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41 Death of Zabuza

Even though he was a bad guy he ended up doing the right thing and I thought it was so sad how he and haku died

Zabuza shared a relationship with Haku and even though he was anot evil man of the mists seven hidden swordsman he ended up being this compassionate and caring guy... but who else thought haku was a girl the whole time.

Zabuza' I will miss you

Your words cut deep deeper than eney blade it was so sad

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42 Death of Hinata

I love Hinata. It is true she's the only one who ever cared for Naruto and I'm glad that the information is wrong cause I don't think Hinata ever died.

Not really the death but think about it no one ever said that they loved him and he was old enough to remember and his face after was the most saddest thing that was ever on Naruto

Hinata was stabbed by Pain but along with Chouza, Kakashi and Fukasaku she was revived by Nagato/Pain's Rinne Rebirth

I almost feinted when she got killed by Pain (but was revived, dodged a bullet right there.)

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43 Death of Sakura

I wish she had died

When exactly did she die?

Why won't this happen! - DeadgamerT10

If only this were true

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44 Death of Chibi (Nagato's dog)

The only time I ever cried in all of Naruto was during the Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko filler. When I saw that Chibi died I literally dropped my phone and rushed to my computer to look up if he actually died. I felt just as crushed as Nagato was when I found out he was dead.

I think the flash back of Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan as orphans was the only part in Naruto that actually made me almost cry.
It was really sweet when Chibi followed Nagato, even thought he had nothing to give him. Poor Nagato was crushed over his death.

I actually cried for this, you are do right!

;-; This was too much sadness for me.

45 Nagato Nagato

Nagato was definitely the worst as you later on know of his story. He wasn't bad he was good.

Nagato is dead?!

46 Death of Madara

Aside from him being a total hotty, He was strong like a god. So sad he died he was my # 1 in the entire series

Madara was one of the founders of the hidden leaf and he died which is very sad I wanted him to live vote please

Don't ever come back to life you nearly killed Kakashi

I hate you madara :P bitch your bitcher than pein!

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47 Death of Pigs

Am I the only one who cared when Pain attacked the Hidden Leaf Village! He killed there pigs, and not in a way for them to be made into bacon!

No I felt really sorry for those pigs the didn't deserve to die in this way or in any way

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48 Death of Utakata

It's a shame that the episodes Utakata was in were just a filler, I really loved him and cried like a baby when he died. He was awesome, I still miss him so much.

I don't understand why this isn't in the top ten. Though the Utakata episodes are just filler at the end when you find that he is a jinchuriki he dies. Xtremely sad. The six paths of pain demolished him just when he was about to settle down. Watch the episodes and you will agree. A Naruto-like personality has died.

I cried so much I don't even care if they were fillers he deserved more😭❤️

He's such a sweetheart, caring and protecting Hotaru. And just when it was going to be a happy ending for him, the Pain had to capture him and extracting the tail beast from him, causing him to die.
The show had to make us feel connected to Utakata and taking his life away once we thought happy ending for him "😭 my hearts breaks

49 Death of Danzo

While the world is better without him, everything he did was to protect the hidden leaf (albeit a case of wrong thing right reason) so I felt something at the moment he died and lets be honest here, who REALLY likes Sasuke? - DragonHarrier

I'm happy he died.

Danzo.i don't think he was awesome he was a oweful stock! I want to thank sasuke and tobi for it thanks

This bastard deserved his death. Arigatō Sasuke for killing this. - Haterssuck

50 Death of Deidara

Deidara was awesome, but was not the saddest death. I loved Deidara, and Neji whose death was the saddest to me, Deidara's second death on the other hand when he flies off after being released from edo tensei that one made me cry.

The only character I will always miss and Jiraiya. The rest just SUCK!

Damn, Deidara. Why'd you have to die?

I kinda knew he died and then my dad told me that and it made me really sad

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51 Death of Kabuto

I’m in tears

52 Yota

The entire Yota arc breaks your heart. Realizing he died a long time ago and was brought back numerous times for others gain rips your heart right out.

Agree. Not only his death, his arc thought me the ruthless side of Konoha. Still hate Orochimaru and I felt someone should have taken the initiative to kill him in a very painful manner even after the war. Kabuto too.

I really felt sad when Naruto fights Yota. He was so adorable and cute andd he helped his friends and he just dint deserve to die. The only part till now that made e cry except asuma and kakashis death

53 Haku Haku

Please no

That was so horribly sad.He gave his life for worthless scum.Believe it!

54 Death of Fu

Death of food? No way hosay

55 Death of Hidan

Dude Hidan is the WORST. I cheered at Shikamaru for killing Hidan. Wasn't sad at all. Asuma big-time needed to be avenged.

I feel bad he's still alive but buried beneath rocks

Hidan was so handsome, I am in love with him

I think he deserved to die after he killed asuma. but still, it is pretty sad.

56 Death of Orochimaru

Many others were orphans but this didn't made them go psycho and want to destroy a whole village for no apparent reason. The schizophrenia he had was undeniable. He killed his own sensei for God's sake!

He got what he deserved.

He evil he died

I know he is a bad guy and all but he was an orphan. he just had no love. he tried to destroy the hidden leaf village but those good guys are about to stop them. so sad. please vote pleeasse!

57 Death of Sasuke's parents

Bruh Itachi killed them If I was the parents I would have ran

58 The Death of Kakashi's father

Well kakashi's dad was well known as the white flash and he had killed himself because he was made fun of and pointed at for sacrificing a mission in order to save his friends and teammates. Even the teammates he had helped, pointed at him and killed his ego why? Because he didn't prioritize the mission, INSTEAD HE SAVED THEM! that's just unbelievable and sick and his death affected kakashi very negatively which affected obito and everyone around him.
Next Guys dad "Dai" was also an extremely motivational character, because of him Guy ended up the way he was and helped Lee, of his morals and his death had never rubbed off on Guy, neither would Lee be where he is now, his death too had me tearing up. Just I'm general everyone's fathers, even shikamaru and inos fathers death was very powerful and upsetting

When he died kakashi is so sad

59 Death of Gato

One of the times I have actually been really happy a character dies! I hated him! Haku and Zabuza are my two favorite characters!

Seeing zabuza poke gato's stomach with a knife, it just wasn't worth it I don't even know. it is really sad once you see it. please vote!

How is this sad again - SuperGeek

All the time Zabuza was killing him I was fangirling "Kill it with fire before it lays eggs Zabuza! "

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60 Death of Kakuzu

No he's dead you must only watched on part of the full fight between kakuzu and hidan vs Naruto - kakashi - Shikamaru - choji - ino

Kakuzu didn't really die. Naruto just destroyed one of his hearts

No he is dead

So we know that his hearts were taken out like so:
1x kakashi using chidori
1x hidan unknowingly
2x naruto with rasenshuriken
1x kakashi to finish him off.

So could you say that naruto has actually killed someone since he took out 2 hearts? - DragonHarrier

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