Top Ten Saddest Pop-Punk Songs


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21 The Kids Aren't Alright - The Offspring V 1 Comment
22 Fix You - Coldplay
23 Asthenia - Blink-182

The first 3 notes of the song get me. The lyrics are similar to something I've lived. I don't even have the words to tell this, but have you ever wanted to go back in the past? Or have you ever wanted to return with someone you were years ago? Sadly that's impossible. That happens to me, I feel so mad because I know those days are gone, they're left so far behind and no matter how I try I won't recover them. I miss them so much, I wish I was there again, I wish I was young again and I could fix all my mistakes, I wish I could go again through my life, I wish I could be born again.This song makes me remember how good I felt those days and how I still felt alive, but I had to grow up and I had to lost a lot of things I really loved. Unfortunately life's not a game, there's no play again button, you have no extra lives. I have lots of regrets and now there's nothing to do, and I know it's hard to forget it. I never forget it. Dear past, I miss you. I wish I could tell myself from the ...more - Wolf92xd

24 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
25 We Are Broken - Paramore
26 Only Exception - Paramore
27 Bro Hymn - Penny Wise
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