Top 10 Saddest Pink Floyd Songs


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1 Don't Leave Me Now

Pink Floyd really doesn't have any sad music, I went ahead with this one because it has smooth sounding chords giving you the sad vibe. Honestly, their music isn't sad. -Charles Adams, church band guitarist

Very sad song - IUYSIXCXL

Ooh, babe

2 Wish You Were Here
3 Another Brick In the Wall, Part 1
4 Goodbye Blue Sky

Very hard song to listen to because it just reminds me... - IUYSIXCXL

Sad song that talks about war. - IUYSIXCXL

5 Crying Song
6 Shine On You Crazy Diamond

This should be number 1

I'm crying... D': - Gehenna

7 Cymbaline
8 Paint Box
9 Marooned
10 The Final Cut

Why does everyone think the end of the song is about suicide? He says "Thought I oughta bare my naked feelings thought I oughta tear the curtain down." This means that he was ready to tell is girl how he really felt deep down imside. But the phone rang representing a destraction and he was just never willing to it. But anyways very very sad. Number 3 for me bellow the Gunner's Dream and When the Tigers Broke Free.

This song has never failed at bringing me to tears. It's about what it’s like to alienate yourself from the world (talking about Pink from The Wall). Roger tells us about his young life, and how hard it was for him to socialize with humanity while he was behind his wall. All Pink wanted was to be loved by someone, he needed help (Hey You). The final part of this song describes how he was going to commit suicide "I held the blade, in trembling hands, prepared to make it but...", and then the phone rings, letting him know that someone still cares about him enough to call. He never had the nerve to make the final cut.

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11 Goodbye Cruel World

I mean this song is legit called "GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD" - IUYSIXCXL

Really this is the saddest pink Floyd song

12 When the Tigers Broke Free
13 High Hopes
14 Hey You
15 Vera
16 The Gunner's Dream

The piano is sad

17 Two Suns In the Sunset

Very sad song at the end of the final cut

18 Poles Apart

"Hey you! did you ever realize what you'd become."

19 Side 4, Pt. 1: Calling
20 Outside the Wall
21 Sorrow
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