Death of Itachi


I watched that like almost a year ago, and am still depressed. It is definitely the most depressing moment in naruto without a doubt. His whole story changed the way I looked at things. It was so damn sad. Best character in Naruto :(

He has had the most tragic life and in my opinion had the most purest heart in all of Naruto. He gave up everything to protect his brother and the leaf village including becoming a spy and placed in the bingo book. It killed me to watch sasuke kill him when itachi did everything to keep his brother safe. This is by far the saddest death. Oh and on the list the death of fourth hokage and the death of Naruto's parents are the same thing and don't need to be separated.

Itachi was the kindest character in Naruto. He cared so deeply for Sasuke that he gave up his life entirely just so that his younger brother could grow and have a decent life. Even in the midst of his death he loved sasuke more then anything in the world. He bared hatred from his whole village and the one person he cared most for.

Itachi's death was by far the saddest he died a hero that nobody recognized (I wish so badly that they will some time soon) he had a horrible life gave up all he had his family, the love and respect of his peers so that he could maintain peace within the village and give his brother a better life and path to follow and he still after all that time died with a smile on his face... By far the saddest...

Itachi was the epitome of a selfless character, everything he did was for the better of the village and his brother, he was a genius and a badass character who you definitely wouldn't want to challenge. Even in death he had a smile on his face and even after he was revived, he still cared about the village and his brother and helped stop the Edo Tensei

Itachi was smiling as he died. He didn't even regret sparing his brother, resulting in his death. He used the last second of his life to poke Sasuke in the head, dying as he did that. When he died, his finger left a trail of blood on Sasuke's face, as Sasuke stood there, paralyzed.

The saddest death in Naruto. I literally burst into tears when he died. He was a hero. He protected the person he loved most even though it meant bearing hatred for the rest of his life. He gave up everything and accepted disgrace even when he didn't deserve it. He was born a hero and died like one. RIP Itachi Uchiha.

He had such an sad childhood, and his death wasn't that sad. Until you learned the real reason why he died. Even Sasuke cried, and he's literally known for showing no emotion at all. However I think the second time Itachi died was much sadder, he got to say his last words again which was, "I will love you always." ;_;

The same man who cried tears of blood as he smothered and killed every shred of feeling he had inside of him. Then he killed his entire clan for saving the world couldn't bring himself to kill his younger brother and acted as a spy in akatsuki to protect the village. Accepts hate in place of love disgrace in place of honour and inspite of that itachi died with a smile on his face. Who would not love such a guy!

Yes finally some website with itachi's death on number 1. Many people said Jiraiya's death was the saddest but I think Itachi's death is the most heartbreaking, saddest moment. CAN BE EASILY RANKED AMONG THE SADDEST DEATH IN WORLD HISTORY. Who would have expected a criminal who was despised by everyone in the village and Sasuke obviously sacrificed everything he could for the best of Konoha, the ninja world and his little brother. He joined Akatsuki showing himself as the bad guy only to be the eye to protect Konoha. He killed his beloved parent and everyone in the clan except Sasuke for what's the best of the village. And his acted hatred towards his brother just for the best for him, he wanted him to grow as a mature, skilled and powerful ninja. He lived his life for Sasuke and Konoha.And he himself want to die by Sasuke's hand. Even so, when he was dying, he poked sasuke's head saying I'm sorry there will be no next time and died smiling.What a fantastic person...

I guess spoiler-Itachi died by the hands of his brother and the illness he had with the Mangekyo. And he actually chose to die that way. When he jabber Sasuke on the forehead for the last time, to me it symbolized their brotherly relationship and all the memories they had before the massacre. Also, when Sasuke cried, his blood mixed in with Itachi's blood, to me also symbolizing their blood ties.

He gave away his life to protect what he loved. He should be bathed in glory, but instead people just regarded his as a traitor which is so damn unfair. His life, his sacrifices, the legacy of Itachi Uchiha would remain in our hearts forever.

Itachi was one of the most detailed and mysterious shinobi in Naruto. His death was a sore reminder that nothing lasts forever. He was my favourite character from his appearance to his death and will always be remembered.

I was the biggest fan of Itachi from where he first was appeared in Naruto even though I don't know he was a hero then but he was my favorite character in Naruto and even tears in my eye during he died knowing his sacrifice.

In the beginning of the series he was a villain but after Sasuke went down the path of darkness... Itachi's light was finally revealed. His death was the most emotional out of all of the deaths in the Naruto series.

That quote from Tobi gave me chills. "he chose hate in the place of love, disgrace in the place of honor. Yet itachi still died with a smile on his face". I just tear up every time

He had the most pitiful death in the entire series. Even when he was dying, his brother whom he loved so much hated him. He died unfairly, sacrificing his life for the sake of the village he loved.

He sacrificed everything for his brother and his village, and the thing that upsets me the most is that the Leaf Village as a whole will never see him as the Hero he was.

I still can't even get over it. He's a fictional character & his death is so heart wrenching. Kishimoto is such a troll laugh out loud. Honestly Itachi is just one of the best anime characters & his character is so complex. The whole back story and him dying for basically nothing is what kills me.

He died for his brother and for the village. He was the one who made Sasuke go rogue. One of the most badass ninja who took out Kakashi just with his eyes. Itachi Uchiha, simply the best

I LOVE ITACHI his death was easily the SADDEST my friend would not believe me but here is your proof this death had the saddest back story if you ask me

(So I think you guys lied...I'm sure you all were like me when Itachi died because you didn't know his secrets when he died...I'm not saying you were like me, but I Think you were like me)

I am still crying... I ust can't get over it and the words I will always love you still drive a knife in my heart.. I cannot imagine how sasuke later called him an object of the past.

He was an unknown hero, had the purest heart, and did was he can for the Hidden Leaf and wanted to give Sasuke a better life. Honestly, his life is way more depressing than Sasuke. Living alone is way better than being taken advantage of and dedicating yourself for someone who hates you. IT'S SO UNFAIR?! WHY KISHIMOTO?!

Itachi was a person who... Well, Itachi was a heartless person, in my opinion when he killed all of the Uchiha's except for Sasuke, but when it came to this, my look to him changed.. I was literally crying all day and all night, two weeks over some stupid anime character, but of course, I do love Naruto, and it's show, but.. It was just so hard...
Seeing Sasuke like that.. But, instead of crying, we all know that the Itachi we should have knownn will always stay in our heart forever