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61 Death of Dosu Kinuta V 1 Comment
62 Death of Mecha Naruto

He saved the leaf by sacrificing his life...

Isint a mecha a robot

63 Death of Tobirama Senju

He was the best hokage ever and his death was such bull.

64 Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

He was so cool

didn't die

65 Death of Nawaki

I did cry because he was hot. (Story of my life.)

V 1 Comment
66 Death of Kaiza (Land of Waves Arc)

A true real life hero kaizas death had me feeling bad for a week

Kaiza was the stepdad of inari and wuz brutely beaten by gatos men and they even chopped off his arms. And sadly they killed him in front of the village and his family.

V 1 Comment
67 Death of Hayate V 1 Comment
68 Orochimaru's Death (Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals)

In the very last episode of Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals (a naruto spinoff), Orochimaru, a seemingly evil person, sacrificed himself to save Lee.

I just thought this deserved to be on the list because, you know, it's different.

I didn't know, oh then I take back what I said about him up there. yeah that was me

69 Death of Tayuya

It was just horrible! I mean I know shes a foul mouth and all but she just needed to learn. seeing tayuya die just made me wanna run away and never watch Naruto again.

She was such a foul mouth person it was so rude. I felt like throwing up I feel sorry for the she did that to.

70 Death of Jirobo

I know he is a fatty just like tayuya calls him but he does work for orochimaru. man I should have known he had to do it. curse you choji!

71 Death of Kidomaru

Kidomaru may have 4 arms, but before he was a member of the sound four he was a gentle person. no kidomaru noo!

72 Death of Yondaime (Gaara's Father Also 4th Kazekage)
73 Death of Inoichi

When inoichi died but I don't care about it

74 Death of Shikaku V 1 Comment
75 Death of the Sage of the Six Paths

I don't know how but his death got caused after something destroyed his body. He was a kind and caring man and I think that shouldn've happened to him. It was so super sad and if he stayed alive he could've
Complete every mission he had.

76 Death of Raiga Kurosuki

I mean come on he lost his only best friend the turned to ash by lightning strikes

77 Death of Maito Guy

I can't believe that he is going to die. He was always one of my favorite characters. He hasn't died yet in the anime series, but I hope that he survives even though that won't happen.

He isn't dead but he can't move his legs until 2 or 3 years

He might be saved but I don't know

Eigth gate open!

78 Yahiko

Without even a minute of hesitation chose to die for his comrades, drove himself to nagato's kunai with any fear of death! Who wouldn't love such a guy!

Your a Jerk Hanzo

79 Yagura
80 Shin Sai's Brother V 1 Comment
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