Top Ten Saddest Pop-Punk Songs

Sometimes when you're sad, what you need to feel better is some pop-punk! But some songs can make you feel even worse... here are some examples of those.

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1 Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

Whenever he sings this at a concert, he chokes up. You can hear the emotion in his voice as he sings about his late father.

It's even sadder when you realize it's about Billie's dead father - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

Sad song, it makes you emotional, I love you #Green Day especially #BJA.

Story of billie 's father and open chord's beatiful progression man this is what I call song!

More than a music
More than a song

It's creativity...😍

2 I Miss You - Blink-182

This song along with all the album has a special meaning to me. I'm glad music has the power to liberate all your emotions. - Wolf92xd

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3 Adam's Song - Blink-182

Altough is the only sad song in a happy album, It reallt stands by itself. It's unique and special. The lyrics of this song are so true, this is really special to me, and more than getting me sadder like other songs would do it makes me stand up and will to keep on living. This song gets you up whenever you're down and feel bad. - Wolf92xd

4 Dear Father - Sum 41

The fact that Deryck never met his father and he was always a complete unknown (as said in the song) makes this song really sad. - Wolf92xd

This is really sad. Other sad song by sum 41 would be Walking disaster (at least the very first part)

5 Pieces - Sum 41

Even the first line of lyrics are good, 'I tried to be perfect, but nothinh was worth it.' It means you just have to be yourself and don't care about the other ones. Awesome song. - Wolf92xd

6 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
7 Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance

In my opinion this is the saddest song My Chemical Romance ever made. Now it awakes so much memories, feelings I thought were dead. I was in middle high school when I first heard this song and those years were somehow dark, the funny days were almost gone and it was the start of another time in my life. The bitterness I felt those years was too much and I didn't knew how to liberate it. Fortunately music helped me, I found the right way and here I am. I'll never forgive this song, and this band. - Wolf92xd

8 If It Means a Lot to You - a Day to Remember
9 Terrible Things - Mayday Parade
10 21 Guns - Green Day

Well I think this song is a little bit more into the love side, but it's still kind of sad. - Wolf92xd

Seems to be more likely alt rock/pop than pop punk. - zxm

Sad song, 1 of #Green Day's best song.

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? Perfect - Simple Plan

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11 I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance
12 Decode - Paramore
13 Cancer - My Chemical Romance
14 The Kids Aren't Alright - Fall Out Boy

Um the Kids Aren't Alright is by The Offspring not Fall Out Boy. - BoredJeff02

Saddest pop punk song ever and the lyrics is very emotional

15 Simple Plan - Untitled
16 There is - Box Car Racer

The first time I heard this song I was really sad. I felt really bad for myself, for everything I've done wrong in the past. But somehow It gave me hope too, It shows you that all is not lost unless you give up. It makes you realize that no matter how many mistakes you make, there's always a second chance and you can try again. It makes you realize that you're not alone, that maybe there is someone out there that feels just like you. I like all Box Car Racer's songs, for me it's like the depressive side of Blink-182, all their songs have a message. Tom's a fantastic songwriter, and it shows in this awesome album, without doubt, one of my favorite albums. I have just a few albums whose songs I like without any exception, and this is one example. Thanks Box Car Racer, you're forever in my heart and in my life. - Wolf92xd

17 Emotionless - Good Charlotte
18 Homecoming - Green Day
19 Brick by Boring Brick - Paramore

The more I listen to this song the sadder it becomes.

20 Always - Blink-182
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1. Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
2. I Miss You - Blink-182
3. Adam's Song - Blink-182
1. Adam's Song - Blink-182
2. Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
3. Dear Father - Sum 41



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