Saddest Part of Having Things Break


The Top Ten

1 You cry over it

I like him because is good in scoring goas

My Gamecube controller broke I Cried so hard - Jake09

2 You wasted money

Like you wasted $500 on a broken thing - Jake09

3 You need it for work and you lose money

You Call of Duty get fired also - Jake09

4 It's just not the same

Yea life just changes - Jake09

5 Have something break then 2 seconds later you look on this list

Yeah you read this list then your computer breaks laugh out loud - CityGuru

Makes you even more sad but I am not trying to make you cry. - Jake09

6 You had such good memories with it

With that gamecube controller gave me a lot of good mmories now I can't make them anymore because it broke - Jake09

7 You can't get a new one if somebody breaks it

Somebody broke mine because I wasn't doing anything in PE class. And been too silly while people are talking about stupid sports like Basketball. - Jake09

8 It was with you for your whole life

It's like your twin brother dying - Jake09

9 It gets harder and harder to handle it

It's hard to let things go like that - Jake09

10 Other People don't get to use it

That's even sad to other people - Jake09

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11 You can get cut if it's sharp
12 You get blamed when a younger child breaks it
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