My Immortal - Evanescence


This course of this song makes me sad because its basically saying that she has been with this one person for a long time and now she just lost him and can't get him back. Which makes me feel really sad because well whenever someone passes away you can never see them again and if you had something really important to say to them you can't anymore, because what if you wanted to say sorry for something you accidentally did or if you wanted to tell them something ex-termly special or what if it was a family member or your own child. You wouldn't be able to apologize for what ever you did by accident, you couldn't say that special thing that you wanted to tell them, You probably might not have been able to say goodbye to that family member of yours, and if it was your own child you would be heart broken because there supposed to live longer than you are and they probably weren't able to try new things or even completely grow up. Now I know this because of to many T.V shows and because I ...more

I first heard this song when I was very little- probably only three years old. It became my favorite song, and the line "time cannot erase" stuck in my mind forever. Whenever it came on on the radio, I would cry- and I was just a tiny toddler. "Time cannot erase" was etched in my mind for my whole life, and I've never remembered the artist, name of the song, or any other parts of it until I came across it in this list. Thank you, you have made my day.

My friend loves evanescence and got me into their music ever sense then I have been addicted to evanescence this song always makes me cry it is one of my favorite sad songs that I know every time someone I love dies I play this song because of how sad it is.

I don't understand, Tears in Heaven is number 1?! This song is very sad. Make you cry every time, every moment.

Most saddest, crying, emotional, touching, depressive song of all time.

Damn man, this song is very "S-A-D"...

Evanescence all the way!

When you need to hear a song that need to resemble pain you have... I recommend this song... It's hard to listen to if you are going through pain and you start crying because of the music (I did the first time) but when you can, just listen and try to interpret the meaning of the song

I knew it. This song had to be in the Top Tens. It's the saddest song I've ever, ever, ever heard. I just love this song so much I cry whenever I hear it. This song's lyrics are just so damn remarkable and the voice Amy Lee, its just so so so depressing. I just love this song. - archiesweirdmysteries

Just listen to the lyrics! Its so beautiful! So much pain portrayed! About somebody that is unable to let go of something that person loves thus hurting her ever so slowly. Nothing gets sadder than this!

I do love this song, so amazing and deep.
The lyric is cool and I can boring sing along this song from now on...
The violin version also great and I can listen it well, so sad and nice.
One of those awesome song from my favorite band, Evanescence

One of the rare songs that could make me cry more than once. Out of Imagine, Numb (piano version), and Bring me to life..

Every time I hear this song it feels like someone is pulling the trigger of a gun loaded with an infinite amount of emotions, right in front of your head.

But, indeed in a beautiful, melodic, peaceful and not over-dramtic way of (literally) emotional overkill. (As in Bring me to life)

Probably the most saddest song I've ever heard. A tremendous amount of pain I hear in both of the song and in my own memories of what could have been, as well as what shouldn't have been.

I cry every time I hear this song, it really means something to me. I'd love to always remember it for both the song, and the meaning it will always have to me. I show it to so many people, who in return, cry.

When I listen to this song it's hard to sing because my voice gets all shaky and I wanna cry but I don't I just get that sad pain in my heart that makes me wanna listen to it over and over again you know?

The first time I heard this song I couldn't stop crying for about an hour. I listened to it over and over again because it was so beautiful and emotional, and I still haven't been able to bring myself to listen to it again.

This doesn't just make me cry, it makes me think of everyone I have ever lost (even my favorite cat). It speaks to the heart, and its just so moving. Its not just about breaking up, its about losing something youve loved for many years, and not just to you, but to the world, its beautiful and I love it

Love this song. It was written by amy lee and ben moody. It was a dedication to the loss of bens grandfather. Beautiful song which is now used as a dedication to the fans of evanescence through out the years

This song is so strong. It makes a connection every time I listen to this song. The best thing about this song is Amy's vocals they spellbound the listener. A must hear song from A. Lee.

This song has been a trigger song for me for years! Ever since I was a little girl, this song would make me cry. I can't even listen to it without crying anymore!

The saddest and most truthful song I've ever heard. There is too much that time can not erase. People seem to think that time heals all wounds. That is false.

This song deserves to be #1. Everything about this song is perfect. The piano, the vocals, the guitar, the drums.. This is my all time favorite song. No song can even compare to this one.

The best Song I have ever listened! Oh! Amy's Voice! She's awesome with this track! One Of the songs that make me feel crying every time I listen to this enchanted number!

A very emotional song... I listen to it when I'm depressed. But for some reason, I never seem to cry when I listen to it... Regardless, it definitely deserves the top spot.

Great song... Love this song reflecting evanescence's essence of her vocal depths. ); I was very touched by this song. One of my favorite's

Sad sad song, lyrics are so beautiful and the melody is totally heart-breaking. This song comes with so many memories that I just can't help crying or at least feeling terribly sad.

My Immortal is brilliant song, how Tears In Heaven is higher up than this song, Tears In Heaven definitely nothing compared to My Immortal. - 05yusuf09

Amy's Voice is very Heavenly. The Lyrics are very sad, good and really touching your feeling. Even Though there's a lot of sad song. This song still number One for me.