Saddest Star Wars Related Moments

Star Wars has plenty of great and sad moments. Lots of sad moments. Even the death of cast members is considered a sad moment.

Here's a list

The Top Ten

1 Death of Carrie Fisher/Leia Organa Solo V 1 Comment
2 Death of Han Solo

I would only count actual movie scenes in this list

Rey's right about him being a monster

Only movie deaths count

Kylo Ren was SO HORRIBLE when he killed our favorite character Han Solo, his father.
Saddest Star Wars movie scene EVER! - nelsonerica

3 Hosnian Prime Destroyed

The First Order was evil when they fired their weapon towards Hosnian Prime, the New Republic capital planet. - nelsonerica

4 Alderaan Destroyed

Grand Moff Tarkin ordered the troopers tto fire the Death Star towards Alderaan and destroy it.
It was the most peaceful planet in the SW Galaxy. - nelsonerica

5 Order 66

It was the moment where the Emperor forced stormtroopers to kill the group of Jedi in Star Wars. - nelsonerica

6 Anakin's Betrayal V 1 Comment
7 Death of Padme Amidala

She was killed because Anakin couldn't control his anger after he turned to the Dark Side. - nelsonerica

8 Death of Yoda V 1 Comment
9 Death of Obi Wan V 1 Comment
10 Death of Qui Gon Jinn V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Death of Alec Guinness

Does anyone else find it awful that fictional character deaths are above the deaths of real people? - RalphBob

12 Death of Kenny Baker
13 Death of Peter Cushing
14 Death of Don Henderson
15 Death of Alex McKindle
16 Death of Richard LeParmentier
17 Death of Phil Brown
18 Death of Larry Ward
19 Death of Eddie Byrne
20 Death of Jack Purvis
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