Top Ten Saddest Power Rangers Moments

The Top Ten

1 Power Coins Gets Destroyed (Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers)

I never like that episode

1990's version Avengers Infinity War

Me neither

2 Zordon (Power Rangers In Space)

End of an era

3 Jason, Zack and Trini's Departure (Mighty Morphin Power Ranger)

I've been a Power Rangers fan for a very long time. - Croy987

I was sad because I liked Jason,Zack and Trini.

4 Kimberly's Departure (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
5 Skye's Past (Power Rangers SPD)
6 I'll Be Home For Christmas (Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger: Alpha's Magical Christmas)
7 Gem and Gemma (Power Rangers RPM)
8 Power Morphers Returned To Dr. K's briefcase in last episode of Power Rangers RPM

It was sad moment because power rangers RPM were good and I wanted to see more episodes of RPM

9 Goodbye Scene (Power Rangers Time Force)
10 Kendrix (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)

Saddest crossover episode with Power Ranger In Space

Why Kendrix should die fast?

The Contenders

11 Magna Defender (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
12 Tommy's Letter From Kim (Power Rangers Zeo)


13 Summer's Butler (Power Rangers RPM)
14 Rico The Robot (Power Rangers Mega Force)
15 Unable To Morph When the Rangers got regressed into kids (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers)

It would be really awesome if they morph while they're regressed.

16 Scott's Past (Power Rangers RPM)
17 Robo Knight (Power Rangers Super Mega Force)
18 Command Center Destroyed (Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers)
19 Thunder Megazord and White Tiger Zord Destroyed (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers)
20 Zords Destroyed (Power Rangers Wild Force)

The most saddest Power Rangers Moments T.T

21 Ransik and Nadira (Power Rangers Time Force)
22 Frax (Power Rangers Time Force)
23 Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger Logo going into static and gets turned off and announcer said "The Power Is Gone" Before Power Ranger Zeo Promo

Check on YouTube you'll understand what I mean.

24 Aishia's Departure (Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers)
25 Billy's Departure (Power Rangers Zeo)
26 Kids pick any Power Ranger costume except for green (Power Rangers Time Force)
27 Notacon gets bullied by Eric (Power Rangers Time Force)
28 Deca gets destroyed (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)

Deca had history with the space rangers and went out with a blaze of glory

It was a home base for the Lost Galaxy Rangers

Poor D.E.C.A. :. (

29 Koda and Ivan Goes back to their own time (Power Rangers Dino Super Charge)
30 Billy dies (Power Rangers: Movie 2017)
31 Ninjetti Power Coins Destroyed by Rita and Zedd (Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers)

1990's version Avengers Infinity War sad scene

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