mention his sad childhood. Good grief, Sasori.

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33 Death of Pein (Human Path)

He died saving chikushodo (animal path)

34 Death of Menma

Menma was so nice I cried so bad I bet Naruto still remembers him when he eats ramen

This one wins at a least a top 15

Too sad that people don't give this one too much attention...

I cried so much when he died

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35 Death of Roshi
36 Death of Zabuza

Even though he was a bad guy he ended up doing the right thing and I thought it was so sad how he and haku died

Zabuza shared a relationship with Haku and even though he was anot evil man of the mists seven hidden swordsman he ended up being this compassionate and caring guy... but who else thought haku was a girl the whole time.

Zabuza' I will miss you

He was the most manliest man and he cried for the first time in his life

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37 Death of Karura
38 Death of Kisame

I am voting for Kisame not because I think he has the sadder death, but because he deserves to be higher on this list. Kisame died in a way that made you rethink who he really was. He died much like Itachi did, sacrificing his life to save something important.

Kisame last words to itachi were almost heartbreaking. I mean his death wasn't sad until you realised the pain he took on for his village. It changed my whole opinion of him, after his death he became one of my favorite characters.

Itachi, it seems in the end I was a decent human after all

Damn people voted for death of characters who are not even dead yet...!
kisame died an honourable death, a worthy death..sacrifice...he proved himself to be a worthy shinobi afterall

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39 Deidara Deidara Deidara is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

Deidara was one of my favorite characters. He was one of the bad guys, sure... but I really thought he would have a more interesting death and a bit of a flashback on his life before the Akatsuki. I feel like there was no real need for him to fight Sasuke to the point where he explodes himself. I think he needed a better death.

Deidara Didn't die I thought

It was sooo sad.

40 Death of Pein

I'm so happy your dead you're the one who mostly kill kakashi I hate you I wish your dead nobody likes you I hate you don't ever come back to life again if your just killing other ninjas!

Your a sucker bitch!

Hahaaahaha your dead I don't like you bitch you killed a lot of ninjas I hate you your annoying your a bitch bitch bitch!

41 Death of Uchiha Clan

It was sad..Kind of like when Anakin Skywalker kills the younglings

If you love sasuke then understand this made him into who he is.

Mahn the whole story and awesomeness of itachi is because of the Uchiha slaughter! Should be after the death of itachi! - abhishah901

Itachi just because you wanna test out your strenth doesn't mean you have t kill the whole clan. why not just do it outside. I liked the uchiha clan. I feel sorry for sasuke.

42 Death of Chibi (Nagato's dog)

The only time I ever cried in all of Naruto was during the Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko filler. When I saw that Chibi died I literally dropped my phone and rushed to my computer to look up if he actually died. I felt just as crushed as Nagato was when I found out he was dead.

I think the flash back of Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan as orphans was the only part in Naruto that actually made me almost cry.
It was really sweet when Chibi followed Nagato, even thought he had nothing to give him. Poor Nagato was crushed over his death.

I actually cried for this, you are do right!

;-; This was too much sadness for me.

43 Death of Hinata

I love Hinata. It is true she's the only one who ever cared for Naruto and I'm glad that the information is wrong cause I don't think Hinata ever died.

Not really the death but think about it no one ever said that they loved him and he was old enough to remember and his face after was the most saddest thing that was ever on Naruto

Hinata was stabbed by Pain but along with Chouza, Kakashi and Fukasaku she was revived by Nagato/Pain's Rinne Rebirth

I almost feinted when she got killed by Pain (but was revived, dodged a bullet right there.)

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44 Death of Sakura

I wish she had died

When exactly did she die?

If only this were true

Sakura is not dead!

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45 Death of Pigs

Am I the only one who cared when Pain attacked the Hidden Leaf Village! He killed there pigs, and not in a way for them to be made into bacon!

No I felt really sorry for those pigs the didn't deserve to die in this way or in any way

Aww.. I really pity those pigs. They didn't deserve all that..

i agree

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46 Death of Madara

Aside from him being a total hotty, He was strong like a god. So sad he died he was my # 1 in the entire series

Madara was one of the founders of the hidden leaf and he died which is very sad I wanted him to live vote please

Madara will be missed

Don't ever come back to life you nearly killed Kakashi

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47 Nagato Nagato Nagato is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Nagato was definitely the worst as you later on know of his story. He wasn't bad he was good.

Nagato is dead?!

48 Death of Utakata

It's a shame that the episodes Utakata was in were just a filler, I really loved him and cried like a baby when he died. He was awesome, I still miss him so much.

I don't understand why this isn't in the top ten. Though the Utakata episodes are just filler at the end when you find that he is a jinchuriki he dies. Xtremely sad. The six paths of pain demolished him just when he was about to settle down. Watch the episodes and you will agree. A Naruto-like personality has died.

I cried so much I don't even care if they were fillers he deserved more😭❤️

He's such a sweetheart, caring and protecting Hotaru. And just when it was going to be a happy ending for him, the Pain had to capture him and extracting the tail beast from him, causing him to die.
The show had to make us feel connected to Utakata and taking his life away once we thought happy ending for him "😭 my hearts breaks

49 Death of Danzo

While the world is better without him, everything he did was to protect the hidden leaf (albeit a case of wrong thing right reason) so I felt something at the moment he died and lets be honest here, who REALLY likes Sasuke? - DragonHarrier

I'm happy he died.

Danzo.i don't think he was awesome he was a oweful stock! I want to thank sasuke and tobi for it thanks

This bastard deserved his death. Arigatō Sasuke for killing this. - Haterssuck

50 Death of Deidara

Deidara was awesome, but was not the saddest death. I loved Deidara, and Neji whose death was the saddest to me, Deidara's second death on the other hand when he flies off after being released from edo tensei that one made me cry.

Damn, Deidara. Why'd you have to die?

The only character I will always miss and Jiraiya. The rest just SUCK!

I kinda knew he died and then my dad told me that and it made me really sad

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