Top 10 Saddest Songs from Animated Movies

The saddest songs from animated movies from both Disney and non Disney.

The Top Ten

1 Soon You'll Come Home - All Dogs Go To Heaven

Ever since I found out what happened to Judith Barsi who voices Anne-Marie I can not watch this scene or listen to this song without crying especially since Judith was originally suppose to sing the song in the movie but kept breaking down in tears and they had to get another actress do the singing due to how much she wished that she could have parents like Anne-Marie envisioned in the sequence who would love and protect her. - egnomac

2 Baby Mine - Dumbo

When I was little I used to watch Dumbo all the time and this song would always make me cry - Spongehouse

3 When Somebody Loved - Toy Story 2
4 Goodbye May Seem Forever - The Fox and The Hound
5 Somewhere Out There - An American Tail
6 If We Hold On Together - The Land Before Time
7 Not One of Us - Lion King II
8 Friends Never Say Goodbye - The Road to El Dorado
9 Once Upon a Time in New York City - Oliver & Company
10 Hallelujah - Shrek

The heartbreak we feel when we see that Shrek just misunderstood what was going on, and Fiona's reaction to learning that Shrek had heard everything.

The Contenders

11 You’ll Be in My Heart - Tarzan
12 Remember Me - Coco
13 What a Wonderful World - Madagascar
14 I Will Go Sailing No More - Toy Story
15 Our Town - Cars
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