Top 10 Saddest Telltale Games Moments

The Top Ten Top 10 Saddest Telltale Games Moments

1 Lee's death (The Walking Dead)

This was the saddest moment in Telltale Games history... - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

Yeah. Manly teara - AngusCash

2 Max's sacrifice (Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse)
3 Unholy This! (Tales of Monkey Island)
4 One of us has to stay (Game of Thrones)
5 Reuben's sacrifice (Minecraft: Story Mode)


Here's how this goes:
Jesse: Reuben!
Reuben: *oinks in pain*
Petra: (gasps)
Olivia: Oh no...
Reuben: *squeal*
Jesse: Reuben...
Jesse: You're a hero you know that? You just helped save the world!
Reuben: *oinks*
Jesse: Come on, Reuben, say something...
Reuben: *attempts to get up, but plops back down*
Jesse: Reuben...don't do this to me...I need you, boy...
Reuben: *squeal* *oink oink* *squeal* *whine whine* *plops down* *poof*

Damn, I cried for this one, and I don't even cry for Pixar movies! Poor Reuben.

This is sadder than the Titanic! Poor Reuben! He gave up his life to save everyone! Reuben was the only one I utterly adored in this game, now he's dead (thanks TellTale! ) Rest in Peace, my little boy... You were the greatest pig ever...

6 Vivian's suicide (The Wolf Among Us)
7 The ending of Season Two (The Walking Dead: Season 2)
8 Kate becomes a Walker (The Walking Dead: A New Frontier)
9 Alfred's leaving (Batman: The Enemy Within)
10 Curtis visits Lennie (Law & Order: Legacies)

The Contenders

11 Clementine Gets Bit (The Walking Dead Season 4)

In the final season of the walking dead after being cut by Minerva Clem gets bit by a walker and is later on missing a leg and alive - sg27972

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