Saddest Rock Songs of All Time

Top ten songs that are really sad and make you cry.

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81 I Miss You - Blink 182

Angel from my nightmare... lost someone close to me from an overdose. He's now the Angel of my worst nightmare. We knew it would eventually happen but nothing ever prepares you.

One of my favourite sad songs. Emotional, but still twinged with punk elements. Classic Blink, and it brings me to tears every time

I was crying when listening to this song

Best song ever

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82 Remember Everything - Five Finger Death Punch

How was the song so low on the list?! God I cried do this every night!

Even if you don't like metal AT ALL, this song grabs the feels and makes you cry.

One of the greatest songs I have ever heard. Enough said.

So good

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83 Ashes of Eden - Breaking Benjamin

It fast became my new favorite breaking Benjamin song. Truly emotional.

How is this song #105 it should be in the top 10 or top 20 at least.

84 Never Too Late - Three Days Grace

Good song, but more inspiring than it is depressing

Never too later rules it's my fave song.

One of three days graces best songs

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85 The Bleeding - Five Finger Death Punch

Should be higher this is a beautiful and sad song

86 The Sound of Silence - Disturbed

Not since Johnny Cash covered Hurt has anyone truly mastered a song the way Disturbed has with this. This can no longer be considered a Simon and Garfunkel song. It's a Disturbed song. And it's so sad and mournful, with just a note of anger that the original lacks.

A cover of the song by Simon and Garfunkel but this guy's voice makes this song just as sad and beautiful.

Controversially better than the original in every way. Had every hair standing on my body the first time I listened to it. This song is perfect!

A sad classic cover from Disturbed.It really got over the original in view.David Draiman's voice is just perfect.!

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87 Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

Dude seriously? How the hell is this in 92nd place?

88 Ohne Dich - Rammstein

It's so sad. If you love Rammstein (and actually care about them) I can guarantee the music video will make you cry, even though it's not real.

I think that Mutter is a sadder song than Ohne Dich, but it's great nonetheless.

I don't get why this one isn't in the top 10.

Nebel is sadder than both in my opinion, but great songs

89 H. - Tool

The very best at breaking my heart every god damn time

This is by far my favorite tool song

90 Heart-Shaped Box - Nirvana
91 Cemetery Gates - Pantera

The only reason I voted this is because I saw metallica's unforgiving on 10 and this one unranked, this list is a joke. Oh and green day is in top 10 as well so yeah, this list is sad, no literally.

92 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

Whenever this song plays, you feel like you're really going to heaven.

This song always makes me cry.

This isn't a sad song at all


93 Daddy - Korn
94 Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton

Its about his kid flying out a highrise window... enough said

I'm not much of a crier when it comes to sad songs. I cry like a little b*tch when I hear this

95 Hate Me - Blue October

Listen to it and acutely listen to the lyrics. It is very deep, because it is not a break up, its about a death.

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96 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - Green Day

Brings me back to my younger days, all the hopes and dreams that I wanted to realize. Which I never did.

97 A Tout Le Monde - Megadeth
98 Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit

The robot spelling out his stage name is really not necessary but whatever

U guys don't knw wht sad song means! otherwise it would've placed in top 5 easily

99 Losing My Religion - R.E.M.
100 Yours to Hold - Skillet

! I add this song to the list like 6 months ago, I'm glad to see that it has increased. I love to see people that had the same feeling listening this song. Believe me this is amazing, you'll cry every time you listen to it.

This is the saddest song ever, if you don't believe me hear it then, and you'll realize this is amazing.
The first time I heard it, I was like: what in the hell is this?! It would probably make you cry like a baby.

! This is so sad, this one shouldn't be down here. The saddest song I have ever heard. Believe me, this will make you cry like a little girl

Just give it a try, you'll notice it is sad as hell.
Probably it will make you cry.

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