Saddest Rock Songs of All Time

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241 Gone Forever - Three Days Grace
242 Drown - Three Days Grace
243 Give Me a Reason - Three Days Grace
244 Devour - Marilyn Manson
245 Kiss - Korn
246 The Spirit Carries On - Dream Theater

This song will make you cry believe me. A terrific song about what happens after we die

247 Stay Away from My Friends - Pierce the Veil
248 Circles - Hollywood Undead

Wow It's my top 2 of the most saddest songs... First is My Immortal. It's really worth to listen to

249 Right Here - Staind
250 Pyramid Song - Radiohead
251 Never Leave - Seether V 1 Comment
252 Porcelain - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Definitely the saddest overall in their catalog. Under the bridge was sad, but this depressing. Based on the lyrics it sounds based on someone who's possibly in bad health and distant from their family and friends. Someone who is running out of time and going through it alone

253 Walk Away - Black Veil Brides
254 In the Shadow of the Valley of Death - Marilyn Manson
255 Cemetery - Silverchair
256 There's No Solution - Sum 41
257 Via the End - Deathstars

About the guitarists brother who killed himself.

258 God & Satan - Biffy Clyro
259 Carry Me Down - Demon Hunter
260 Lamb of God - Marilyn Manson
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