Top 10 Saddest One Piece Moments


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1 Ace's Death

At least he died with a smile on his face, RIP

Don't worry, he's resting in peace.
He lived a life whitout regrets.

2 Laboon/Brook Backstory

Dying it's not an excuse.
He's really happy to be alive.

The way he looks at brook and the way he cries is too much to handle :( - Bazzadazza

3 Nico Robin Backstory

The strawhats literally declare war on the World Goverment to get her back to the crew.
In the Sabaody Arc, She's taking away from Luffy again.

4 Chopper Backstory

When does a man Dies?
When he is hit by a bullet? No!
When he suffers from a disease? No!
When he drinks a soup made out of a poisonous mushroom? No!
A man dies when he is forgotten.

5 The Burning of Merry

Hey oda! The song doesn't help!

6 Vivi's Goodbye

Everione! Left arms up!

7 Luffy vs Sanji (Whole Cake Island Arc) Luffy vs Sanji (Whole Cake Island Arc)

In the Whole Cake Island, Sanji is most unlucky.
In order to confront his destiny and marry a Four Emperor daughter, he tries ti avoid Luffy for saving him, by beating
the crap out of him.
Once he is finally whit his fiancee, he hears a conversation about how much she will enjoy killing him in the wedding.

I felt so bad for Sanji and it showed what an amazing captain Luffy is.

8 Pudding's betrayal

Why is this not number one

Seeing Sanji break once again as he was hearing Pudding mocking him, after everything he's been through... That was the saddest moment of the saddest arc in One Piece

Sanji's reaction just broke my heart, it was really the saddest moment for me - smill

9 Whitebeard's Death

Newgate:There is something I want more that treasures
Crew Mate: What's that.
Newgate:... A family.

10 The Final Recording of Bink's Sake

Singing this with such a happy crew doesn't cease down the sadness IT BROKE US ODA

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11 Separation of Straw Hats Through Kuma
12 Sanji's backstory

very sad

13 Rosinante (Corazon's Death)

Walk Law... Unnoticed... Quietly... Far away... Far, far away... Nothing will bind you anymore.
Not the iron border of the White City... Nor your shortened life span... Nothing will restrict you anymore... You are now... Free.

14 Law's Backstory
15 Nami's past and Arlong's betrayal

Bitch why is no one talking about this From such young age she began stealing from pirates aka ADULTS bare handed in order to protect the entire village She puts aside everything else and even lied for the sake of everyone's safeties HATE ON NAMI AGAIN N I'LL SLAUGHTER U (u know why I say this? because I don't know how tf did my post of this moment got deleted like man stop your petty rivalry of nami n robin we all should be loving both of the characters not hating n slut shaming each others You guys that do that are disgusting and stupid Not teas just fact)

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1. Luffy vs Sanji (Whole Cake Island Arc)
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1. Ace's Death
2. Laboon/Brook Backstory
3. Nico Robin Backstory


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