Top Ten Saddest Queen Songs

The Top Ten

1 The Show Must Go On

Despite his AIDS getting worse and worse Freddie Mercury decided to still do this song. Talk about dedicated to your work.

Freddie had AIDS during the production of this song. RIP freddie

2 Too Much Love Will Kill You

You can really feel the emotion flowing through this’s very sad to think that this was dedicated to Freddie’s passing. - DaringXx

3 One Year of Love

Underrated song

4 Save Me
5 Who Wants to Live Forever?

So beautiful - Userguy44

6 Love of My Life

Can Queen get more beautiful and sad than this? This song is just amazing. - Userguy44

7 Bohemian Rhapsody

The beginning part has him leave his family... - MusicalPony

8 A Winter's Tale
9 Spread Your Wings
10 These Are the Days of Our Lives

The Contenders

11 No One But You

This song is dedicated to Freddie Mercury - christangrant

It made me cry

12 Bijou

Beautiful guitar solo. And Freddies amazing voice. Very sad and underrated song. - Userguy44

13 The Miracle
14 Mother Love
15 Dear Friends

Don't stop me now isn't sad

16 Don't Stop Me Now

This song is not sad at all! I listened to it and I felt so happy. This should not be here at all! Come on people

17 All Dead, All Dead
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