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121 Rain - Hollywood Undead

I can't believe that Rain isn't in the top ten. This is definitely the one of the saddest rock songs I've heard. I wish there were more like it.

If there are lyrics that can literally make you cry, these are the ones.

Why isn't this at the top? Has anyone bothered to hear it? It's beautiful! These songs are a story in of themselves, just listen to them in the right order and maybe you'll rethink it all. Order:
I'll Be There

122 Asleep - The Smiths

This song has many meanings to different people. To me it is talking about suicide and a want to die.

123 The Gift - Seether

This song is amazing it's about a man who kills a girl in a crash and visits her gave and feels so much remorse

124 Timothy - The Buoys

3 men are trapped in a coal mine cave-in.
Two of them kill and eat the third to survive.

125 The Infection - Disturbed
126 Today - Smashing Pumpkins
127 Last to Know - Three Days Grace

This song reminded me when my crush moved and broke up with me which caused me to go into a depression which every time I hear this song, I breakdown in tears


128 Road to Nowhere - Bullet for My Valentine V 1 Comment
129 Daddy - Korn
130 Coming Down - Five Finger Death Punch
131 Empire of the Clouds - Iron Maiden

Fairly new, very sad, more so when you realise not only is there a story behind it, but it's true as well. The R101 airship.

132 A Match Into Water - Pierce the Veil

The amount of emotion Vic has in this song is unbelievable

133 Disappear - Dream Theater

The song is about a man losing his wife and saying farewell. The woman he loved is now far away and he tries to accept it and move on. The powerful lyrics combined with dark melodies constitutes one of the saddest songs I have listened to.
"I gave you my hand
I said it's okay letting go time to leave here
And I'll carry on
The best that I can without you here beside me"

134 Somewhere - Within Temptation

Quite a sad song that should be listened to when you need to cry

135 Fight to Forget - Red
136 Hollow - Godsmack
137 A Knife Called Lust - Hollywood Undead
138 The Temptation That Is You - The Saddest Landscape
139 The Lost Child - Anathema
140 In My Darkest Hour - Megadeth

The type of overwhelming despair and fiery anger that combine to form this song--- it screams out that even though your ship is sinking, your taking everyone that's ever hurt you down with it.

How is this not higher dave pours his heart in this song and it is a song that many people feel in their daily lives since we live in such a selfish world

It may not "feel" sad, but knowing the background, it is pretty sad.

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