Top 10 Saddest Scenes Wreck-It Ralph

The Top Ten Saddest Scenes Wreck-It Ralph

1 Ralph almost dies

That's undoubtly the saddest moment in the movie. I cry every time :( by the way it's the scene where he plunges and breaks the mentos.

2 The racers bully Vanellope

That's pretty sad too espicially when Taffyta throws Vanellope into the mud and when the kart is getting smashed to bits

3 "You are really a bad guy" scene

That's sad when Vanellope says that. Ralph isn't a bad guy

4 Fix it Felix Jr is nearly unplugged
5 Vanellope's execution joke
6 When Ralph destroy Vanellope's car
7 We find out that Vanellope is alone in the game
8 Q*bert characters are sad because their game is unplugged
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