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141 Cryin' for Me - Toby Keith
142 Scars - Papa Roach
143 Pieces - Anthrax

This song is a tribute to Frank Bello's brother it's a beautiful song and deserves more recognition - christangrant

144 Mama I'm Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne

Who could've guessed a Ozzy Osbourne song could be so gut wrenching, never mind one written by Lemmy Kilmister. But the truth is, it is.

You made me cry you told me lie, but I can stand to say goodbye.. Mama I'm coming home... Sad song ah...

It's crazy to think there's a sad Ozzy song, but here we are.

145 Free - Sarah Brightman

as I commented before. this song is both haunting and uplifting. its one of her best. thanks sarah.

Sarah is the best! Thank you for giving the world your beautiful voice to hear. - debsan

this song is very haunting and at the same time uplifting. - richt63

146 Cancer - My Chemical Romance

Omigosh, this is one of my favorite songs EVER. Also, it connects to me because my boyfriend got cancer, and at one point, he wouldn't let me in his room, just like in the song, quote, "Now turn away, 'cause I'm awful just to see. " He actually said something like that. He said, "Please don't look at me, because I'm awful just to see. " It really makes me cry because of that, and I really love this song with all my heart. This goes out to my boyfriend, Brandon!
- CatPhoenix

Why? This is the most heartbreaking song of them all. There will never, ever be a song so deep, so honest and so heartfelt. If you haven't listened to this song you need to. I doubt any one will read this comment but if you do, listen to this beautiful song. Many people struggle with the concept of cancer, this song reveals the ugly side of a sickening disease, everyone should pay respect to this song and toast my chemical romance for having the guts and the willpower to create it. This song has brought so many people to tears in the space of two minutes, and it will do the same to you.

This is the most heart-felt song to me personally because of my experience with this disease. My Chemical Romance is an amazing band and the members that comprise it are awesome people.

Why is this song not in the top 30 it is pretty much the saddest thing I have ever heard

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147 The Way I Loved You - Selena Gomez
148 When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne

OH my god this song...means so much to me! I still remember the time when I went to school depressed and wanting to die, with this song floating through my mind. That's why I don't listen to it anymore because it reminds me of so much. But I'll watch it again.

Such a beautiful and heart-breaking song

The music video on this made me cry so hard ;-;

The saddest in my opinion... - Tuana123

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149 No One But You - Queen

A very sad song dedicated to the greatest frontmen in music history

The sad song, dedicated to greatest frontmen ever... just listening it, to the words and knowing that Freddie is there, but not singing...

150 Illegal - Shakira

Sad but very beautiful at the same time. It should be much higher

What a beautiful song! Probably the most touching Shakira song! - ElizaBsST

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151 Speculum - Adema
152 Where'd You Go - Fort Minor
153 Empty Sky - Bruce Springsteen V 1 Comment
154 Chris Dolmeth - Hopsin
155 1000 Years - Just Hannah
156 Don't Wake Me - Skillet
157 Your Love - The Outfield
158 Down Where I Am - Demons & Wizards
159 Tell All the World I'm Coming Home - The Street Pop Stars
160 Something I Can Never Have - Nine Inch Nails
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