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21 Breadwinners Premiered
22 Have You Seen This Snail

This is a sad episode of sponge bob just watch it, it made me cry so much

23 Taking Away the Classics

Nickelodeon used to be such a good channel back then, but they took away the classics, that was such an evil and sad thing to do, Good shows have become rare to make nowadays. - nelsonerica

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24 The Cancellation of Making Fiends

Making Fiends was a HUGE masterpiece for Nickelodeon, and after a few episodes, they cancelled it, What was Nick thinking, It was such a great show, and they decided to cancel it before making more episodes, it didn't even have a finale, - nelsonerica

I watched this every morning on nicktoons this was the best show I've seen 9.5/10 - Danguy10

25 Brain-Washing Children with Modern Crap

That's true I like sponge bob the best on the nicalodain and sometimes sad

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26 iCarly ended with the episode iGoodbye

Made me cry so hard, but I'm glad they ended it as strong as they did. - BeanBag343

This is one of the more better things.

I like that it ended

27 Cancelling The Ren and Stimpy Show

Worse! It got revived into the Adult Party Cartoon, which turned out to be a disaster.
Nickelodeon ruined everything.

28 The Cancellation of Harvey Beaks

This Makes Me Want to Punch Cyma Zarghami in The Stomach! - kcianciulli

29 Ending Every Witch Way Too Soon

Every Witch Way was Nickelodeon's greatest show in years, and after only 4 seasons, they decided to end it, I know some of you might think 4 seasons is long enough, but each season only lasted a month, with an episode airing each weeknight at the same hour during a season, It could've ran for 7 seasons, the largest seasonal window for live-action that Nickelodeon could ever allow, but it didn't, it only ran for 4 seasons, which is always the maximum window on Disney Channel, This is Nickelodeon, not Disney Channel, and also, Every Witch Way even saved Nickelodeon from being empty and at risk of going off-the-air, as Nick Studio 10 dropped Nickelodeon's ratings by 30%, passing the #1 kids' channel crown to Disney Channel, Every Witch Way had a deep plot, which most of the other modern Nickelodeon shows don't have, it was an action/drama/comedy hybrid and it didn't even have a laugh track, which the others have, Nickelodeon has made a lot of good shows back then, then as each good one ...more - nelsonerica

Worst thing you did dan shciedner

30 The Cancellation of All That

All That was a franchise and a sketch show with a variety of events taking place as well as comedy, It ran for a long time, but they decided to cancel it, and that was dumb, the new All That sucked because of the new characters, compared to the old one, but they shouldn't have cancelled it. - nelsonerica

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31 Having Adam Sandler Guest Star at the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards
32 The Cancellation of Nickelodeon G.A.S.

Nickelodeon G.A.S. was a variety block of game shows that always leave you entertained, and slimed, they took it all away, it suckes to have Nick take away good things including this. - nelsonerica

33 30% Drop in Ratings

Nickelodeon was the number 1 kids' channel, but that was until Nick Studio 10 aired, and then, because of how bad it was and since it interrupted the best parts of the best shows, they dropped Nickelodeon's ratings by 30%, making Disney Channel the #1 kids' channel, Disney Channel sucks, but it has gotten better, and Nickelodeon has barely improved and is worse than Disney Channel, it almost got put off air after that until Every Witch Way came on, which had a plot and morals and no laugh track that entertained many people and made Nickelodeon once again decent. - nelsonerica

34 Letting Children see Porno in a Cartoon

What's even worse is that the woman whose breasts got exposed doesn't even look like a woman. It looks more like a duck!

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35 The Making of Mr. Meaty
36 The Making of Pig, Goat, Banana, Cricket

The animation is good, like Ren & Stimpy or Rocko's Modern Life, but the plot is bland and there's more bathroom humor than plot, yet the episodes rip off episodes of other shows.

37 The Cancellation of Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom, one of Nickelodeon's best cartoons, got cancelled, there could've been more episodes, it had a good plot and had such interesting lines, too bad Nick decided to cancel it too soon, it was a big mistake.

38 The Cancellation of Blue’s Clues

Blue’s Clues (the Steve version) was one of Nick Jr’s greatest shows ever, Dora: the Explorer sucked so much because she can’t see anything nearby and she yells at everyone, yet she wanders and stereotypes Mexicans, Yet Nick decided to cancel Blue’s Clues and keep Dora running, Blue’s Clues wasn’t good after Steve got replaced with Joe, but it shouldn’t have been cancelled, thank god it got cancelled in 2015, but it shouldn’t have even happened, yet it even got a spinoff, Dora and Friends: Into the City.

39 Taking The Legend of Korra Away

We all know that The Legend of Korra got low ratings near it's latest season, but that was no reason to take it away, and have it only online, yet the online version got much lower ratings, Nick and Viacom were too stupid to do that.

40 The Cancellation of WITS Academy

WITS Academy was a good show, whereas almost everything else on Nickelodeon is crap, SpongeBob is getting better though, and there's Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and The Loud House, but for live action, WITS Academy was the last good Nick show ever, it was entertaining to watch, and it had characters from Every Witch Way.

Just after it was finishing its Season 1 marathon before Season 2 would premiere, it got cancelled, for whatever reasons, like low ratings on a good show, or if the actress decided to leave, it should not have been cancelled, it was Nickelodeon's last hope for live action, now there aren't any more good shows besides those few.

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