Saddest Tamil Songs


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1 Kanavellam Neethane

I love this song


It's a very heart touching I love it

I really love it. What an composing. Head off to them

2 Evano Oruvan (Alaipayuthey)

I felt very bad of myself when listening this lyrics

Such a great voice of swarnalatha & A. R rahman composition

Super voice the greatest singer and voic


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3 Po Nee Po

Best ever song... The heart cried...

Its your loss if u don't hear to this

its nice

I am like

4 Unna Nenachen Pattu Padichen (Aboorva Sagodharargal)

Best meaning sad song for life

I like this song a lot

This song remember the past things in most of us life.

I like this song

5 Po Po Yen (Sid Sriram Song)

Super song sung by sid sriram... sid sriram songs are my favourite...

Really a heart melting song... Lyrics was awesome... Kudos to the composer...

My all time favorite

6 Kanave Kanave (David)

It is so tempting song to hear!

#1 love failure song

This song music makes u cry...

One of the best sad songs of Tamil cinema.

7 Chittuku Chella Chittuku (Nallavanukku Nallavan)

Best one

8 Oru Poiyavathu (Jodi)


9 Pogathey (Deepavali)


Soulful lyrics

10 Para Para Paravai (Sad)

Please listen this song

LIke lyrics and love sunaina

The Newcomers

? Neeya Pesiyathu (Thirumalai)

Most heart melting

? Enna Vittu Engadi Nee Pona (Dev)

The Contenders

11 Edho Edho Ennam Valarthen (Punnagai Mannan)

The music is so nice
But the song is so sad since it came right after suicide

This is one of the most favorite. Song for me. when I here the song that time I forgeten myself, such a beautiful line writen in the song I like much.

12 Ninaithu Ninaithu Parthen.

One of the most painful love failure song.
Feel the lyrics.
Thnks yuvan for this song.

13 Anjala (Vaaranam Aayiram)

Other songs may make YOU cry but this song makes your SOUL to cry

Very nice song

Best feeling ever!

All time best Love failure Song in kollywood

14 Ennai Kaanavillaiye Netrodu

SPB's melting voice

15 Vallum IIlai Nullum IIlai

One of the most popular song in tamil

16 Kannukulla Nikkara En Kadhadilye
17 Kadhal Vanthum Sollamal


One of the meaning full song from saravana movie

18 Amma Amma - Velai Illa Pattadhaari

Danush greatest


19 Venmathi Venmathiye Nillu from Minnale Tamil

Super song
Heart touching

Wonderful Lyrics "jannalin vazhi vandhu vizhundhadhu minnalin oli adhil therindhadhu azjaghu dhaevadhai adhisaya mugamae " WOW WOW

20 Uppu Kallu Thanniruku Asai Pattathu....

Heard lot of times...lyrics... Bombay Jayshree voice...
The song which makes me stand still and increases my heart beat like crazy..
If you had (or used to have) any love (friend)... don't hear this song...the lyrics will definitely shook you... I'm missing you terribly Thiru... Loving you frnd..

21 Uyire Uyire - A.R. Rahman

Most pain full luyrics and awesome voice

22 Unakena Iruppen (Kadhal)
23 Kaadhal En Kaadhal

Best meaningful song from mayakkam enna

24 Kaadhalikadhey

good song

hear it

Sooo nice song, it's your bad luck if u didn't hear the song yet 😂😂

25 Orusam Thungiduji
26 Ennai Kollathey

When I listen to this song it makes me very sad and it made me cry


Words may hurt you they said but this song proved me 🤕😶

27 Loosu Penne (Vallavan)

One of the best song from u1

28 Moongil Kaadugalae (Hariharan & Tippu)

Play the song

This song one of most most beautiful song

29 Theeyil Vizhuntha Thena, (Varalaru)

Nice song

30 Oora Thernchikiten (Padikathavan)

The Best of all.

I hear this when I feel lonely and sad!

31 Kadhal Oru Aagayam
32 Manmadhan Manmadhan

Lyrics of this song is awesome everybody definitely will melt whenever listen to this song I love this song more and it is one of the popular saddest songs of all

Kadhal valartha...

33 Munnal Kathali (Miruthan)

What a lyrics...

34 Nee Thoongum Nerathil (Manasellam)
35 Devathaiyai Kanden Song - Kadhal Konden

Love failure song

36 Thodu Vaanam (Anegan)

Saddest love failure I heard

37 Pogathe Pogathe (A. G. Rathnamala)

Awesome song and more painful
Thnks yuvan.

38 Sandaali (Sam C.S. & Paul Prakash)
39 Vantha Kaalangal Kasanthu Poguthe

Good song with sweet lines for the situation 🤩

40 Vaadi Pulla Vaadi - Hiphop Tamizha

sema feel

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