Top Ten Saddest SpongeBob Moments

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1 Spongebob and Patrick Dry Out (The Spongebob Movie)

Sad - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

Literally the saddest thing in a kids movie and made me ball my eyes out as a 5-year-old and today as a 12-year-old.

Definitely the saddest moment of the series

You DO KNOW that This and gary runs away both are equally voted 19% making first place a tie between these two

2 Gary Runs Away (Have You Seen This Snail)

Super sad always feed your snail

Really depressing.
Made me sad and stuff the Song was so sad too.

Gary now I know, I was wrong.. I messed up and now you’re gone.. ;w;

3 Spongebob Released from Jail (Driven to Tears)
4 Gary Goes to Patrick (Dumped)
5 This Grill Is Not a Home Song (Welcome to the Chum Bucket)

I always cry when I hear that song.

This should by far be number one. - Garythesnail

6 Squidward Pranking Spongebob (April Fools Day)

You know, I always feel sad when Spongebob is humiliated or manipulated by his friends. However, Squidward in this episode truly crossed the line in my opinion. Well done Squidward... You gave Spongebob depression... :(

7 Guy Yells at Spongebob (Pizza Delivery)

Wouldn't call it sad but in my opinion it is the best scene ever in SpongeBob

8 Giving Up Mystery (My Pretty Seahorse)
9 Plankton Attempts Suicide (One Coarse Meal)

This scene

Why isn't this higher? - Minecraftcrazy530

10 Spongebob On Christmas (It's a Spongebob Christmas)

This happened in Christmas Who actually. - Goatworlds

The Contenders

11 The Sunset (Dying for Pie)


12 SpongeBob and Patrick's Friendship Ends (Patrick SmartPants)

I Really Cried At This Part Better Then The Dry Up Scene From The Movie I Cried So Hard That I Teared Up😭

13 SpongeBob Not Wanting to be an Adult (Grandma's Kisses)

Sad because growing up sucks and it's painful to know you are growing up and remembering all the great times of childhood that will be left behind

As you get older this gets really sad.

This is so sad!

Not sad really funny 😄

14 Buzz, Buzz, Buzz (Nature Pants)
15 SpongeBob Crying While Holding The Soap (Dumped)

Hands down the saddest spongebob scene! The sound of the cry I never stopped crying

16 SpongeBob Says Goodbye To Bikini Bottom (Home Sweet Pineapple)
17 SpongeBob Letting Mystery Go (My Pretty Seahorse)
18 SpongeBob and Patrick Drying Up (The Movie)

It's so sad, it's on here twice!

19 Gary Come Home (Have You Seen This Snail)

This song made me feel like crying!

20 The Very Sad Music in Dumped (Dumped)

It’s called daytime drama

21 SpongeBob's Krusty Krab Resignation Letter (The Original Fry Cook)

Gonna be honest, this is kinda sad, but not really that sad. - mattstat716

22 Santa Not Coming (Christmas Who)
23 The Con Guy's Sad Speech (Chocolate With Nuts)

No, this scene is supposed to be and was hillarious

24 Idiot Boy (Whatever Happened to SpongeBob)
25 Gary Was Almost Dead (I Was a Teenage Gary)
26 Squidward Reads SpongeBob's Diary (Little Yellow Book)

Squidward's innocence left him... Try harder writers. - Goatworlds

27 Pinkie Out (Tea at the Treedome)
28 Plankton Going Crazy (One Course Meal)

Its sad to see plankton going crazy even if he is the villain

29 Squidward Restraining SpongeBob (Restraining Order)

At the end spongebob thinks he's going to prison!

30 “i’ve Lost the Will to Go On!” - SpongeBob SquarePants (Model Sponge)
31 Gary Crash’s in Snail Race (The Great Snail Race)
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