Saddest Rock Songs of All Time

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241 Minute of Decay - Marilyn Manson
242 Dead Memories - Slipknot

Ok I understand, not the saddest song, but seriously, to be begged for love and fall in love over and over only to have your heart broken every time

243 Target Audience - Marilyn Manson
244 So - Static-X
245 Heart - Erra

"to lose what is closest to me is the end of my beginning." This song is sad, meaningful, and beautiful.

246 The Day the World Went Away - Nine Inch Nails
247 Plastic Man - Seether
248 Don't Know What You've Got (Till It's Gone) - Cinderella
249 Close to You - Judas Priest
250 White Light - The Ghost Inside

This song breaks me down every time. You can hear and feel the emotion in Johnathan's voice, and if you knew what the song was about it would break you down too.

251 Scars - SayWeCanFly
252 The Years of Decay - Overkill
253 People Live Here - Rise Against
254 Strange Comfort - The Color Morale

This is a really sad song to me and the lyrics are really sad too. The screaming done by Garrett Rapp sounds almost wailing and very emotional, and his singing is even better. It's very sad to me.

255 No Matter What - Papa Roach
256 Butterfly - Weezer
257 City Lights - Motionless In White

Such an amazing song

So darkly beautiful

258 Cold - Five Finger Death Punch

I love this song. Makes me feel so guilty but my life though. Of how I harmed my family emotionally. how I never been there for them. It makes me feel useless half the time, and the only person I can blame is myself

This song is a truely beautiful and sad song, and I tear up at "I'm begging for forgiveness, everything I've done. If god is listening he knows I'm not the only one." This slsosong is so touching, and It totally deserves to be on this list.

259 Broken Home - 5 Seconds of Summer

This song can be related to by a ton of people. It made my cry because I can relate to every word.

260 Deathbed - Relient K
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