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21 Death of Chiyo

Though not the most "good" person, she was still a sweet old lady. She killed sacrificed her own life to save another; the ultimate act of selflessness. And she was willing to do it too. She felt as if she didn't do anything right, and now she would do her final thing, right. It was painful to watch elders pass away, let alone give their own life away.

It was remarkable a true act of selflessness. She was wiling to go on a mission at the age of I don't know what! But at least she died to save one of the best characters, Gaara.

Surprised this is not higher. She was an old woman who thought low of herself, didn't care about much, and when she fought alongside Sakura, and revived Gaara, had me balling out tears.

A great old woman she revived gaara tops to her

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22 Death of Arashi
23 Death of Sakon & Ukon

I didn't really find their death that sad, but seeing as they are one of my all-time favourite characters, I did cry a little. I just loved them so much, even if they were what they were.

Damn, you weaklings! Sakon you are pathetic and ukon you are just a jerk!

24 Death of Choji's Father

He got killed when pein destroyed the village with his almighty push. I am glad pein got what he deserved from Naruto. really sad. even though choji cries in front of his father and kakashi when there both dead. please vote.

Choji's father never died, when he went to tell Tsunade what Pains ability was, she said he was still alive. - DragonHarrier

Choji doesn't deserve to see that ever.

25 Death of Naruto

Naruto died? When did this happen!?

Well if you watch like the next episode he comes back to life. "Sakura's Tears" I think is what the episode name is called. Check YouTube.

Why is this classified? Naruto only died for a split second. Then the sage of six paths brought him back to life because he is the child of jiraiya's prophecy after all.

Naruto died for a split second and was revived by the sage of the six paths himself. Naruto is the child of the prophecy after all.

Why is this here? He died for literally not even a minute the was revived because of the sage of six paths.

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26 Death of Goku

Lol so I don't care

I can't believe he died. When Madara went Super Saiyan and stabbed him in the neck with a kunai before kamehamehaing him. Not only did Madara get all the Dragon Balls but HE STOLE Goku'S MOVE.

so sad


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27 Death of Kakashi (Invasion of Pain)

Sad, he would of probably been the most best ninjas ever. He is actually in my top 3 list of my favourite ninjas just after uzumaki naruto. He never deserved to die. I'm just glad pain got killed!

He gave his life to save Choji so he could be able to report the attack to the Hokage. He died as a true hero. Glad he got a second chance - pageg

He dies (tragic) but then he gets revived (YES! )

He did not died! He's too strong to die because of pain who did this website its not true pain is a BITCH Kakashi is not dead he is revived haha haha!

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28 Death of Pein (Female Animal Path)

She was a girl

29 Shisui Uchiha Shisui Uchiha Shisui Uchiha, Shisui of teleportation. Shisui in the Naruto series is part of the Uchiha clan which is one of the strongest clans in the series. Shisui was given the title "Shisui of teleportation". This is because he was one the only person to ever master the body flicker technique. Shiusui was one more.

His death paved the way for so much, he died to stop internal conflict in the leaf to prevent another war from breaking out and he also died to someone who is supposed to be his ally and taking out his own eye to give to itachi is hard as hell to event think off

Shisui has to be my favorite Uchiha. Out of all of the Uchiha, he was most like Naruto, he thought of the village and even his clan before himself, and even when he got mangekyou sharingan, he never lost sight on protecting the village. He was Itachi's best friend, and taught him a lot of the ideals he believed, including putting the village and his brother before himself. He protected the village as much as he could before he gave his eye to Itachi and commited suicide. He unlocked Itachi's mangekyou sharingan, he went out like a true hero.


That bandaged bastard Danzo...

When he plucked out Shisui's right eye, I had to prevent myself from screaming curses at that bandaged bastard. I just wanted to get inside the T.V. screen and rip out his eyes. I HATE THE BANDAGED BASTARD DANZO! - Haterssuck

30 Death of Yahiko

He had to be killed by his best friend in order to save another friend. Yahiko died to save his two friends he grew up with. So sad.

At first I thought he is the Pain that destroyed the village and killed Kakashi and all those people (skipped the filler), but when I saw the flashbacks during Pain's Assault he was my favorite of the three and I cried for days when he sacrificed himself for Nagato and Konan.

I cried so much when Yahiko died. Can't even imagine how Nagato must've felt, if he hadn't killed Yahiko, Konan would've died... Nagato and Yahiko's story is sad, and the way Yahiko had to die is even sadder.


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31 Death of Chouji (Almost Died)

When I thought choji was dead I cried my eyes out. Him talking about how he did what he needed to do then the butterfly flying away. Broken heart.

I'm very happy he didn't die

He didn't I'm so happy

32 Death of Sasori

Sasori's death was the saddest in my opinion because he never got to be loved and it was really tragic how he got killed by the puppets he called his parents. It looked so horrible when he realized that he had swords stuck out of his heart, and I cried for weeks after this.

Possibly the most heartbreaking death a villain can ask for. It reminds me of Ulquiorra Cifer's death scene.

Sasori is my all-time favourite character, and watching him die just made me lose it and start crying my eyes out. Sasori's death is the worst, because it's so sad, him dying in 'the embrace of his parents'. When I saw that, I didn't get over it for the whole series.

Sad all around. The way he died, his grandma passing soon after. Not to mention his sad childhood. Good grief, Sasori.

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33 Death of Menma

Menma was so nice I cried so bad I bet Naruto still remembers him when he eats ramen

This one wins at a least a top 15

Too sad that people don't give this one too much attention...

I still think of him when I eat ramen

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34 Death of Pein (Human Path)

He died saving chikushodo (animal path)

35 Death of Roshi
36 Death of Kisame

I am voting for Kisame not because I think he has the sadder death, but because he deserves to be higher on this list. Kisame died in a way that made you rethink who he really was. He died much like Itachi did, sacrificing his life to save something important.

Kisame last words to itachi were almost heartbreaking. I mean his death wasn't sad until you realised the pain he took on for his village. It changed my whole opinion of him, after his death he became one of my favorite characters.

Itachi, it seems in the end I was a decent human after all

Damn people voted for death of characters who are not even dead yet...!
kisame died an honourable death, a worthy death..sacrifice...he proved himself to be a worthy shinobi afterall

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37 Death of Karura
38 Death of Pein

I'm so happy your dead you're the one who mostly kill kakashi I hate you I wish your dead nobody likes you I hate you don't ever come back to life again if your just killing other ninjas!

Your a sucker bitch!

Hahaaahaha your dead I don't like you bitch you killed a lot of ninjas I hate you your annoying your a bitch bitch bitch!

39 Deidara Deidara

Deidara was one of my favorite characters. He was one of the bad guys, sure... but I really thought he would have a more interesting death and a bit of a flashback on his life before the Akatsuki. I feel like there was no real need for him to fight Sasuke to the point where he explodes himself. I think he needed a better death.

It was sooo sad.

40 Death of Uchiha Clan

It was sad..Kind of like when Anakin Skywalker kills the younglings

If you love sasuke then understand this made him into who he is.

Mahn the whole story and awesomeness of itachi is because of the Uchiha slaughter! Should be after the death of itachi! - abhishah901

Itachi just because you wanna test out your strenth doesn't mean you have t kill the whole clan. why not just do it outside. I liked the uchiha clan. I feel sorry for sasuke.

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