Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton


Many guitarists these days with a few years of experience can pick up a guitar and play famous riffs of so many great guitarists and perfect them but no one will ever be able to replicate how Clapton plays because they lack one simple thing - emotion. I don't mean emotion in general. His "Unplugged" album was so perfect precisely because it was so real. He had the courage to share what he was going through with the world. The loss of one's child is the most painful thing a person could ever go through, and he persevered. He turned his pain into something so beautiful which will stay with me forever. The acoustics on this album are just sheer perfection. This is so much more than a "sad" song, it's the deepest and most personal song on this list. He wrote it. He performed it. He went through it. We know his story and it means something to us - something we can't even begin to describe with our vocabulary and he captured the essence of it so perfectly with this song. ...more - guyritchi

In my opinion, this song is the defining work of Eric Clapton's career. Sure, "Layla" is a fun song to listen to, but it's something of a light pop song and gets boring after the first half. "Tears in Heaven" captures the emotions of a deviating personal tragedy: the loss of not just a friend, but of a son. Few songwriters could channel their emotions into music so beautifully.

I think I was pregnant with our first child, when the news of his little boy dying made news, and then this song comes along, with him pouring his heart out... There were times like in the car and I had to change the station, so I wouldn't be a blubbering baby in public. An amazing and sad tribute.

This song is so sad every time I listen to it I think about losing my baby brother, so me and eric have something in common (Sorta) because I was 19 and my baby brother was 2 I constantly was acting as a father figure to him

What could possibly be more sad than the words of this song when you know the story of his son dying. He wonders if his son will know who he (Clapton) is when they meet in heaven. It's hard enough to wait for that, but on top of that not knowing whether he will even remember you.

A truly marvellous song. Its sombre mood is created by minor arpeggiated chords, and its lyrics reflect the real life situation Clapton had to suffer through, losing a young and bright child whose life was taken away at a young age.

This is easily the saddest song in the world. Eric Clapton wrote this because his son fell out of the window of a New York highrise under supervision and passed away. This song is more filled with emotion than any other song. Ever.

His son died from a accident... Eric Claptop wrote this with his pain... In the lyrics "Would you help me stand? , if I saw you in heaven", I cried... It'd be cute it the boy REALLY helped him stand in heaven - SmoothCriminal

Just so sad, his young child fell from a window and died, and he wrote this song to remember him. You can really feel the emotions in this song :'(

This was my moms favorite song. My father passed when I was seven and my mom listened to it a lot after that. She passed back in 2012. Every time I hear it I cry uncontrollably. Unfortunately it came on at work one day.

This has to be the SADDEST song ever. The true story behind it makes it even sadder. Even though if you didn't lose your son. Would it be the same if you saw a person you loved in heaven? - SmoothCriminal

It's filled with emotion and passion that will make anyone be calm and emotional..

Intense feeling and a great pain can be felt whenever one listens to this song. I don't know how it feels loosing someone but after listening this I can well feel and imagine what pain one goes through.

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Simply perfect, you can fell Eric's pain and feeling while singing the whole song, it brought me to tears at my grandparent funeral... Such a hard day, but also memorable.

Hands down, because I'e been to 2 funerals that have played this song now. Very sad. Now most of Micheal Jacksons songs are haunting now that he's passed on. - Hummer09

Clapton channeled pure devastation and despair into this incredible song, nothing else compares to the amount of emotion he put into this masterpiece.

It's impossible to listen to this song and not cry. There is no worse feeling then losing the people you love - especially your child.

I used to think, losing my husband is the worst thing that could ever happen to me. Turns out, I was wrong.

This has got to be the saddest song of all time.It's about his son that died. - biscuits

It's a song about his 4 year old son falling out of a window of a 53 story building when they were at the top. Poor Conor. This song will never leave number 1

Clapton wrote this about his four-year-old son Conor, who died on March 20, 1991 when he fell out of a 53rd floor window in the apartment where his mother was staying in New York City. Clapton had one other child at the time: His daughter Ruth was born in 1987, the year after Conor was born. - A7XREVFin21

Makes me cry thinking of all my ancestors that have passed away, wishing that one day we will meet on the other side of the veil but the question will be WILL THEY KNOW MY NAME IF THEY SEE ME IN HEAVEN? aBSOLUTELY TOUCHING...

I remember singing this in a choir in my primary school, and the first time I heard it I had tears in my eyes as an 11 year old.

Saddest song ever. I have no idea how he performed it without losing it. Deserves top spot for sure. Especially over Evanescence break up song.