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81 Ross Capicchioni - Joyner Lucas

A story about Ross befriending a guy who snaked him and shot him with a shotgun to the dome, arm and stomach for a gang initiation.

And of all that, Ross survived that and told his story which Joyner was inspired and made it into a rap and music video. Dope too

82 Airplanes, Pt. II - B.O.B

Fantastic song. Eminems verse was my real eye opener about life. It taught me that if I ever want to accomplish my goals, I have to work for them, they wont just come to U. Seriously worth listening to, and deserves to be higher.

83 Choices (A Wave For Alex) - Charles Hamilton
84 November - Sadistik

This is such a good song should be top 20 at least

85 Last Sad Song - Tech N9ne

Very good song about Tech N9ne thinking about his singing and how people like his sad songs and how itll be his last one.

86 The Prayer - Kid Cudi

"And if I die before I wake, I pray to lord my soul to take." Need it say more?

Good enough to match up to Eminems best (This is comming from a die hard em fan)

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87 Family Business - Kanye West
88 Rebecca - Grieves

Really great song. You should give it a listen

89 Biggie Smalls vs Kanye West - Suicidal Thoughts

Its probably the best you can get should be top 10

Why isn't this #1? What?!

90 97 Bonnie & Clyde - Eminem

This almost made me cry

This is about Kim

91 Bastard - Tyler the Creator

Very sad song. His storytelling at its finest and he is expressing all his emotion. I personally think this is top 10 material for this list. Give it a listen. Really sad

I'm confused why this it not here

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92 Song Cry - Jay-Z V 1 Comment
93 Everything Will Be Ok - G-Eazy

Props to G. He has guts to never tell this story to anyone, and then just walk in the booth and record it in front of all those people. I can relate to this song a lot. - JL_JonLach

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94 Ashes to Ashley - Sadistik

This song is truly an amazing and sad song needs to be higher up

Lyrics are truly dope and full of meaning! Deserves to be top 10

95 Same Love - Macklemore

Why is this on here this is not rap

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96 The Message - Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five

Deep and meaningful, the best and original old school rap song about life in the getto.

97 #LongLiveSteelo - Joey Bada$$

One of the most heart felt songs ever. Joey moarns the death of his best friend and mentor by laying it all out there.

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98 16 On Death Row - 2Pac

One of the most underrated songs of tupac, a juvenile narrating his own final demise.

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99 The Way I Am - Eminem

It sounds like Kim but extremely sadder than that one

100 Dear Old Nicki - Nicki Minaj

How come this isn't on the list? You guys have to listen to this one.

Very very sad song

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